The Believer's Conditional Security:
Eternal Security Refuted

Dan Corner

The Believer's Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted

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This NO eternal security book is the book the devil hates and doesn't want you to read or know about! WHY? It is the most powerful work ever written refuting the teaching of eternal security (once saved always saved or the perseverance of the saints)!

The Believer's Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted by Dan Corner is filled with relevant truths which will satisfy your thirst for answers. It is a massive 801 pages.

Never has any book on this subject been this detailed and thorough! It contains valuable material related to this subject that you will not read in any other book on this subject and which took years to collect. The subtitle tells it all -- Eternal Security Refuted.

The Believer's Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted is fully indexed with both scripture and subject listings! The full documentation of over 700 footnotes and 190+ reference sources alone is worth the low price of the book! Furthermore, it has never been refuted over the years! It is:

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No other book against eternal security is like it. Most importantly, it is Scripturally sound and easy to read. God has used this book and our teachings to spread his message about the lethal dangers of sin around the world, resulting in hundreds of wonderful testimonies (which we heard of) -- many being salvation.

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The Miracle Book!

The Believer's Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted is a miracle book in more ways than one. A vicious spiritual fight has always revolved around this book, even before it was printed. Afterwards the spiritual battle has continued on to the present hour. The devil has fought hard to suppress the salvation truths therein contained. Why? Because it ends the eternal security debate in favor of a conditional security for the believer. It is only because of God's mercy that we have gotten our book out to many, but the knowledge of its existence is still being suppressed by powerful sources!

In contrast to what many think, the internet search engines do religiously discriminate against people like us! We are a proven legitimate Christian organization which has backed up or can back up everything with documentation, yet we have been given much lower rankings than others. The adverse Calvinistic influence is apparent to us.

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Wikipedia has religiously discriminated to the point where they refuse to allow us to post about ourselves (Evangelical Outreach); removed past information which was posted about us and virtually all mention of our 801 page book, The Believer's Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted, except in an obscure tertiary place! The other less powerful books opposing once saved always saved and written by others are listed in a much better manner which suggests they are the authority on the subject. The truth is they offer almost nothing at all in comparison to The Believer's Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted. Wikipedia has supplied no link to Evangelical Outreach even though we have more information and much better documentation than others who they do supply a link to. We are definitely treated in a lesser and unfair manner, which is what religious discrimination is. Our materials and holiness message are suppressed, especially because Calvinists fear "The Believer's Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted."

Wikipedia is a Calvinistic influence, which doesn't want others to learn about our book or acknowledge it as it should be. We do NOT consider Wikipedia a reliable source on any subject, especially religious topics, since they do discriminate. The religious discrimination against us and our holiness message has also manifested at youtube and godtube. The spiritual battle continues for SOULS. Truth has been suppressed. Our 801 page book, The Believer's Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted is feared by the once saved always saved crowd. The devil doesn't want others to read it.

How could the price be so delightfully low for an 801 page massive book of this quality?

To enable more to read this salvation related material, we have lowered the price. A book of this size should cost double the amount being requested.

Is it available in softback, hardback and voicebook?

YES! The softback is priced for mass distribution. The hardback is for those who desire a longer lasting reference volume. 

The voicebook is a big advantage for even the busiest person to listen to as he drives down the road or does household and other chores. It is also perfect for the blind and others with reading disabilities. In fact, this may be the only voicebook of any volume available that refutes this hated position.

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* Softback is $19.50 [with FREE postage in the USA!]

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* Voicebook is $34.50 (on three mp3 CDs)

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YES! Our online store has secure ordering. (We also have hundreds of others items -- audio sermons, videos, gospel tracts, booklets, etc. -- which may interest you!)

Has the book helped others draw near to God and get freed from sin?

YES, absolutely. It has a proven track record. We have received hundreds of testimonies from people being blessed by it in various ways and many others coming to salvation after realizing that eternal security is false. On more than one occasion, readers have told us it is the most important book to them after the Bible! Sooner or later every Christian will have to examine the topic of once saved always saved because it has crept into almost all of the Bible churches worldwide with few exceptions! BTW, eternal security Charles Stanley is quoted and refuted with Scripture, along with dozens of the most powerful voices in our day!

Who can be helped by The Believer's Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted?

The long list of people who can be helped by this Bible-based easy-to-read book is basically endless:




Sunday school teachers


lay preachers





serious students of the Bible

new converts

any Christian

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It has also helped many prisoners spiritually.


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