Mark Driscoll Gets The
Skull And Crossbones Award

Dan Corner

This Is The Real Mark Driscoll, The Calvinist

Mark Driscoll is most deserving of this Skull and Crossbones Award for various reasons:

Who Else Wants Mark Driscoll Fired

Mark Driscoll Teaches a License To Sin

■ (1) Mark Driscoll is a Calvinist and therefore MUST teach a license for immorality, though sometimes he certainly will try to conceal (or deny) it. He perverts grace into a man-made theology which began with the murderous heretic John Calvin and makes the typical allowances for sin—David didn’t lose his salvation when in adultery and murder; the prodigal didn’t lose his salvation when with the prostitutes; etc. Specifically, regarding the prodigal, Mark Driscoll taught:

The issue of the prodigal is: whether or not

that boy left home and sinned; he was still a member of the same family and he still had the same father and that’s what I’m arguing for. (Mark Driscoll vs Dan Corner Eternal Security Radio Debate)

NOTE: Mark Driscoll said in so many words that the prodigal remained saved in his wild lifestyle sinning, including being with prostitutes! He, therefore, thinks there are Christian fornicators, as do all once saved always saved teachers!

Mark Driscoll Is A Bold Open Blasphemer

■ (2) Mark Driscoll, besides teaching a license for immorality, is also an open blasphemer! He stated the following:

Anyway, Jesus shows up at the wedding and begins his public ministry. God has come to earth, and he kicks things off as a bartender. (Radical Reformission, p.30, emphasis mine)

In the third chapter, Jesus gets angry and also grieves and apparently needs Paxil. (Vintage Jesus, first printed 2008, page 43, emphasis mine).

In chapter fourteen, Jesus actually yells at his friends for taking a nap late at night after running them all over the place for about three years as an obvious workaholic who needed to start drinking decaf and listening to taped sounds of running water while doing aromatherapy so he could learn to relax. (ibid., p.44, emphasis mine).

The Secret Of Debating Eternal Security (Mark Driscoll Vs Dan Corner)

With no fear of God, this heretical grace changer, Mark Driscoll, has the audacity to describe the Lord Jesus as a bartender, who needed medication, etc! His Calvinistic doctrine allows him to blaspheme the Lord Jesus that way and still profess to be a Christian at the same time!

When Dan Corner radio debated Mark Driscoll on eternal security, Mark stated that Dan needed paxil, as Calvinism was being refuted. To listen to that debate and/or the analysis click here Mark Driscoll Debate. NOTE: During that debate Mark Driscoll, referring to himself, also said:

      I [Mark Driscoll] have all kinds of sins.

COMMENT: We won't argue with him on that point!

Mark Driscoll Openly Cusses

■ (3) Mark Driscoll is also known as the “cussing pastor” by some! Mark Driscoll's mouth has gotten him in trouble, even from other once saved always saved teachers! Imagine that! (A similar thing can be said about other Calvinists, then there is Charles Spurgeon, who openly smoked cigars and taught Calvinism is the gospel!)

Mark Driscoll Finally Gets Fired

■ (4) In August 2014, Mark Driscoll was finally fired from Acts 29. Here is an excerpt of the letter sent to him:
Over the past three years, our board and network have been the recipients of countless shots and dozens of fires directly linked to you and what we consider ungodly and disqualifying behavior. We have both publicly and internally tried to support and give you the benefit of the doubt, even when multiple pastors in our network confirmed this behavior. In response, we leaned on the Mars Hill Board of Advisors & Accountability to take the lead in dealing with this matter. But we no longer believe the BoAA is able to execute the plan of reconciliation originally laid out. Ample time has been given for repentance, change, and restitution, with none forthcoming. We now have to take another course of action. [Excerpt of letter sent to Mark Driscoll.]

***How anyone could seek out a heretical blasphemer as someone to teach them seems beyond belief. It is stranger than fiction for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear! Mark Driscoll's stunning popularity is proof that we are in a deep dark church apostasy NOW.

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