Edgar Whisenant September 1988
Rapture False Prophecy

Dan Corner

People who believe in a PRE-trib rapture have often made the serious mistake of predicting when the rapture would occur. One such person, Edgar Whisenant, made this mistake multiple times. Edgar Whisenant's first false prediction was for September 1988. (Many other PRE-trib rapture teachers also made the same prediction for 1988.) Edgar Whisenant sold millions of copies of his book and gave away many copies too. This short audio file was recorded from the radio just before he was shown to be wrong the first time. Click Rapture False Prophecy.

The PRE-trib rapture is unscriptural and will be responsible for many being off their guard when desperate trouble strikes. It is a dangerous teaching that won’t be fully apparent until we enter the Great Tribulation period. (The Bible teaches a POST-trib rapture.) BTW, Harold Camping, another pre-trib rapture proponent made several false predictions about the rapture. According to him, it was to be in 2011. Edgar Whisenant, Harold Camping and many others have deceived many. BE ON YOUR GUARD. GOD BLESS YOU.

Harold Camping Gets The Skull and Crossbones Award

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