Testimony From Prison

Victor R.

I'm writing this letter to thank you for helping me understand the doctrine of eternal security. I was shocked by what my church teaches. I was shocked to learn what truly happened at the Synod of Dort. I have been freed from Calvin's deception of trying to enter heaven by his false gospel of salvation. I will admit, your book at first was hard to swallow. It made me angry and confused. I felt like my evangelical leaders were misleading me and not being fair to the truth. But with much prayer, study, and leaning on the Holy Spirit, I was able to digest your book with much humility. I compared all Scriptures and looked up all references. You are absolutely correct. I have repented of my sins, lack of conformity to the real gospel of grace, and I now worship and serve Jesus in holiness and obedience. Thank you. Thank you Lord Jesus for Dan Corner! I am now sharing your book with others here. You wouldn't believe how many souls here are affected by the OSAS doctrine. I love you. Thank you for raising the torch of truth, especially here in America where holiness and obedience is no longer a biblical mandate that is being taught in our churches. I also would like to request a copy of your book, "Is this the Mary of the Bible?" Reason is I have many family members who are avid followers of Catholicism. They are always sending me things to read about Mary. They even call her the Mother of God. I don't even know where to begin to address this matter. ...I'm concerned for my family's spiritual well-being. Thank you. I will continue to pray for your ministry. I love you in Jesus. Your brother in Christ.

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