"I Can't Ever Thank You Enough For
... Saving Me From Eternal Fire"


I Was Nothing Different from the World

When I was 4 years old I asked Jesus to come into my heart. When I reached my teenage years, I went through a lot of problems -- one namely was that I tried to commit suicide. I had a lot of problems growing up. I basically had gone to the same church for all of my life -- Grace Brethren denomination. All I knew in my life was people went to church on Sunday but the rest of the week they lived a completely different life. Nothing in their professed Christian life differed from the world. In regards to that point neither did mine. I always claimed to be a Christian but I am now ashamed to admit I was far from it. I was nothing different from the world. I was getting drunk, smoked pot, partied, wore skimpy clothes, engaged in premarital sex and all the rest. After I met a wonderful man I got married. Six months after I got pregnant I started to settle down. But I see now, the church I was in and the people I was with, I was having no spiritual growth. Well things went on for five years and we were becoming dissatisfied with our church. In October of last year we started looking for another church. At that time, I found out my husband had different beliefs than what I did. The topic once saved always saved came up. He believed that you could fall away. I blew up and went really defensive. My family all backed me up. Well after that, then I decided to start investigating and searching. At that time I believe God led me to your website. I started reading what you had on your website and looking up the verses you gave in my bible to make sure that is what the verses were saying. I always take the bible at face value. A literal interpretation. I couldn't believe what I was reading and finding out. I realized I had it all wrong as many did my loved ones do also.

Your teaching has changed my life. I no longer swear, drink or do any of the wicked things I once did. I have not even the desire for the old lifestyle. God has put such a thirst for righteousness and holy living in my heart that obedience to God's word is the top priority for me. I have such joy and peace and victory in my life now as a result of this teaching you have opened my eyes up to. I can't ever thank you enough for leading me to the truth and in effect saving me from eternal fire. I love the Lord and I want to so much lead others to this truth. These truths are revolutionary and I believe the Church and this nation would be completely different if Christians would take hold of this and live holy and obedient lives.

Love in Christ to you,

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