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[The following is an email received by Evangelical Outreach]

I am 15 years [addicted to porn] and about to enter the 11th grade. I have been struggling with this problem ever since sixth grade. My family is christian and we all go to church although I am not a faithful christian as you can see. I cannot stop viewing pornography whether it's on tv or on the internet. Everytime I look at pornography I feel guilty afterwards but then the feeling goes away. I've tried to ask for forgiveness but only a day or so afterwards I find myself looking at it again. I really want to stop. My parents have lost trust in me and I can longer look them in their eyes. I have deprived them of the money they had worked hard for. Everyday it is like a battle inside my mind to fight off temptation. I really want to stop.

[The following is a response from Evangelical Outreach to the above email.]

Greetings in Jesus' name.

We are very sorry to read about your sin addiction to mental adultery. Please know that Jesus' blood liberates from ALL sins, including that one.

It is VITAL for you to know that you are unsaved because of this sin. See Mt. 5:28,29. Since NO SIN is worth going to hell over, this must be turned from. It is dragging you to hell. YOU can do it with God's help.

The first step is to get down on your knees and ask God for mercy and salvation. Tell him you are sorry and will turn from such demonic material as that and serve God all the days of your life. After you mourn and grieve over your sin, get off your knees and DESTROY ALL porno you have and cancel all such DEMONIC magazine subscriptions, etc.

The next step is to fill your mind with PURE THINKING. That will come by reading and meditating on the Bible. We know a grown man who once was addicted to porno. After repenting he read the Bible daily and was doing fine. COMPLETE VICTORY IS YOURS, but you must do your part. God will give you the strength.

Read at least 3 chapters of the Bible twice a day. Perhaps at first you should read 5 chapters three times a day. You have to make to call on this. It will get EASIER and EASIER as you WASH out that filth in your mind with the water of God's word.

By the way, read an easy to read, reliable translation like the NIV, NRSV or NASB. MEMORIZING Scripture will help just as much or more.

You can do MUCH with your mind for God rather than letting the devil use it as he has. The choice is yours.

PLEASE keep in touch. GOD BLESS YOU.

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