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What Is Calvinism (or The So-called Doctrines of Grace)
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Calvinism or Reformed theology is a popular present day counterfeit belief system which began with John Calvin (1509-1564). John Calvin got his doctrines from Augustine of Hippo (354-430), the same man Roman Catholicism exalts and claims as one of their own. (See Augustine's Prayer To Mary For Salvation.)

The main 5 points of Calvinism, which sets Calvinism apart, are: Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and Perseverance of the Saints. Those points are also referred to as TULIP - Calvinism's definition. If one point of Calvinism is wrong, all five points are wrong, according to one of Calvinism's own theologians! That is how closely the five points of Reformed Theology are all interlinked.

Furthermore, just as much a John Calvin doctrine as the well-known TULIP are: infant baptism and infant damnation, which John Calvin also shamefully taught and argued for.

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Reformed theology (Calvinism) is based on man having NO free will and choice in his salvation. Salvation, according to a Calvinist, is given only to the ones God sovereignly elects to salvation. Such people (the elect) can NOT refuse that salvation. They alone are the only ones Jesus died for. (Jesus did not die for all people, according to them.) The elect can NOT lose their salvation, regardless how vile they afterwards act. NO sin of omission or commission can possibly imperil that salvation.

The examples they cite for such are King David, Solomon and Peter, which means (according to Calvinism) a person with salvation (a Christian) can commit adultery and murder like David, turn his heart to idolatry like Solomon, and disown Jesus three times like Peter yet remain saved. We can also add to that list with John Calvin himself, who burned Michael Servetus at the stake with green wood and never repented of his murderous, cruel and non-Christian behavior! Calvinists think John Calvin is in heaven now.

READ: Augustine's Prayer To Mary For His Salvation

Calvinism denies a righteous person will die spiritually (lose salvation) by turning to evil. The last point of Calvinism commonly called eternal security or once saved always saved by many (or the Perseverance of the Saints by strict Calvinists) is the most DEADLY and the most tightly embraced point of Calvinism. Some who embrace eternal security deny being even a one point Calvinist, like Dave Hunt, thereby causing unneeded confusion.

The teaching of once saved always saved (or Eternal Security) has people thinking they are irrevocably bound for heaven because of a past point of regeneration in spite of the present sins they are currently committing, even if those sins are adultery, drunkenness, theft, lying, murder, slander, idolatry, etc. Their Reformed Tradition has sadly nullified the word of God (1 Cor. 6:9,10; Eph. 5:5-7; Gal. 5:19-21; Rev. 21:8; etc.)!

Doctrines Of Grace

The doctrines of Calvinism are sometimes referred to as the doctrines of grace and have made powerful inroads into the apostate church. Though popular, all points of Calvinism are unscriptural, even if the popular cigar smoking Charles Spurgeon was a Calvinist, who is called the Prince of Preachers by the uninformed and because of publisher's propaganda.

Various other exalted Calvinists, past and present (like Theodore Beza, George Whitefield, John Knox, John Bunyan, William Carey, John Piper and John MacArthur) are also responsible for the spread of Calvinism, which has smeared the holy image of a Christian -- but camouflaged under their never really saved argument, but lucidly revealed under their version of the sin unto death.

Testimony Of A Former 5 Point Calvinist

READ: Election and Eternal Security - False Reformed Theology

The truth is: man has free will both before and after initial Salvation. A saved person can be deceived, turn to evil and die spiritually. Hence, it is man's responsibility (NOT God's) under grace to hold on (Rev. 3:11; 2:25; Heb. 3:6; etc.), keep our lamps burning (Lk. 12:35), continue in the faith (Col. 1:23) and endure hatred to the end to be saved (Mt. 10:22; Heb. 3:14; Rev. 2:10,11).

Jesus' sheep follow him (John 10:27). Many have failed in that regard over the centuries (besides King Solomon and the Apostle Judas Iscariot) and consequently got back on the road to hell again. Since a major advantage for a backslider getting off the road to hell is knowing he is on the road to hell again, and this is flatly denied by Calvinists, then multitudes continue to perish because of that teaching!

Valuable Resources That Help The Christian
Refute Calvinism (Reformed Theology) for the Sake of SOULS

Driscoll vs Corner Eternal Security Debate

Click here to order The Believer's Conditional Security book, the most exhaustive refutation to the teaching of eternal security (the fifth point of Calvinism) ever written!

The Almost Debate With James White on Eternal Security (mp3)

Almost Debate With James White Actual Debate Rules Signed By The Radio Hosts

Learn the truth about who is backing out of a debate on eternal security. Was it Dan Corner as James White has been saying or was it James White? Who is lying?
James White of AOMin.Org is Awarded the Skull and Crossbones Award for changing grace into a license to sin.

John MacArthur Gets the Skull and Crossbones Award
John MacArthur, who teaches Calvinism, teaches EXACTLY the same way Charles Stanley church, a Southern Baptist congregation, pumps that out! In fact, John MacArthur teaches WORSE by also saying believers often fall into sin.
Eternal Security Debate
Transcript, observations and comments for the Mark Driscoll vs. Dan Corner Eternal Security Debate.
Mark Driscoll Skull and Crossbones Award
Calvinist Mark Driscoll gets the Skull and Crossbones Award for various reasons. He is deserving of it!
Mark Driscoll Eternal Security Debate Observations Video
Watch video of observation regarding the Driscoll vs. Corner eternal security debate.
Dave Hunt Vs Dan Corner Eternal Security Debate
Hear the audio radio debate between Dave Hunt and Dan Corner on eternal security.Hunt believes EXACTLY like the Calvinists, that is, once a person is saved he will always remain saved.
Calvinism Refuted On Radio (mp3)

This was one of Dan's radio interviews on Calvinism. This one was out of California. Informative!
The All Important Fight To The Death!

Though it is basic and fundamental to the Scriptures regarding the Christian life, very few in our day seem to be aware of the fight-to-death conflict Christians are in with the sinful nature.
Calvinism's Clashing Messages

One of the most disheartening aspects about Calvinism is how the proponents sometimes try to conceal what they actually believe, but readily teach the same at other times, under different circumstances. I have seen this over and over throughout the years regarding their fifth point: the perseverance of the saints.
Skull and Crossbones Awards
Dozens of DANGEROUS false teachers are listed here. Some are Reformed, others are not.
Election and Eternal Security
What does it take to disprove eternal security? Is it hard or impossible to disprove this teaching? Is one forced to logically consider the Calvinistic understanding of election to properly know about eternal security or not?
Exposing and Refuting John Calvin's Election
A great cartoon refuting Calvinism (pdf).
Original Sin and Total Depravity Are False
The Calvinistic concepts of Total Depravity (and original sin) are not Scriptural. Babies and little children are alive spiritually. All babies who die, go into the presence of God and not hell, unlike what Calvinism teaches. There is an age of accountability, which is implied in Scripture.
Romans 6:1-23, Freed From Sin Addictions
If there has ever been a chapter describing the Christian that has been hated and avoided by the popular religious leaders of our day it has to be Romans 6. This is especially true among the eternal security proponents who: (1) want us to think we must sin all the time and (2) distort grace into something it isn't.
The Never Saved Argument Scrutinized

John Calvin's Election
For a person to say that a professing Christian was never saved, if he turns away from God to sin, is fallacious in at least 7 different areas. If you are a Christian, carefully ponder the following so you can help others see the dangerous folly of such a declaration.
Do All Five Points of Calvinism Hang or Fall Together?
It is very common to run into religious people who would identify themselves as four point Calvinists, three point Calvinists on down to one point Calvinists. Such people reject one or more of the five points of Calvinism's TULIP, but always seem to embrace the most deadly of the five - the perseverance of the saints (or eternal security). How logical is it for such a person who calls himself a Calvinist to be less than a five point Calvinist in light of the theology of Calvinism?
Augustine's Prayer To Mary For Salvation
The Calvinists exalt Augustine of Hippo as a great theologian. In fact, John Calvin systemized Augustine's doctrines and this is, to a large degree, the Calvinism presented today. What a surprise it will be for many to read the following prayer from him, their real founder, to Mary for salvation.
Charles Spurgeon's Defense Of Calvinism: Examined With Holy Scripture
Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892) was a famous Baptist minister who, among other things, pastored the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, smoked cigars and wrote a Defense Of Calvinism. That so-called "defense" has been examined and refuted!

Spurgeon's Defense of Calvinism Refuted mp3
(From the audio book of The Believer's Conditional Security)
His Ashes Cry Out Against John Calvin
You are about to read an important part of church history from the Reformation period that has been so concealed in our day that very few people know the facts. Brace yourself for a shock. On October 27, 1553 John Calvin, the founder of Calvinism, had Michael Servetus, the Spanish physician, burned at the stake just outside of Geneva for his doctrinal heresies! What Calvin did to Servetus was shocking!
John Calvin - Heretic or Great Theologian?
We live in such a dark spiritual hour that people who have behaved in a most reprehensible way and taught in clear bold contradistinction to the Scriptures are held up as great spiritual lights and theologians. John Calvin is such a man!
Murderous John Calvin Sanitized!
Since our book, "The Believer's Conditional Security" has exposed the John Calvin - Michael Servetus scandal, some dye-in-the-wool Calvinists have futilely tried to protect their leader from the obvious by endeavoring to shift the blame away from Calvin and confusing the issue. They continue to maintain it was not John Calvin who was responsible for his inhumane unscriptural death!
The Perseverance of The Saints Version of Eternal Security
If one is acquainted with the various ways eternal security is presented, he will notice there are two versions of this false doctrine. The Reformed version that the Calvinists embrace is called the Perseverance of the Saints.
Is The Calvinism of Our Day Different Than It Originally Was?
What is Calvinism? Is It different today than it was? No. Calvinism has always allowed for a Christian to be immoral under their warped concepts of grace and salvation.
True or False Conversion is Not The Big Issue!
The real issue isn't if one was truly saved or not (even though that is important), but instead is he saved now. There are over a dozen examples of people in the Bible who once had salvation and afterwards died spiritually and became lost again.
Misconceptions About A Conditional Security
The following are misconceptions and strawman arguments that eternal security people use to falsely accuse and discredit Christians like us who teach a conditional security for the believer.
How Should We Understand John 10:28?
Short audio message on how one should understand John 10:28.
Is Your Salvation So Secure That You Can Sit Back And Relax?
Can the Christian now relax and do nothing as far as his salvation is concerned? Does salvation security exist to that degree? If not, then what should he do? Is there salvation maintenance under grace? Is doing anything a violation of Biblical grace?
Eternal Security's Imputed Righteousness
In a nutshell, the teaching of imputed righteousness from the Reformed view point is: a person once saved is holy and righteous without living holy and righteously (eternal security). In other words, a Christian takes on Jesus' righteousness at the point of salvation and this righteous and holy standing before God can never be changed even by the most vile and heinous evils that could afterwards be committed.
Salvation Observations From James 5:19,20
Certainly one of the powerfully devastating passages to eternal security is the last two verses in the book of James. Sadly, too few people are aware of these verses and those who are probably first noticed them in their own personal Bible reading time and never heard them taught.

Saving Faith and The John MacArthur Smokescreen

Read this and be shocked by John MacArthur's teaching about saving faith!
Ray Comfort's Evangelistic Approach is Flawed
Eternal security teacher, Ray Comfort, is often held up as the standard on how to evangelize the unsaved. He has untold numbers using his unsound approach, but seemingly they are not aware of it. His primary approach is...

Ray Comfort of Living Waters Evangelism is SEVERELY Flawed (Transcript)

Ray Comfort is a good speaker and a New Zealander with a distinctive and pleasant accent, but he contradicts himself and God's word as he teaches to the HARM of others.
Examining Ray Comfort's True/False Conversion and Law-Preaching Evangelism (Audio)

God's Sovereignty And Man's Free Will In Salvation

The Calvinists and the Universalists both misinterpret God's sovereignty and will. The Calvinists think it is God's will for only some (the elect) to be regenerated and afterwards always retain that salvation. Dan Corner refutes Calvinism.
Dan Corner Vs Jeff Oliver Of Truth Talk Live: Eternal Security Debate (mp3)
Radio debate with Jeff Oliver on eternal security.
Four Final Comments
Comments about the Oliver-Corner debate.
Rob Zins Vs Dan Corner Eternal Security Debate MP3

Gene Cook

Two part debate on eternal security where Gene gets cooked.
Refuting Calvinism (mp3)

Critiquing CARMs (Matt Slick) False Gospel
On video we refute the Calvinism of Matt Slick CARM for teaching falsehood. For your own good, please know, CARM of carm.org is not sound.
A License for Immorality Teacher with A New Convert
Graphic showing how dangerous an eternal security teacher is, especially with a new Christian.
Calvinist, Kent Hekel gets the Skull and Crossbones Award. Calvinist Kent Hekel is extremely heretical, but declares Calvinism! He is refuted with Scripture.
Click here to order The Believer's Conditional Security book, the most exhaustive refutation to the teaching of once saved always saved ever written!
Click here to order our 230 page book, The Myth of Eternal Security supplementing The Believer's Conditional Security

Emails Regarding Calvinism

(EMAIL #1) As a family, we have been attending a '_____Baptist' church in _________, Germany for the past 2+ years. My husband's parents are non-believers, but I grew up in a Penticostal church and my husband started attending church with me and gave his heart to the Lord in 2007. Then we moved to Germany in 2008 and started looking for a suitable church. We came upon this Baptist church with an Afrikaans pastor (I am also Afrikaans, from South Africa. My husband is German) and loved them straight away.

How To Smoke a Calvinist

We had no idea what doctorine they followed as I had no idea such doctorines existed and was furthest from my mind - I was a little naive. They believed in baptising grown-ups and therefore I assumed that we believed the same thing (gospel). I had several questions and got answers regarding salvation etc., but always told my husband that the Holy Spirit warns me and that I somehow cannot fully except this teaching. I didn't really want to attend at this church, but for my husbands (penticost praise and worship and sermons were too loud in his opinion) sake went there, but never felt 'at home'.

I always maintained that i will never be a Baptist and that it was too dead as they did not practice the spiritual gifts, etc. Later on it came to light that they are Calvinists. Then it started getting serious. The situation escalated to such a degree that I refused to attend church anymore (about 4 weeks now) as it feels to me like I am getting forced to decide what doctorine I will accept and that I am caught up in something I don't want to be in.

I am now in such a debate that I don't know how to get out of it. I get accused of not wanting to know the truth, not knowing scripture, that my family (mom) doesn't know scripture well enough to help me (my mom is 71 and grew up in a God-fearing home where both parents evangelised among people of colour in SA for many years and mom worked for the Lord until this very day, playing the Organ in church, etc.), that I must make very sure that I follow the right doctorine and be careful in deciding for the Armenian doctorin and not lending my ears out to the enemy proclaiming this doctorin, that i blaspheme against Godly men like John Calvyn by saying that he was a murderer (as history states - having had people killed if they didn't accept his teaching), etc.

It is like psychology being excersized on me and it makes me more and more uncomfortable. I have now written a letter to our pastor stating that I withdraw from church on severel grounds stated and that I want nothing to do with any doctorine, regardless Armenian or Calvanist, but only the Gospel. I am so afraid and don't know where to go and what church to attend anymore. I feel alone and utterly hurt and disappointed. It is terrible and now I understand why so many people do not want to attend a church anymore.

Please help me in my decision. What is right and what is wrong? Are all believes based on either Armeniasm or Calvinism as they claim and if so, which one is right? Aren't these philosophies exactly what the bible warns us about?

I hope you can help me and look forward to a positive answer in Christ Jesus. Kind regards

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. Sorry for the distress and problems, but you are not alone! Many Christians get attacked by various dangerous false doctrines. Calvinism is only one, but it is certainly a raging issue, with the last point once saved always saved being the biggest issue.

Everything I have observed, even in the secular world, has opposite views on almost each issue (or doctrine). Hence, until you go to the Bible directly and let that message control your life and doctrinal beliefs you will be tossed back and forth. To get established you must learn the Biblical message by quality time directly in the Scriptures.

If One Is a Five Point Calvinist

If one is a 5 point Calvinist, his false god has predestined some to heaven and most to hell with NO CHOICE on man's part! The savior in Calvinism did NOT die for all people, but only for those who will go to heaven. The Christian in Refored Theology [or Calvinism] can commit adultery and murder (like David), idolatry (like Solomon) and disown Jesus (like Peter) and not die spiritually! Hence, since these are all major serious errors, NO PERSON SHOULD BE A CALVINIST! ALL 5 points are demonic with the fifth point being the most deadly.

John Calvin got his teachings from the Catholic theologian Augustine of Hippo, who wanted salvation but not without Mary. Calvin mercilessly burned Michael Servetus at the stake with green wood because of doctrinal differences (much like the Catholic church murdered non Catholics)! Calvin was a heretic, but because we are suffering under the influence of Calvinism he is exalted and described as a brilliant theologian and link from the apostle Paul to the present! Few seem to be aware of the damage he has done to multitudes and the theology he has left behind.

We believe that we are saved by grace (Eph. 2:8,9) but we can fall from grace (Gal. 5:2-4). We are justified by faith (Rom. 5:1) but our faith can become shipwrecked (1 Tim. 1:19,20) and cease to exist (Lk. 8:13; Rom. 11:19-23). We are not under the law (Rom. 6:14,15) but if you live according to the sinful nature you will die (Rom. 8:13). Paul taught against legalism (Gal. 5:3,4) but he also taught that no immoral, impure or greedy person has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God (Eph. 5:5-7). We are not saved by works (Eph. 2:8,9) but to reap eternal life and not destruction you must sow to please the Spirit and not the sinful nature (Gal. 6:8,9). God is faithful to us (1 Jn. 1:9; 1 Cor. 10:13) but we must be faithful to him to the very end of our lives to escape the lake of fire or second death (Rev. 2:10,11). God surely loves us (Jn. 3:16; Mk. 10:21; Rom. 8:35-39) but those who inherit the kingdom of God love God (Jam 2:5; 1 Cor. 2:9) and to love God means to obey his commands (Jn. 14:15; 1 Jn. 5:3). We have freedom in Christ (Gal. 5:1) but this freedom is not to indulge the sinful nature (Gal. 5:13; 1 Pet 2:16).

Regarding the fifth point of Calvinism, please consider getting our 801 page book refuting eternal security entitled, "The Believer's Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted." There is MUCH in it that can help you better understand this salvation related subject. This book is the greatest work ever written refuting eternal security. Your money will be fully refunded if not satisfied upon the return of the book in a re-sellable condition. It is available in hardback, softback and voicebook. Prompt shipment plus free materials with your book order. Order with credit card at 724-632-3210 or online at The Believers Conditional Security

...God bless you.


(EMAIL #2) How I love your subject! Thank you very much for this insight. It just confirmed what I already believe. I have hope now and thank the Lord for people standing up for the truth like yourselves. Continue this good work in the Lord as there are many people like myself being under the attack. I believe that the message of the gospel has been made simple for all (even little children like Jesus said) to understand. God is holy and therefore we have to live holy lives and do His will. I am not a major intellectual and certainly do not want to study any man-made doctorine. I just want to read the Word and let Jesus be in control of my life and no man. Thank your for your invitation. We will certainly visit your on-line church. God bless,
(Bible Answer) Thanks for the encouraging words and may God help you help people in your part of the world. SOULS continue to perish. There are many enemies of grace, even some who reject once saved always saved. Hence, even though one may claim to teach holiness and flatly reject once saved always saved, he still may be teaching a license for immorality! Ask about David when in adultery and murder. If ANY person says he was still saved after his adultery and murder, that person is spreading the DEVIL'S POISON and will hurt SOULS, and maybe even in a greater way than if he taught David remained saved and also openly embraced once saved always saved. Check this out Acid Test to spot a license for immorality. God bless you. Heb. 3:14.

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