Men and Modesty


Thanks for this eye-opening web-site! I and my wife have recently made the decision to come out of the apostate church and seek one that is truely Bible believing.

God began convicting me of many things over the last two years - I believe because I have cried out to Him that I may have Him and only Him. It has been an intense search! But, praise God, I have had much affirmation since visiting several web-sites ... Yours ranks at the top!

I am thankful that you addressed men and modesty -- something I had discounted about myself! I didn't think men were included in this area. I never realized that I was dressing like a prostitute and causing others to commit adultery! (I have done so much repenting in the last weeks! I am not reviewing the material for sensational or entertainment value, rather I am studying and learning from each article on this site). I saw an article on a man named "Leotard" (spelling?), and he was a homosexual. He lived around the turn of the century. He developed the style of clothing we associate with "biker shorts" or "spandex clothing". He did it with the desire/ intent that when worn the male sexual organ would be accentuated/ revealed to the sight! (almost unbelievable!)

Lust: Another Name For Adultery

My wife and I immediately purged our wardrobe of all devilish clothing - any tight pants, shorts, etc. that do not conform to modest dress. Even though I was aware that my anatomy was obvious (and I believe all people who wear such dress know this) I just didn't give it any thought.
I never intended to present myself like a prostitute. This issue certainly applies to males as well as females!

Thank you for opening my eyes. I am growing so much and the Lord is begining to bless our lives in a great way! There has been the peace of God restored to us as we continue to repent and believe His Word. (I learned that righteous living brings peace, but I needed to learn what righteous living is first!) We believe it is because we have decided to be seperated from the world and clean. We no longer want to disrespect God in our lives. In the apostate church we never came to a full knowledge of the Word of God nor were we made aware of the full extent to which Satan permeates our individual lives!!!!!!!!!! We are learnig quickly and are in awe! The Bible is making sense to us like never before and learning has become a daily experience! We are so blessed and thankful for you. Keep up the good work and labor of love!

R and J

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