Seventh Day Adventism and
The Mark of The Beast

Dan Corner

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sunday worship mark of beast
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Probably the strangest view of the mark of the beast can be found among the Seventh Day Adventists. Because they are so unscripturally obsessed with the Saturday Sabbath, they have dreamed up a new way to oppose the worship of God on Sunday. They think the mark of the beast is Sunday worship! Below is an actual email we received from an SDA person on this. (All cap emphasis is his):


The mark of the beast is not a chip or anything of that sort. The Bible say in Rev. 14:6-12, if we worship with the beast and his image we will receive the spiritual mark of the. There are only 2 days of worship in the entire world, and thats either Saturday or sunday. One of these 2 days belong to Christ and that day is the Sabbath (saturday). Sunday came to the church through the pagan church. The book of Hebrews 4: 4-11 says that the christian still owe Jesus a Sabbath day of worship. When the national sunday law is enforced by Congress and the state (Rev. 13), we will be facing the mark of the beast. If sunday is chosen over the Saturday Sabbath we all will receive it’s mark. Jesus kept the Saturday Sabbath; Jesus is my example. I would like to hear from you. SUNDAY WORSHIP IS THE SPIRITUAL MARK OF THE BEAST!!!!!!!

A different Saturday Sabbatarian (probably another SDA) wrote this:
The real mark of the beast will not be a credit card or a chip. It will be a certain day. There are 7 days in a week, out of those there are two special days which are the mark of the lamb and mark of the beast. SUNDAY is the beasts mark of authority while SATURDAY is the LORD's true day. please believe me for you would be denying God's truth by which he sent mention tell you these things before they have come to pass. Save as many as possible, warn them of the mark. By your hand may the number of those who enter Hell decrease while the number of those who enter Heaven increase by your hand. So don't worship on SUNDAY, if you do then that is a sign you love, serve and worship Satan. Worship on SATURDAY (Friday Sunset to Saturday Sunset, the biblical sabbath) and you will prove that you love, serve and worship the eternal God.

Not only are both of those extreme and unscriptural, they are also also very dangerous for the SDA. Why is it dangerous for them to believe Sunday worship is the mark of the beast? When the real mark of the beast is finally issued, the SDA people will take the mark of the beast not recognizing it to be what it is, because they have been deceived into thinking it is Sunday worship.

NOTE: It is also very easy to disprove the false concept that Sunday worship is the mark of the beast. Since one must have the mark of the beast to buy or sell (Rev. 13:16,17), then if one can buy or sell without Sunday worship, then Sunday worship can’t be the mark of the beast.

Click here for more truth refuting Seventh Day Adventism. GOD BLESS YOU.

Sunday worship mark of the beast


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