Some Of The Many Comments About
The Believer's Conditional Security

Book Written by Dan Corner

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Some Of The Many Comments About
The Believer's Conditional Security We Received

■ Dan, it took something happening to me to see this truth. Many see this truth from personal bible study. I received it from the Lord. I got rebuked to my face by Him. And He told me, "Now go tell them the truth of who's really going to make it, and who isn't...and WHY." And I wept for 3 months straight during 4 hours a day in prayer to get this truth seated deep, deep, deep in my spirit. And then a brother gave me a copy of your [NO Eternal Security book]. And for the last 3 years, I preach this truth everywhere I go ... I already have a copy [of your book] that I've worn out. I've been in the ministry for 23 years, and am known by many as a student of sound doctrine.

I even edit other ministers books for them for doctrine. So I know what I'm looking at. And your book is one of my top resources in my library. It's the only book (besides my bibles) that is constantly on my desk at the church. I quote it as much as Calvin quoted Augustine. I tell every other minister and serious Christian to buy a copy. I've bought them as gifts. I am constantly in it. I quoted out of it over 15 times just today ... Your book travels with me abroad ...

■ Thank you very much. I also have read your 800 page book on the believers conditional security in which I have found a wealth of spiritual knowledge. It has given me fresh insight into ways to confront my misguided Baptist brethren. I call them brethren because I use to be one of them. My brother in the flesh is Southern Baptist pastor and we have had numerous discussions (some I have to admit have been rather heated) about the OSAS heresy.

■ To whom it may concern: The purpose of this letter is to demonstrate the immense gratitude in my heart and in my spirit for the book "The Believer's Conditional Security." Please know that I am diligently studying all the materials in it. It is a monumental work and a task that I know took years in the making for the edification of the church in general and for the equipping of the believer in his life.

I can assure you that the book WILL NOT sit idle in a box nor collect dust in a shelf. Your rewards will be great in heaven in the form of human lives that will be saved from the poison of OSAS doctrine of demons. Trust me that God whom I serve will help me master this doctrine to teach others in exchange the truth of the word of God [sic]. The book truly is a work of the Holy Spirit! I am SO grateful! ...

Please know that you have invested in my life and it will not be in vain. Thank you so very much and I will do my best, as you have, to expose the lies and teach Biblical truth. I look forward daily to study the materials slowly and with all diligence. Once again, thank you. You have invested well. I will teach to the end of my life's last breath of air. (FL prisoner)

■ ... Thank you again for your book. It's the most important book I've ever owned.

■ First off, I want to thank God for using you to open my eyes to the true gospel taught by the original believers in Christ. Because of your book, The Believer's Conditional Security, I have come to not only love God more, but to fear Him as well, which was greatly needed in my walk with Christ. I was initially saved 3 years ago ... in jail. I was always taught that once I was saved, I could no longer lose my salvation.

If I sinned I would be disciplined or killed and brought to heaven with the loss of rewards. This false teaching caused me to never once question my salvation. I later fell into sexual sin, drunkenness, partying and drugs, but still, I never once questioned my salvation! I had no willingness to repent or ask for forgiveness!

I became another victim of the lie, "Ye shall not die"! Later I was arrested again, and thanks to God's mercy and kindness, I did repent and asked for forgiveness of my sins. Then God showed me your book and almost instantly it felt like scales were removed from my eyes.

To look back at my fall now and realize how spiritually dead I was, sheds a whole new light on the patience, mercy, and love of God! To know He could have taken my life then and sent me to hell according to the true gospel of grace brings me to my knees with tears. I've never felt so alive in Christ as I do now and it's thanks to you and allowing God to work through you to expose this deceptive and destructive teaching! I pray that God will pour out his blessings and shower you with his mercy and love and that He may continue to use you to change the lives of others like myself ...

I am still currently incarcerated and we usually have a quick church service about 3 times a week ... almost every preacher or teacher who comes teaches eternal security! I have tried reasoning with them through Scriptures but I'm always attacked, not only by them but other inmates as well! I don't mind the persecution, but I can't stand to see others buy into the lie of OSAS as well as teach it! But God is good and He has used me to bring others to the truth of a conditional security. Praise God! Again, I think you Mr. Corner for the impact you've made in my life and allowing me to be used by God like never before! ... may God continue to use you to contend for the faith.

■ hello ... i think it is great what you are doing, i read the book The believers conditional security and i must say it opened my eyes and changed my way of preaching on the street dramatically. it also opened my eyes to how many people are believing in lies. thank you for this book and keep on going the good work. greetings and God bless you

Excellent material. I bought and received your book "The Believer's conditional Security," and I can say that it is one of the best books that I've seen on this subject. I've been preaching and teaching on the content of that book. When I was at Bible College, I wish that I would have had such a book ... I'm sure going to use what you've said. Keep up the great work. God Bless

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I am at the half way point of the Believer's Conditional Security Book. It completely changed my whole mood and frame of mind yesterday, when I once again realized that I have been spared from an eternity of torment, having repented again. It was the Prodigal Son, ( Chapter 13), which I already relate to so strongly, because I was alive and then dead, and then alive again. And no one can convince me otherwise. So, it was cause for rejoicing!! If you ever feel all the time and effort put into the producing of that book may have been in vain, ... DON'T! I have been encouraged to fight the good fight and be an overcomer, more, because of your labors. So, I just wanted to let you know, I'm being blessed, and pray the same for you. Sincerely.

I have read "The Believers conditional security" and found it to be a very Biblical and very needed message. It meant a lot to me as I read it, and God touched me. I have also found your realaudio messages to be interesting and helpful, so I have added a link to encourage others to listen to them as well. Thank you for the work you have done to bring people into the Kingdom of God.

■ ... I would like to say that I love your book The Believer's Conditional Security. It has really changed my life. I was raised in a Calvinist Presbyterian church, and have been taught "eternal security" since a child, and had always accepted it until I came across your book and it showed me the errors and heresy of that false doctrine. So, my thanks to you ....

I thank God so much for your book! I have read the whole book and now my husband is going to read it. I have been telling everyone I know about the 'true gospel.' My eyes have really been opened and I am so glad I read your book and found out the truth before it was too late. I was so impressed with the clear way you used scripture in your book.

I am reading through the New Testament and I am seeing things very clearly for the fist time in my life, even though I was raised in a Baptist Church. All of those verses now make perfect sense to me. I now feel so sorry for all of those out there who don't know the truth and are truly deceived. I am doing everything in my power to let everyone I come across know the truth.

I now have a close relationship with the Lord which I have never had before. I am also praying and asking the Lord to help me be a good Christian example to my husband who I now know is not saved. So many things in your book that the OSAS pastors preach I have grown up hearing and believing. I am happy to say that now I only believe God's Word and not man's. I am praying for your ministry and I am praying God will bless you and you family and the work you have done to bring the truth to the Church.

After reading parts of Daniel D. Corner's book, "The Believer's Conditional Security" I no longer believe in the doctrine of eternal security. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

■ I have wrote you before, but I feel like I must again. I was saved in 1997 by accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Now, I really didn't know that much about doctrine. I grew up in the faith only hearing the OSAS. I never heard anything different. Then I came across your web page one time in 1998 but dismissed it as error and I didn't read anything of yours.

However, recently I found your web page again, and thought I would listen to some sermons and debates by you. Feeling convicted, I bought your new book "The believer's conditional security" I must say I am shocked and amazed. I read your whole book in 3 days, because I could not lay it down, I was dumb-founded. I must say this was a challenge on my part to discern by the Word of GOD if what you were saying was the Truth, or Error.

Also a Challenge against what I have always heard which was OSAS. Now I kinda know what the Religious Leaders felt like. Jesus challenged their way of thinking about GOD, etc. Your book contains so much. I cannot deny the fact anymore. I used to accept OSAS without really looking into it. I could NEVER reconcile John 15 The True Vine with what I was hearing.

Even when my friends said that Jesus will kill those branches that are not fruitful, I didn't accept that, because anytime Jesus said Fiery Furnace or Fire, it was Hades or Hell. I have read over 7 different opinions on John 15 it would make you dizzy! But you communicated the truth, plain and clear, and even though, it's not what I wanted to hear, I must accept it. Your book is scary, amazing, offending, challenging at the same time.

I could not believe the Life of Calvin and the things Spurgeon said. Brother, I say this with a sincere heart, also a heart that is dismayed because of the false hood I have been given these 3 years as a Christian: You are Preaching the True Gospel of Christ Jesus!

I know how the Religious men felt in Jesus' Day. I must tell you honestly, when I began to read your book, I was making a audio tape that was going to refute your book and use my tape to further the OSAS. But by the time I got to Chapter 2, I could not lift my tape recorder and find nothing to say. I was amazed at what I was reading. One of my favorite Preachers is Charles Stanley. But now I know everyone is prone to error.

Brother, I want to share this book with others, but I am scared too. The book is such a big offense, a big challenge, a big shock, what could I possibly do? I cannot believe how blind I was. The Blind following the blind! I plan on buying the hard copy of your book for my library. I love to read Christian books! Well, I just wanted to thank you so much for showing me the true gospel! Thank you Brother! God bless you and your ministry!

■ I am sorry, I cannot remember your names. I was a proclaimed Calvinist and wrote you a few months back arguing on the side of eternal security. I was a fool. You were kind enough to send me a free copy of Daniel Corner's book on the subject and I have been reading it over and over. Just wanted to let you know the Lord has changed my life through the TRUE teachings of the gospel, and the world to me has become a much, much darker place than I ever imagined.

I want to thank you for serving the One True Lord Jesus. If you had not sent me the book I would have followed a lie straight to hell. I as millions, use OSAS as a free ticket to live lasciviously and carnally. I have since been on my knees repenting of past sins and with struggle no doubt, as you can imagine been pressing closer to God and turning, finally for once in my life, from sin. Although I have not victory over all the sin in my life yet, I have finally entered the battle.

Because of the book you sent, I am now fighting the good fight. I hope you will pray for me, this stranger you do not know because truly people who serve the Lord so well such as yourselves are heard by our Father in heaven. I know that I am finally on the right path, because the Devil has taken notice of me where before he cared not what I did with my life. How may I help your ministry? I am not rich with Earthly things but would do anything to help get this message out to others.

Truly, I am finding THE BELIEVER'S CONDITIONAL SECURITY to be the most important and influential book I have ever read, outside of the Bible. I am horrified to think that such leading teachers as MacArthur, Stanley, Hunt ... and Hodges ... are all going to such lengths to preserve the horrible lie of OSAS, and are probably under the condemnation of Galatians 1:8-9.

Indeed, my wife thinks that "swift destruction" came upon these people when they first began to pervert the gospel (see II Peter 2:1)--which would mean they are presently UNSAVED!!! I am close to the end of your book ... Thank you for your excellent work and helpful responses.

May the Lord bless and protect you, your family, and your ministry, and use your work to undermine this false doctrine which, in conjunction with the pretribulation rapture teaching, has done so much to make American Christianity weak, sickly, and the cause for unbelievers to speak evil of the way of truth (II Peter 2:2).

■ I have been in possession of your book The Believers Conditional Security for a couple of years and have found it very enlightening and helpful. I must say I appreciate your effort to produce this book and to stand up for the truth as revealed in Scripture alone ...

■ ... By the way, my package came last Thursday, The Believer's Conditional Security. Thank you so much! I dived right in and know that I am so blessed to have found you and Dan, Evangelical outreach. I know that it will prove to be a blessing and a wonderful ministering tool. Until I found this site, I thought I was the only one to believe this Truth ... I do not know one person who believes the True gospel. I have come in contact with many people over the years and no one has ever come close to this Truth....

■ Brother Dan: I've studied your [anti] Eternal Security book, it is the best teaching I have ever seen refuting the OSAS ... I battle with this constantly because of those who claim to be saved but live in sin and believe in eternal security teaching ... I ordered these books, because we are going to start teaching a class using this book...and we are passing it on to other churches... P.S.......You're not standing all alone we are with you all the way .... keep going after Jesus and keep up the good work.

■ I ordered your 801 page book and have been reading it and studying the accompanying Bible passages. I have to thank you for writing this book and making it available at such a reasonable cost. I have used the passages listed in the back as a resource and they are very handy to have as I have been reading some of the OSAS teachers writings from off the Internet also. Having the verses listed in your book helps me to look up the verses and ideas presented and better understand where the OSAS ideas are wrong ...

Your book is sometimes frightening to read tho because there are some teachings out there entrapping new Christians or those who are unsure of their doctrines (such as I was) and easily confused. Some of the teachings are so far off it was hard for me to even read them. I am referring to things like 'outer darkness' being heaven but not the inner circle, and how God will punish "believers" who sin by killing them and taking them to heaven. I cannot understand where these theories come from. Thanks again for your well researched book.

■ Working my way through BCS and it is a convicting read ... Thanks for your ministry and God's blessings upon you.

■ ... it's been quite some time since I've written you (about 2 years or so). I just wanted to send you a quick note to say I love you. I love your ministry. I deeply respect your concern for the spiritual safety, well-being, and maturation of Christians. You provided me a free copy of your book, The Believer's Conditional Security several years ago, and it changed my life.

At that time in my life, I had many financial struggles, and you showed me love and compassion by sending me that book at your expense. I am extremely thankful for the love you have shown me. Please keep up the good work and stay strong. Many people will try and oppose you because you teach such a frightening message. But I believe God will reward your faithfulness and unrelenting dedication to truth.

I just listened to your audio message about Hell and it scared me to death. It is supposed to scare me because it is utterly and completely true. "It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God." That message gave me a much needed wake up call ... and encouraged me to keep in mind the spiritual destiny of most people. This creates a burden within me to "snatch others from the fire." I have much to say to you but realize you probably have more mail than you could possibly read so I end with this: KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MINISTRY!

This book is FANTASTIC!! I've been reading it and can hardly put it down. It is brilliantly written, it's remarkably reasonable, and it's abundantly scriptural! This is the most extensive and scriptural refutation to "Once Saved, Always Saved" (i.e., A Christian is saved even when he willfully sins, secure even before repenting). I do not know of any other book that so thoroughly exposes such error. I remember that Brother John ... recommended this book before. I would recommend this book to any Christian. It's great for preachers, so they can preach the truth to their flock. And it's great for every day Christians, to encourage them in their discipleship with the Lord. If anyone wants this book, but cannot afford it, just let me know and I can see about purchasing it for you. To order a copy, go to: Evangelical Books

■ I obtained and read the book entitled; "The believers conditional security." I want you to know that this is the greatest book ever done on the subject of conditional secruity i have ever had the pleasure of reading. It was wonderfully put together and masterfully done. I often use your book in my study and preaching on the subject of conditional security. Thankyou for feeling the need to stand up for those who believe that eternal security is for those who are "IN" Christ; and that the gospel and the sacrifice of Christ is not a licence to sin. God Bless you!

■ Reading you book titled, "The Believers Conditional Security", I will have to say that I was greatly inspired and praise God that there is still a remnant of His people that really search the scriptures and follow what they honestly see as the truth. Praise God for his wonderful blessings.

■ In Christianity, there seems to be 2 schools of thought regarding what one has to do in order to get to Heaven. The first school of thought is called Eternal Security aka Once Saved, Always Saved. This basically states that once a person repents (turns) from their sins, and asks The Lord Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Saviour and come into their heart, that they are then saved.

And after that, no matter what they do, they will go to Heaven because they are sealed, having been saved. Thus, if the person is saved once, no matter what he does, he is always saved. The second school of thought is called Conditional Security. This view states that after a person has repented (turned) from their sins, and asked The Lord Jesus Christ to come into their life, that they have to continue to live in obedience to what The Bible says, and continue to not sin, in order to go to Heaven when they die. Dan Corner, in this book, proves the second school of thought.

He uses numerous verses from The Bible to make the case that one must continue living the Christian life in order to get to Heaven. Corner carefully reveals the truth about how we can have assurance of salvation according to the Bible. Because eternity is at stake, and that eternity being Heaven or Hell, this is the most important book, besides The Bible, that I have ever read. You can visit Dan Corner's website at: Evangelical Outreach

■ While there are many books and publications on the teaching of eternal security, there are few available for the opposing teaching-that of conditional security for the believer. The author does an excellent job thoroughly citing popular teachers, both past and present, of eternal security and even Calvinism and gives the biblical passages they cite to support their belief.

Then, he gives the reasons for what he believes, again citing Scripture, and when appopriate, historical teaching on the subject. He also made sure to state in the beginning of his book that he's not questioning the accuracy (from a biblical standpoint)of everything they teach. But on the question of the believer's security, he does strongly disagree with them, hence, this tome.

In summary, I believe this to be an excellent presentation of the opposing viewpoint in the continuing debate of the security of the believer. Even if you disagree with his viewpoint, I'd recommend this as a reference to what Arminianism teaches regarding this particular doctrinal issue.

■ I am discovering a new birth in Jesus Christ. This book has helped me release old beliefs of the church I belonged to at one time. I would recommend it to anyone searching out the true Jesus Christ and his salvation.

■ Excellent book! Dan has done a great service to Christianity by exposing another Calvinist lie! In Calvinism, faith cannot be the assurance of salvation because Calvin taught that God can and does give the non elect a false faith. Therefore, even though one has faith, he can never have the assurance that his faith is true, sovereign grace faith. Perhaps God has given him a false faith because he is not really one of the elect. As far as evangelism, why try to show others the truth, or carry out the great commission if God has already elected some to heaven, and the rest to Pope Calvin's Hell.

■ Sadly, most are ignorant, closed minded or too proud to see Satan's lie of eternal security, and accept eternal Security as the "true" gospel. "Protestant Pope" Calvin and "Saint" Augustine promotes Consider the lie Satan told Eve "Ye shall not surely die" (Don't let Charles Stanley or any wolf in sheep's clothing tell you "Go ahead and sin, you might lose some rewards, but your still Eternally secure" Mt 3:8 Produce fruit in keeping with repentance. The greatest truths are still found only in the Bible, not in mans reinterpretation, pray and read your Bible for truth my friend above all.

■ More now than in Paul's day, people would rather pay an ear-tickler to tell them they can get saved and afterward indulge in "occassional acts" of drunkenness and the like and still remain saved, rather than to live in the fear that ROMANS 11:19-22 calls true Christians (those who truly "stand by faith") to live in. People do not want to hear that they can possibly get cut off after standing by faith, so rather than heed such passages as ROMANS 11:19-22, they pay a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear (2TIMOTHY 4:1-4).

If you ask, "How could this great number of teachers be wrong?" then I would have to point you to 1KINGS 22 and 2CHRONICLES 18, where 400 ear-tickling false prophets were opposed by just one true prophet who delivered an opposing message to what all 400 of them were saying, and it was what this one prophet said that came true! That's a 400-to-1 ratio! So do not be deceived.

Popularity of a doctrine does not make it true. 2PETER 2:1-22 says that "blackness of darkness" (not just "darkness" but "the blackness of darkness," the worst of the worst) is reserved for those who preach a watered-down grace message which "eternal security" most definitely is. "The Believer's Conditional Security" makes it clear, you do not have to follow such teachers to their ultimate fate.

Believe the Bible over the sin-breeding, soul-stealing, ear-tickling, Scripture distorting doctrine, "eternal security." It is a doctrine designed to destroy the fear of sinning, take you off guard, and lull you back to spiritual slumber, on your way to destruction if you remain in that condition! It's your soul!

■ This is a great book by Dan Corner. One of the things I had to do is to read the Word myself, without any preconceived ideas of what to expect. I can to the conclusion that my theology was definitely wrong and this book articulated many of the things I discovered with my much more depth than I had discovered.

■ Prayerfully read this book without any preconceived opinions and let the Bible speak clearly for itself, which is always does if we have an open heart.

■ Dan Corner has used all of the Bible to support his view on this topic. Most everyone else will only use the parts of the Bible that will support their view which makes their view very questionable. Dan allows the Word of God to speak for itself. If you want to know the truth about OSAS, this book is a must read. You owe it to yourself and everyone that you love.

You owe it to God because of what He has done for you.

■ It [The Believer's Conditional Security] has been a thorough blessing and one from which I can keep drawing biblical insights into our security in Christ.

Especially good (yet disturbing) are the 18 examples of folks who were saved but fell away(!); and the 100 plus eternal security arguments demolished from Scripture. It also explains the scary Hebrews passages and gives plenty of safeguards for every Christian.

An added feature are the words emphasized in bold, which makes it easy to find key phrases or important points while skimming through on your fourth or fifth read. (Never grows old.)

■ Chock full of chewy nuggets for every hungry heart, it is highly recommended for pastors, evangelists, Sunday school teachers, missionaries and the average lay person who wants to read sound doctrine for a refreshing change.

■ This is an excellent book explaining why OSAS is not Biblical, why conditional security is, and showing what people who believe in conditional security really believe and destroying the misconceptions many people have about conditional security.

■ This Book "The Believer's Conditional Security" is a book to be studies carefully.

A simple reading does not permit to grasp all the depth of its teachings and the dimension of the biblical doctrine it presents.

I give thanks to God for having permitted me to come across this book. After having been a pastor for 26 years, this book has opened before my eyes new concepts, new Bible profoundities, things I had never thought of.

God bless its author and his ministry.

■ Just want to quickly cast my vote with all those from around the USA and the world who are impressed with this scholarly work. Those in the desert long for cool water. Similarly, those with a heart for God long for scriptural truths they can sink their teeth into--cool water to flush through your soul. Such you will find in TBCS. This book rings so true to the bible, thus many enthusiastic and weighty reviews from readers.

I have read it from cover to cover (more than once) and find it spiritually chewy and insightful, right in line with what Jesus and his apostles taught. If you're looking for watered down pablum, you won't find it here. This is no ear tickling writer (2 Timothy 4:3). It is hard hitting and can be disturbing if you've never been confronted with the other side of the eternal security coin. Or if you don't like the other side (the biblical side)! May God raise up 1000 more authors like this one.

■ This is a must read book for all Christians interested in the doctrine of the Believer's Security. The scriptural and other referenced documentation is immense. Chapter 2 OSAS Definitions and Origin is a quite shocking revelation into the beginings of the Eturnal Security doctrine. Chapter 13, 18 Biblical Examples leaves no doubt about the God's true prespective on this issue. This is a big book that is hard to put down, in more than one way.

■ This book is one that should be a must for every new (and old) Christian to read. The Scriptural support shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Eternal Security myth is just that, a fictional, feel-good lie that is sending so many unknowing "Christians" to hell. If you ever have believed this deception you need to read this book in a hurry. We never know when it will be too late and we will be called to give an account before God.

■ Dan Corner's book very convincingly refutes the heretical doctrine of unconditional security that is so prevalent in our churches today. I believe scripture points out that "once saved always saved" or unconditional security is the doctrine of demons alluded to in 1 Timothy 4:1. Corner doesn't get tangled in fancy theological arguments to cloud the truth, but he lets scripture interpret scripture. The book gives overwhelming scriptural evidence to support the doctrine of "conditional" security.

Those in opposition always resort to their false argument of "works salvation" which they cry everytime someone mentions holiness, righteousness or perseverence, which we as believers are exhorted to walk in over and over in scripture. I would encourage everyone to read this book with an open mind and Bible to discover the liberating true gospel of the cross. ... God Bless You

■ As I read Dan Corner's book, all I could think of, is the glorious truth that he presents in such an easy reading format that any normal reader can comprehend. His use of Scripture, logic, and historical facts, makes for an excellent tool in the use of combating the false doctrine of Eternal Security. I thoroughly examined the references and began on my own to study the History of Christianity, the early church, the dark ages, and the Reformation.

I believe that Dan is very honest in his research, to the point, and holds to the clear truth represented in the Bible. I personally believe that anyone interested in the teachings of John Calvin, or the ‘myth' of Eternal Security, should read this book.

■ I highly recommend this book if you are dealing with wanting to know if eternal security is what the bible taught or not. Dan Corner does the best job in refuting Eternal Security that I have ever seen! If you have any doubts or questions this book answers them all. Very well done and a very indepth and thorough job.

■ Next to the Bible I have found Dan Corner's book, "The Believer's Conditional Security", to be the most important book for the true Chistian to devour. I have been reading and studying God's Holy Word for well over 25 years and Dan's book has been what I believe to be the most accurate and well put togehter study book of God's Word.

I certainly recommend it most highly for all who call themselves Christians as it is my belief that MOST Christians are being deceived by many professing Christian leaders who are either deceived themselves or purposely defending the FALSE belief that once a person is truely born again it is impossible to fall away from God and lose their salvation.

I believe that Satan is using the lie of "eternal security" or "once saved always saved" as his main tool to fool true believer's and to lure them into his fold and ultimately into eternal hell. God's Word, The Holy Bible, leaves no doubt that it is a MUST for the true believer, the true child of God, the born again saved person, the person who has truely and sincerely accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior to continue to persevere in thier faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

■ This book is the FINAL Word against the heresy of eternal security. God has selected Dan Corner to ‘Cast Down' this vain imaginations which have ruined the modern church. He refutes EVERY argument that exalts itself against God's Word and brings every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ! (2Cor10:4-5)

Those of you who are riding the fence between ‘tolerating' this awful doctrine of demons and becoming nauseous when you hear some preacher spewing it forth, will be challenged to make a stand! When the scales are finally removed from your eyes you will be compelled to obey Jude 3-4 and Contend Earnestly for the Truth!

It's one thing to know these prominent religious teachers ‘hold' to the doctrine of OSAS. (once saved always saved) But it's quit another to actually hear them in their own words tell people that NOTHING can effect the outcome of their go ahead and Deny Christ, commit adultery, get drunk, kill yourself!

If you find it difficult to believe these men are teaching in such manner I encourage you to contact Dan Corner's ministry, and get his tape, "What's Wrong with Today's Gospel". You will hear the exact quotes of Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindoll, Donald Cole, and others turning the Grace of God into License. Counseling distraught women that the sexually immoral behavior of their husbands WILL NOT in anyway whatsoever effect the final outcome of their salvation.

While the Words of the great Apostle Peter cry out the Truth: "With great swelling words of emptiness, they promise them liberty while they themselves are slaves to corruption!" (2Pet2:18-19)

Nothing in the Holy Scriptures is more important than maintaining Sound Doctrine. (1Tim4:15-16, 2Tim4:1-5, Titus1:9) The Apostles fought endlessly against the false teachers throughout their earthy ministry. (Acts20:26-32) Paul warned us, Peter warned us and John declared that if "Anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, DO NOT receive him into your house, for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds!" (2John7-10)

The ‘Doctrine' which is According to godliness...Paul called it, (Tim6:3) "By this Gospel you are saved, IF you hold the beginning of your confidence steadfast to the end!" (1Cor15:2) For the Grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men teaching us to deny ungodliness, and worldly lust and live soberly, righteously and godly in this present age! (Titus2:11-14) IF ANYONE teaches otherwise....he is destitute of the truth! (Paul's words, not mine, 1Tim6:5)

This book shatters the myth of ‘Carnal' Christianity. It decimates the vain babbling of eternal security. You want biblical examples, how's eighteen of them sound? Dan examines the scriptures and reveals numerous individuals who ‘shipwrecked' their faith and ended up in hell. From Judas to Demas to Alexander & Hymenaeus, (1Tim1:18-19, 2Tim4:9) he drives home the truth that ‘Sowing' to please the desires of the flesh will destroy your soul! (Rom8:13, Gal5:16-21, 6:7-10) The importance of a Pure Conscience & Sincere faith cannot be overstressed. For it is by faith working through love that the heart is made PURE and has VICTORY over the World! (Gal5:6, 1Pet1:22, 1John5:4)

"For this reason the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil!" (1John3:8)

■ Want to provoke a controversy? Just mention that you disagree with the doctrine of Unconditional Eternal Security or "Once Saved Always Saved" (OSAS). Dan Corner not only shows why he disagrees with this doctrine, but goes the next step and uses Scripture to completely refute any basis for one's belief in this potentially soul-damning heresy of the modern-day Church. Who are the church "leaders" proclaiming the false message of OSAS today?

Dan Corner not only names them, but includes direct quotations from their sermons and publications and then shows how their false message is in stark contrast to the Word of God. Going head-to-head with OSAS advocates, Dan Corner lists over 100 of the actual arguments used in an attempt to support the flawed doctrine of OSAS and systematically REFUTES EACH ONE using the truth found in God's Word. In response to a challenge by an OSAS proponent to "Show me one man in the Scriptures who was saved and then lost," Dan Corner examines 18 Scriptural examples of such, 16 of them from the New Testament.

The doctrine of OSAS has become a license for immorality in the Church today and must be directly confronted and refuted. Such is the nature of Dan Corner's book. Its contents are shocking and unsettling, especially to the individual who has been taught and has accepted the false doctrine of OSAS.

The book challenges the reader to re-examine one's own beliefs and see if they align with the true message of the Word of God as found in the Scriptures. The Believer's Conditional Security is a powerful teaching tool and resource for today's Christian and a must-read for all who are serious about their relationship with God.

■ As a person who was once caught in the snare of OSAS doctrine I can really appreciate the truth put forward in this book. I can understand anyone wanting to believe that one can sin like the devil and still call oneself a Christian but that is not what the bible teaches. Unfortunately many preachers that hold to that lie of UNconditional security claim verses in The Bible that are taken out of context to support their view.

The doctrine of OSAS is simply man's opinion whereas CONditional security is Biblical truth. Accepting this truth for some is like kicking against the goads as Jesus said to Saul and the truth sometimes hurts. Rev. Dan Corner does a great job in showing where this pernicious lie came from and in the process allows the reader to have at his fingertips an abundance of scriptural truth that is given IN context to easily allow understanding.

Thanks so much for this wealth of information you have worked so hard at to provide for Christians who want the truth. God Bless You and your ministry.

■ Jesus said that there would be many false prophets and false teachers in this world. Never has that been more true than today. Many "Christian" teachers on TV, radio and on the bookshelves are misleading multitudes of people to Hell through their false teachings. The most heinous of these is the heretical - yet highly palatable - teaching of Eternal Security, or "Once Saved, Always Saved."

Case in point: Charles Stanley. Here's what he believes: "No matter what you do as a child of God, you are forgiven. You say, 'Murder?' Forgiven. 'Adultery?' Forgiven. 'Stealing?' Forgiven. 'Worshipping idols?' Forgiven." According to Charles Stanley's "gospel", you can become even more vile and wicked after salvation than before because all your sins (past, present AND future) have already been forgiven, and really you have no need of confession or repentance, other than to preserve your heavenly rewards and fellowship with God.

This philosophy is in direct conflict with at least TWO scriptures -- 1 John 1:9 (written to Christians) - "IF we CONFESS our sins, He is faithful and just and WILL FORGIVE us our sins AND CLEANSE us from all unrighteousness", and 2 Peter 1:9 (also written to Christians) - "For whoever lacks these things [the virtues listed in verses 5-8] is nearsighted and blind, and has forgotten that he was cleansed from his PAST sins." PAST sins -- NOT past, present, and future sins! In fact, Jesus even taught that one's ENTIRE SIN DEBT could be RE-IMPUTED for failing to forgive others (Matthew 18:32-35)!!!

Another case in point: Chuck Swindoll. Here's what he believes regarding Christians defecting from the faith: "If you have trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, you are still a child of God. YOU MAY DENY HIM, BUT HE WILL NEVER DENY YOU. Though you are faithless, He will remain faithful." The verse that he misuses here is 2 Timothy 2:12-13, which reads: "If we endure, we will also reign with Him. IF WE DENY HIM, HE ALSO WILL DENY US.

If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself." Notice that Swindoll's teaching is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what scripture teaches! Swindoll, instead of teaching the pure and holy Word of God, teaches the exact opposite in order to protect and promote the false teaching of Eternal Security, even going so far as to say that you can RENOUNCE CHRIST and still go to Heaven! Heresy!!!

Daniel Corner does a thorough job in this book not only of documenting the false teachings [heresies] of the so-called "Christian" teachers of our day, but clearly and concisely documents what the Bible teaches - which is a CONDITIONAL security for the believer. In a dark day of rampant heresy, this book is truly is a ray of light. Read the Bible for yourself to see what it teaches. You will see that Dan's book aligns with it perfectly.

■ I have been interested in the topic of the believers security since I believed in the Lord back in the early 70s. At one time I embraced this view! The problem I had was what to do with all the warning passages. If I integrate all the warnings with all the promises and apply the same plain method of interpretation, I arrive at a conditional security position.

Dan's book is great for presenting the entire topic, warnings and promises. He also deals with the history of this doctrine thoroughly and discusses what the early church believed prior to its inception with Augustin. Many WEB sites that hold to OSAS only present a laundry list of the promise passages but they are unbalanced because they do not deal with the warning passages.

Or they will apply an exegetical approach to the promises and eisegetical approach to the warnings in order to rescue their beliefs from what the Bible actually teaches. The differences in Dan's approach and the OSAS crowd is that Dan builds a Biblical theology while the OSAS adherents use select portions of the Bible to support their preconceived dogma. All interested in this topic should take advantage of the thorough, balanced approach presented in Dan's book.

■ ... a vital book with a Scripturally-based, plainly written message solidly refuting and exposing the evil deceptions of falsehoods that are currently invading evangelicalism -- a must read for those who would earnestly contend for the true faith of salvation from sin with conditional security.

■ Your book is THE BEST book I've ever read apart from the Bible. I wish every Christian on the planet could get a copy of your book. It is an absolute must. You book is soooo helpful. No one can still believe in OSAS [once saved always saved or eternal security] after reading that book. The person who still believes in OSAS after reading your book does not believe the Word of God.

It is as simple as that. I've studied your book thoroughly and I'm definitely going to talk to as many pastors as possible. I'm spreading this truth of the believer's conditional security where I go. I feel very strongly about this and I want to contend for the faith and fight against OSAS till the day I die.

■ You are a Godsend and a blessing to the kingdom of God. I am just full of joy and a new desire to study God's word after finding your site and purchasing your Believer's Conditional Security book. We have started sharing this teaching in our church more profoundly.

We knew that our salvation was conditional but could not prove it until now, thanks to you and your studies. We knew we were saved by grace, but also knew we couldn't live any kind of a way and enter the kingdom. There had to be a difference between the Christian and the unsaved. We also knew that 1 John 1:9 played a great part in the Christian life. Yet, some in our congregation believe in OSAS and this is where our battle is presently, trying to get all of our leaders on one accord.

■ I recently received and began reading your book ... I have been learning a great deal from it. I rejected OSAS several years ago but your book has opened my eyes to the tremendous danger of this teaching ...

■ I love your book! I believe every believer should read it. Especially those who teach (of course if we are following His Word, we should all be teaching).

■ I am an evangelist and I recently received your book from a fellow evangelist you know ... I was thrilled to see such a thorough book on this diabolical doctrine! I read a small portion and I am anxious to read more. As an evangelist, I hear the arguments every day about osas! It is sickening!

■ I am reading your book slowly and carefully. There is a great deal to think about as I read. Before reading your book I thought there was nothing more for me to learn on the subject of OSAS. I used to belong to an Independent Baptist Church that preached ... OSAS. I once accepted this false teaching as truth. It was not until I heard a traveling evangelist teach that OSAS is a false doctrine that I even began to think about the subject. After hearing this man's message I felt an intense urgency to know the truth about OSAS.

I had such a strong desire to know the truth that I became almost obsessed with my need to know with certainty whether or not OSAS was true. I wouldn't be satisfied with anything less than 100% confidence that this doctrine was either true or false. I decided to begin my study by reading every word of the Bible from beginning to end and taking notes on any verse that seemed to be even remotely related to the subject.

After doing this I decided I should read some of the OSAS books to see if they had any insights that would be helpful. My study lasted for about 3 years. My study lasted this long because I could not be satisfied until I was absolutely certain about the truth of this doctrine. I have to admit that I desperately wanted OSAS to be true. My mind was totally biased in favor of OSAS. However, I never allowed my biases to stop me from honestly evaluating what the Bible taught on this subject.

What I found was astounding. The Bible constantly used words like "IF." I was unable to find even one shred of evidence that OSAS was true. Almost as amazing was the way the OSAS teachers distorted Bible passages to fit into the OSAS teaching. I found their distortions so unfounded and false that I could not even begin to comprehend how they could interpret passages the way they did.

The answers to my prayers and the end of my mental torment came in a single day. I don't know if it was God opening my eyes or a result of my study but after 3 years of study and agonizing uncertainty on this subject all of my false ideas about OSAS were swept away. I became absolutely certain that according to the teachings of Jesus and all of the apostles, OSAS was absolutely and totally false. I no longer had even the slightest doubt that it was completely false.

■ I am learning a great deal from your book. I did not think there was anyone who understood this subject better than I do. But I am glad that God led me to you. You have taken my understanding of OSAS to a new level. I am gaining so many new insights about OSAS from your book. I also feel like I am not alone. It is a blessing to know there are others who understand this vital truth.

■ I have been reading and re-reading your book and have found it very, very insightful and thorough. Thank you again for your work.

■ I am halfway through with The Believer's Conditional Security and I believe it to be one of the most anointed books I have ever read. God has spoken so clearly to me using this book, that I have come to see the light about how we must endure to the end and fight the good fight of faith. I have spent the past few nights and days studying and praying, [in] one hand my Bible, the other hand, The Believer's Conditional Security. Whoever wrote about this book, "It won't be refuted," was certainly correct, because the Word of God cannot be refuted, and that is what this book teaches: The true Gospel according to Scriptures. I have come to the conclusion that my theology has been errant in regard to salvation. I have, therefore, renounced the theology I have held for some time now (TULIP-Calvinism) and come to the conclusion that the theology better known as Arminianism is what the Bible teaches and is the true Gospel.

■ I wish you could advertise your book on national TV! Sincere best wishes and may God bless you.

■ I just finished reading your book ... I LOVED it! Finally, the truth is told! I am tired of hearing the OSAS preaching. My church does not believe in OSAS, but my pastor never preaches on the subject because many in the congregation have come to believe this "false doctrine" through radio and TV. My pastor makes statements like "sin will get you in a LOT of trouble." But he never goes to the next level and tells us what that "trouble" is ... Anybody that holds to the eternal security position should read your fine work. It is one of the best that I have ever seen in a long time.

WARNING! Do NOT allow Charles Stanley radio teachings come into your car. To hear a Scripture-distorting, wolf in sheep's clothing mutilate grace as he does can be DANGEROUS to baby Christians, and others, who have not learned the basic truths of Scripture!


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