I Believed I Was Saved As
A Crystal Meth Addict

Thank you ... I am still putting all your teachings to the test, and so far I agree with and have found very biblical most of your teachings. I was terribly deceived before I asked God to lead me to info that would make me holy. Once I did that, God lead me to the hard truth. I heard holiness and "security for the believer and follower, NOT for a decision maker and continuing sinner" from ... your amazingly thorough materials.

I believed that I was saved way back in May of 1987 as a crystal meth addict, but now I realize that if I was, I lost my salvation and lived the lie that I was just a "carnal Christian" who didn't have the "power from God" needed to be truly holy or have God as my first love.

Now I know I was living as an enemy of God, even though I believe he still somehow used me to love others more than I would have had I not known of Him. I guess some call that "prevenient grace"? I don't know. I have TRULY repented, and am following him, dying to self.

Since then, my walk with Jesus, moment by moment, surrendering to him and asking Him to live in me and guide me in purity and holiness, has been something I have NEVER had before. I am NOW truly saved, without a doubt, and am living truly "free" ... the freedom to "NOT SIN." Two off-and-on addictions of 26 years have been buried and are dead, gone for the last 3 weeks, and I love you two for leading me to the TRUE GOSPEL!

God bless you...


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