Deceived No Longer By Eternal Security


After I received Christ in May of 1981 I attended a Baptist Church that taught the once saved always saved (OSAS) doctrine. The first 5 years of what was supposed to be my new life in God turned out to be just a profession. I was taught that my salvation was an act only by God and that once I received Christ He was bound to keep me regardless of my lifestyle. There was just one problem. After just a few short years (5) I noticed that my life exhibited no change and yet people around me told me that I was eternally secure and had God's favor. In my heart I knew that God could never be approving of my lifestyle being that heaven and God Himself is Holy. In my heart I knew that obedience to His Word and living out His principles in my life brought me closer and closer to God. I wasted years thinking I was living a life pleasing to God when all I was doing was denying and disowning Him through my very lifestyle.

I thank God for opening my eyes to what true obedience and being holy is really about. We can't expect to come before a holy God and expect Him to welcome us when we lived a lifestyle with sin and disobedience to His Word. I thank God for Evangelical Outreach for their willingness to go out to those who have been taken captive by that hellish doctrine of once saved always saved and have been liberated to truly worshiping God with ALL our heart, mind, and soul. Don't forget that without holiness none will see the Lord and those who are happy are those who hear the Word of God and put it into practice. God Bless you!

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