Appalled By Eternal Security Slander


How Can The Eternal Security Teachers Do This?

Hello My Precious Friend and Dear Brother in Christ, It has been a long long time since you and I have last spoken ... I am from the great state of West Virginia and I have attended one of your debates in Pennsylvania (roughly in 2008). I was just writing to pass along some more praise for you and your fantastic ministry. I pray God's blessings on Evangelical Outreach, on you ... as you continue the work of the Lord.

I am appalled at how the eternal security teachers can slander the Apostle Paul and our Lord, Jesus Christ by saying they taught the heresy of osas. If these teachers would really learn their Bible, they would realize that the first place the lie of osas was perpetrated was in the Garden of Eden when the serpent said to Eve, "You shall not surely die."

The sad part is many well meaning individuals have "blackest darkness" waiting for them and it grieves my heart to see them and their misguided flocks so lost. That is why ministries like yours are so vital. I hope you keep your great work going. I have been helped many a time by just stopping by the EO website and looking around. This is not only about the osas issues. I have also used it to research some cults and even to look into other hard to understand verses of Scripture.

Again, thanks for the great work you do. God bless you, my beloved friends. I hope I get to see you somewhere soon.


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