prosperity The Prosperity Word Faith Message

Many of the same kinds of doctrinal problems that existed in first-century Christianity exist in our present day! A very serious one centers around the relationship of godliness to material prosperity for the Christian and his faith. Popular teachers and ministries, like Joseph Prince ministries are saying that since we are Christians we should not be denied material prosperity, since it is part of our redemptive rights. Such teachers advocate the pursuit of the material and even gauge our faith level by our material possessions.
prosperity Prosperity (pdf tract) Word Faith, Gospel of Greed

prosperity Creflo Dollar Prosperity Teacher

Creflo Dollar, Jr. is a so-called Word Faith teacher and prosperity teacher. He is also an eternal security, grace-changing heretic.
prosperityJoseph Prince Destined To Reign

Joseph Prince takes his devoted Pentecostal fans through his warped presentation of what he calls grace and the gospel and leaves them totally off guard, misled and an easy target for the devil! Joseph Prince is much worse than the typical prosperity teacher. For your own soul's sake, avoid Joseph and Joseph Prince books.
prosperity Smiley Joel Osteen

SMILEY Joel Osteen gets the Skull And Crossbones Award for his dangerous so-called positive teachings.
apostate church properity Could This Be The Great Apostasy?

The Bible teaches before the rapture occurs, two things will transpire: (1) The [great] apostasy and (2) The revealing of the antichrist.

prosperity YHWH, the Killer God

YHWH is the holy God of love yet He has another attribute which very few seem willing to contemplate or address--that he is a killer.

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