I Can Now Refute
Once Saved Always Saved

refute once saved always saved
I have read your book, The Believer's Conditional Security, and feel that it is an amazing work. Many sections I have read multiple times. I have written down almost 100 key Bible verses that you have used to refute once saved always saved. I have a computer-based flash-card program that I have used to memorize almost all of these verses. I have enjoyed listening to and learning from your conversations with those who believe that there can be security in sin and rebellion. I currently attend a Baptist church that teaches OSAS. I have made it known to the pastor that I would like to have a serious discussion with him on this topic. I have memorized all the verses in the King James Version, not because I prefer this version, but because I want to effectively persuade him. I am waiting to hear back from him. I thank you for your book and website. I now believe that I can effectively refute this false doctrine. Your ministry has been a wonderful blessing. Sincerely,

refute once saved always saved



Eternal Security or Conditional Security

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