Audio Visual Dramatized Christian Gospel

(Audio Visual Dramatized Gospel Video)
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What listeners/viewers have said about the audio
and/or flash portion of the Dramatized Gospel:

Dear Dan and staff, I was deeply moved after listening to the CD you sent called "The Dramatized Gospel." The quality and production of it and the incredible Bible accuracy was wonderful. Souls will be saved through this. This CD is how Jesus preached, with truth and conviction, no compromise.

Everything was great ... beautifully put together!!

The Dramatized Gospel is Soul shaking! I immediatley made copies and left them at my Church! ... I have such a burden for the people that are lulled to sleep by eternal security teaching. I left the CDs in the foyer. I pray that the right people will get them.

Blessings in the Lord! The new presentation is excellent! Thank you.

When I received your Dramatized Gospel CD in the mail I was anxious to listen to it. I had never heard such an intense presentation of the gospel in such a dramatic form. It had me in tears at one point and in a state of joy in another. I especially liked the very illustrative scenarios of the lost, backslidden, and saved people. Being in a 'media' age it's a perfect evangelistic tool.

WOW!!! What an incredible message. It shook me from the top of my head to the souls of my feet. It WOKE ME UP even more than I am WOKEN UP NOW!!! I definitely don't want to go to hell or the lake of fire, and will keep my hand to the plow and my eyes on Jesus - WRW - Watching, Ready, and Waiting, JCICBVS - Jesus Christ is Coming Back Very Soon, GROGL - Get Right or Get Left, TOB - Turn or Burn!!! When I get some money together, I want to send several of these anonymously to my unsaved relatives. Thank you.

Evangelical Outreach, this CD Dramatized Gospel shook me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet!! It made me cry but it stirred my heart to WAKE UP!! AND DONT YOU DARE SLUMBER!!! OBEY THE HOLY BIBLE and CLING TIGHT TO MY SAVIOR!! God Bless You for opening my eyes to see and my ears to hear!

By the way, the new "Dramatized Audio Gospel" is just INCREDIBLE, professionaly done! It would be just as good to produce one in Spanish!

I had a chance to watch this. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! Totally loved it!!!! You will find a link on our LINKS page under Incredible Video. Keep up the awesome work for the Father!! God Bless you all!!

... I did see your video on salvation. I thought it was just wonderful. Good work!

... just watched this presentation and it was awesome in its truth ... Thank you again for your blessed ministry.

I did get a chance to listen to the dramatized gospel. VERY POWERFUL!!!! ... I think this will be beneficial for the juvenile jail ministry that my wife, parents, and I are involved in. When I get some money together, I will be taking advantage of sending the CD's anonymously to my relatives. What an excellent tool!!! Praise the Lord for your ministry!!! God bless you.

... I really enjoyed the audio gospel you have it was a real blessing. Thanks so much.

... heavy duty!

Thank you for the CD. Nicely done!

... This is absolutely the finest presentation on the internet I have seen so far. Thank you for sending me this link I am going to pass it on to some people who really need the truth. They will not be convinced by my input but with this video it may be a different story ... With all of God's blessings and love in Christ.

Thank you for the CD that you sent. I listened to it and was amazed at how powerful it was, yet so professionally produced, and attention grabbing. Then I received your email today saying you have it in visual form at your web site. You are doing great things for the sake of the Gospel! I want to commend you for your efforts to reach the lost with the true Gospel. I did go and listen to part of the video ... but had to stop ... will get back when I have more time. What I saw and heard was very stirring. I'd like to put a link to it on our website.

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