Prisoner and New Christian
Speaks Out

I’m requesting a copy of Daniel Corner’s book, The Myth of Eternal Security. I’m open to the truth. I’m hungry for the truth, and I’m so sick of what I see in the lives of those who embrace once saved always saved doctrine. I see no holiness in their lives, no separation from the desires for the things of the world. I’m a new Christian seeking the heart of God behind his word, his nature, his character and his ways, and I know I need establishment in truth as I suffer intense persecution because of my faith in Christ and pursuit of holiness in my daily life. Amazingly, the greatest persecution I suffer is coming from none other than once saved always saved adherents, not as a result of anything I’ve ever said, but because my separation unto God and constant, consistent desire and striving for complete obedience to God’s word and pursuit of God’s heart in prayer, and my consecration to him is convicting them of their worldliness before I even utter one word out of my mouth. A new Christian.

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