Eternal Security Debate Challenge
To David Cloud On 1-1-09

I, Dan Corner, challenge you, David Cloud to a text debate on eternal security via 5 email exchanges (or something similar).

I propose the following details:

● Opening Statement to be no more than 1,500 words.

● After the opening statement, each party can attempt to rebut his opponent or interject new information relevant to eternal security with no more than 2,500 words per exchange. (We do that for a total of 3 exchanges.)

● Closing Statement to be no more than 1,500 words.

● We will have a total of 1 week for each segment to be completed. In other words, 1 week for the opening statement, 1 week for the first rebuttal, 1 week for the second rebuttal, 1 week for the third rebuttal, 1 week for the closing statement. In 5 weeks it will be over and will then be posted on our web sites to remain there.

David Cloud, will you accept this debate challenge on eternal security?

NOTE: This debate is not on eternal security and/or any other subject, but only on eternal security. (David Cloud was contacted regarding this on 1-1-09.)

David Cloud FALSE Teacher's Award

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