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Adrian Kennedy, a popular radio talk show host from Dublin Ireland on FM104, invited me (Dan Corner) to come on his show to discuss Harry Potter. (He has me on from time to time, probably because he knows our Biblical message will create a stir on that secular station. He’s right!) While on the air with him, I was right in the midst of a major area of the world, which seemed to be very hostile to the message of the Bible. Rather than try to explain the EXPLOSION that occurred, click on the link below and you can listen for yourself. If you perfer, you can listen via videos above. The profanity and blasphemy have been removed from the angry and vile pro-Harry Potter people who phoned in.

The dark apostate time in which we are now living (in 2009), will sadly become more obvious, as you listen to the phone evidence who either try to defend Harry Potter or just try to discount the Scriptural message I shared. May God help all Christians stand true to God and shine God’s holy message unashamedly in this wicked and adulterous generation. SOULS are on the line. NOW is the time to spread God’s eternal truths, but few are doing that.

Regarding Harry Potter remember this: As the popularity of Harry Potter books, movies, etc. increased so has the rise of witchcraft increased! That is all the proof one needs to bear witness to the fact that this whole Harry Potter thing is demonic and nothing less. If Harry Potter was a real person he would be on the road to the lake of fire.



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