Pornography Led To An Affair

The Slavery, Bondage and Controlling Power of Sin

I just read the e-mails on lust and pornography. I just had to write to you. I was enslaved to that SIN since I was about ten years old. I would try to give my life to God but Satan would crush me with it every time -- he would put it everywhere. TV is the worst. Finally it led to an affair (thank God my wonderful wife forgave me). After I truly got SAVED I asked God to forgive me for my past Sins and to heal me and praise God He did. The desire to undress every woman was and is gone. That was over five years ago.

Something great happened to me on Monday. We stopped to use the restroom and when I washed my hands I saw a Porno book in the trash. Satan tried to get me to look but I serve a wonderful God who can give grace to overcome. I carefully took the book and hid it under my shirt and took it to my wife in our van. I put it in the console and told her what I found. When we got home I started a good hot fire while she tore it up on our porch; then I went in the house while she burned them. Thank God for answered prayer. I thank Him daily for His help to overcome this SIN that nearly killed my marriage (ADULTERY). Thank you for the stand you take in teaching God's word the way it is written. God bless you.

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