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By Dan Corner

Six to Eight Teachings per DVD on the First 15 DVDs

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            Jesus’ loving example (Mt. 23)

            The importance of forgiving

            The Fatima Marian visions

            The truth about saving faith

            Is loving God a salvation issue?

            Difficult is the road to life (Mt. 7)


            Are you like Cornelius?

            The precious blood of Christ

            God is a testing God

            Jesus’ 5-2-1 teaching

            Wise man, foolish man

            Christian singles



            Daily (Christian walk)

            The devil

            Hebrews 11



            Eternal life


            Evangelism interview: The Great Commission

            The grass withers and the flowers fall

            The Overcomers

            Disciples are Christians

            Lessons from Daniel the prophet

            Simon of Samaria


            Are there any secrets?

            Do you belong to God or the devil?

            The faith of demons

            The cries of the damned

            Fiery campus preaching

            Do not be overcome


            Catholic Mary visions

            Be separate

            Open air preaching

            Why did Jesus come?

            Are you a good person?

Anathemas: The true and the false


            Are we all sinners?

            Tolerating Jezebel

            Antichrist (8 facts)

            John the Baptist

            The book of life


            Jehovah’s Witnesses

            The martyr Stephen


            Lindy’s Point wilderness

            Forgiven in a Moment's Time (Balanced Rock)

            Mark of the beast

            The command to judge

            Is grace unmerited favor?

            Your words


            Forty brave soldiers for Jesus

            The OSAS myth god

            Lessons from Genesis 3

            Demons and possessed people

            OSAS defined, explained and exposed

            Make every effort



Dave Hunt vs Dan Corner debate, parts 1-3

            Catholics vs Protestants, parts 1-3


            Mark Driscoll vs Dan Corner debate, parts 1-5

            A fight to the death


            KJV only rage, parts 1-3

            Jumonville cross

            Christians, don’t relax

            1 Cor 5:5 and Calvinism


            Charles Spurgeon’s Defense of Calvinism Examined, 1-4

            Examining the saved so as by fire argument

Eternal security and conscience seared liars


            George Sodini, Rick Knapp

            Warning! Severe Caution Advised!

The Antinomianism of Eternal Security

            Why is there no revival?

            Is the Catholic Mary the Biblical Mary?

            Catholic Truths


            Gary Amirault and Universalism

            The Devil Is Real

            Calvinistic Blasphemer Mark Driscoll Exposed

            The Finished Work of Christ

            Evangelism, Street Preaching And Soul Winning

            Eternal Sin, Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and Backsliders


            Near Death Experiences

            The Acid Test

            Sincerely Deceived (1 Kings 13)

            2012, Mark of the Beast, RFID Chips

            The Apostle Judas Iscariot

            Witnessing Demo


            The Prodigal Son

            The Romans Road Unedited

            The Parable of the Sower

            The Apostle Judas Iscariot

            How to Smoke a Calvinist

            Is 2012 the End of the World?


            Former Roman Catholic Testimony

            Are Future Sins Forgiven?

            The Truth About Mormonism

            The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

            Spiritual Death

            Degrees of Sin


            Angels: Invisible Army of God

            Backslider, God Wants You Back

            Crown of Life

            Never Really Saved

            Slave to Sin

            Works Salvation


            Ananias, Sapphira and The Sin Unto Death

            The Fear of Man

            Rev 2&3: The Seven Churches

            Eternal Security is Another Gospel

            Pat Robertson Exposed For Altzheimer Divorce

Your Approaching Death

Campus Preaching With Opposition

Harry Potter Radio Interview Video
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