The Bible Now Makes
Sense to Me!


For the longest time, I have had doubts about OSAS once saved always saved. The Bible never made much sense to me during the time I believed in OSAS, because that doctrine went against what the Bible teaches. I know all about the cop-outs pastors use, saying that people who go back into sin were "never saved at all." I was saved at age 7, but never got grounded in sound doctrine. I recently decided to repent of my sins and return to Christ. I was into internet porn, beer, and wicked music. I was believing the lie that I was eternally secure. I had enough! When I first visited your website, I hated you. But now I know that you are teaching the truth. I had no other choice but to give up my belief in OSAS.

This week, I poured my beer in the sink and NEVER LOOKED BACK!!!! I destroyed my favorite rock music cd with NO REGRETS!!! And I will only use the internet for the glory of God! The Bible now makes sense to me!

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