Toni says, "Once Saved Always Saved??
No.... That is a Lie!!"

I have learned many lessons and do believe that we are brought from GLORY to GLORY by every trial that we go THROUGH. As we seek JESUS to help us through each problem that the enemy throws at us we GROW. We need these trials to continue to be TRANSFORMED into HIS IMAGE! That is what PAUL said. LIFE is a lesson if we REST in HIM. That is were we need to LIVE. IT is a way of life. WE must let our LIGHTS shine so others can see the JESUS in us. I have made many many mistakes and will make many more, but I will never forget what JESUS did for me .... and YOU. HIS BLOOD was not shed for nothing ... it was shed for YOU and ME! Since I have accepted CHRIST into my heart and life, My worst day now is still better then my best day before I knew HIM. Praise GOD!! There was still one more major lesson I needed to learn!

We must jump back to the fall of 92 for this one. My sister and her children had come here from California. I love my sister very much. She has 6 beautiful children. I have a 2 bedroom house at the present. There were 13 of us living here! Also my friend Teri was living here at the time too.

My house was in such chaos, things I loved were being destroyed by my sister's children. There was definately a lack of parental supervision present. I let myself get so upset I had a breakdown. I locked my self away in my room and would not come out. That lasted 3 months alone in my room. Finally I went out and got high. In the next 2 and one half months I did more damage to us finacially then in all the years prior. I started writing bad checks to purchase stuff to trade for drugs! I left my husband and Teri and I stayed in motels so we could get high. We were lost! I would cry every night for GOD to help. I felt so enveloped by Darkness, I felt like a Prisioner that had been locked away and the key was lost to get me out! Finally He did, we got busted and went to jail!!

The LORD works in mysterious ways! That was what we needed! Looking at my children with tears rolling down their little cheeks through the glass at the jail left an impression that is seered into my mind forever. We all sobbed. How did this happen to me LORD? Selfishness was my problem. So what if the things that were my mother's were destroyed. It was still just stuff! The people are MUCH more important! This will all turn to hay and stubble ... but souls ... those you can take to Heaven!! That is what I learned from that!! Well ... also to TRUST in the LORD for my deliverance from JAIL TIME. That was in HIS hands! I did probation and restitution! GOD IS SO GOOD! Will I ever forget how good? NO WAY!!! HE is my EL-SHADI!!!!

Knowing the LORD has given me a BLESSED perspective. I now look forward everyday to HIS Return or the RAPTURE as it is called. I have hope and store my TREASURES up in HEAVEN! We are here but a brief time, so I keep my focus on HIM. I have learned that Life is how you see it in your own heart. So I keep my walk with JESUS up close and personal!! The BIBLE tells us that on that day .... The dead in CHRIST shall rise FIRST ... then those who are alive shall rise to meet HIM in the CLOUDS!!! Hope I'll see you THERE!!! GOD BLESS and KEEP the FAITH!!

Toni S.

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