A Critical Examination of
The Book of Enoch

Dan Corner

The Evidence Proves The Book of Enoch is NOT From God!

In A Critical Examination of the Book of Enoch you will be exposed to little-known information and many solid reasons to reject this book from antiquity, as a source of divine inspiration.

Discover why the Book of Enoch is considered pseudepigrapha and what the bible teaches about the Nephilim (giants). Regardless who may endorse or encourage the reading of the Book of Enoch -- Elizabeth Clare Prophet, David Bercot, New Agers, angel-crazed people, etc., we must consider the evidence when compared to the Bible -- God's only standard of spiritual truth (2 Tim. 3:16,17). When we do this, the Book of Enoch must be dismissed as inspired by God and a source of spiritual information.

Jude Quoted Enoch But ...

Jude quoted Enoch (vss. 14,15), so does that mean the Book of Enoch is inspired by God? NO! Paul quoted pagans outside of scripture (Acts 17:28; Titus 1:12). The book of Enoch contradicts scriptures. Therefore, it can NOT be from the same source that gave us scripture! Download A Critical Examination of the Book of Enoch NOW for only $5.00 from Evangelical Articles For Sale.

God bless you.

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