God Healed Me Of Throat Cancer

My Cancer Was Healed

I was told I had cancer of the throat in February 1999. I was told that I had this for some time. Because I was told that it was 3" in diameter. The cancer had closed off my breathing. They put a trach in my throat so I could breath, and a tube in my stomach so I could eat. I thought I was gonna die. I was so afraid. I was so worried about my family. How they would be taken care of.

At this time I didn't go to church. I did believe in God and Jesus, But I didn't live like I really should (meaning I was not a real Christian).

When I was in the hospital they put me on chemotherapy hoping to get the cancer to stop growing. After I had my first chemotherapy. I got to come home for three weeks and then I was to take another treatment.

In the month of March 1999 while I was home I started going to church and I was saved (meaning I give my life to the Lord). I was reborn again. I was reborn again in God's eyes. I was prayed for by many people and I also prayed all the time that God would heal me.

Salvation Of The Soul

I went back to the hospital for my second treatment. When the doctor had checked me over a lot of the swelling was out. I had one more treatment to take still yet. So I came home yet again for another three weeks.

During this time at home while I was praying I felt that God had healed me. When I took my third treatment I had told the doctor I have been healed by God of my cancer ... but I still took the treatment even though I knew I didn't have cancer anymore.

After my treatment was over they did a biopsy to see if any cancer was showing. Guess what they came back no cancer showing at all. The doctor told me that the treatments would not make the cancer go away but it would just help where I could go through radiation too and maybe not have to have surgery. But when they seen no cancer on the biopsy test, they were surprised there was no sign of cancer. But I told them I knew they would not find any cancer because God healed me.

So people get right with our Lord Jesus. And Believe and have faith with all your heart and soul. Christ can do anything for you if you really believe and have faith with all of your heart and soul, trust in the Lord. For it says in John 14:14

Jesus Saith: If ye shall ask anything in my name. I will do it.
So listen people believe and have faith and live for the Lord. And do the things he wants you to do. God bless all of you. Jesus loves you. Love him back by letting him come into your heart and soul.

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