Bernie Koerselman Gets
The Skull and Crossbones Award

Bernie Koerselman gets our Skull and Crossbones Award for unscripturally trying to protect heretic David Servant, a grace changer. Bernie Koerselman thinks his good friend is beyond criticism (and if you do criticize him, you are serving Satan). His strange statement was:

David Servant is my good friend and a trusted servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Anyone who says anything wrong, false, or damaging about him or his character is furthering the work Satan and the kingdom of darkness.

Bernie Koerselman's email was addressed in the following words, where BK was also challenged to a text debate on (Pope) David Servant’s teachings. Here is what was sent to Bernie Koerselman:

Bernie, Greetings in Jesus’ name.... Following your logic, my good Catholic friends who I also trusted at one time (as well as my own Catholic family) were doctrinally correct about the Rosary, the Fatima visions, the Pope, etc.! THINK! Come to your senses!

[We have said NOTHING “wrong or false” about David Servant’s teachings. We have accurately represented him, his heresies (and refuted them) for the sake of SOULS, who are endangered by what he is spreading. As Christians we are commanded to do such.]

By endorsing David Servant the way you have, you have indirectly exalted him to an untouchable, Pope-like person who can’t even be justly criticized! You wrote: anything [said]... damaging about him or his character is furthering the work [of] Satan and the kingdom of darkness. To you he is beyond correction. For this you deserve the Skull and Crossbones Award.

We believe the Scriptures are final authority (2 Tim. 3:16,17). If one’s family members, friend/s etc. violate them, especially as flagrantly as David Servant has and is, that person, regardless who he is, is wrong. David Servant’s message is a unique and DEADLY SNARE TO SOULS, since he also rejects Calvinism, but still teaches a definite “license for immorality”! He is inconsistent, contradictory and worst of all unscriptural, according to a comparison of his teachings on SALVATION to the Bible! 2 Tim. 3:16,17 is what we go by, as all Christians are told to do. WHY have you deviated and opposed us in favor of a false teacher? Your choice will only cause more harm to the kingdom of God and to precious SOULS.

Remember: David Servant would have to say that King David remained saved in his adultery and murder! David Servant would also have to say if a person previously saved dies in the very act of adultery he would go to heaven if it was only occasional adultery and not “practice” or “habitual” adultery! (There are no “Christian adulterers”!) David Servant learned those terms (practice, habitual, etc.) from John MacArthur, a Calvinist, and applies his slick choice of terms to his own message. BOTH David Servant and John MacArthur (as well as Charles Stanley) would agree that King David remained saved in adultery and murder. That is a license for immorality taught under “grace.” Those teachers are serving Satan.... Please fear God and exalt his truth over any and all situations, relationships and friendships. That is what we are called to do. Judgment will be based on the Word of God, not on our personal friendships or preferences.

....Your email intent to try to hurt has missed the mark, because it was not Scriptural and therefore invalidated. GOD BLESS YOU....

Here is a link to David Servant or David Serpent? (HIS IMMORALITY EXPOSED)


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