John Calvin --
Great Theologian or Heretic?

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John Calvin Was A Diabolical Scripture Distorter

John Calvin's Little Known Distortion Of Ezek. 18:24

We live in such a dark spiritual hour that people who have behaved in a most reprehensible way and taught in clear bold contradistinction to the Scriptures are held up as great spiritual lights and theologians. John Calvin (1509-1564) is one example! Of course, the religious propaganda spread about John Calvin by powerful voices in our day has helped to cover up, among other things, his cruel murder of Michael Servetus. Too few readily know that John Calvin burnt Michael Servetus, a Spanish medical doctor, at the stake using green wood with a sulphur wreath on his head!

Many also find it hard to believe that John Calvin taught a license for immorality at times. This is easily seen by reading his comments on Ezek. 18:24
. Before we see what John Calvin wrote, please note what that important Scripture declares:

But if a righteous man turns from his righteousness and commits sin and does the same detestable things the wicked man does, will he live? None of the righteous things he has done will be remembered. Because of the unfaithfulness he is guilty of and because of the sins he has committed, he will DIE (Ezek. 18:24).

Ezekiel is addressing the backslider (or as we might say in our day a Prodigal Son) and clearly says spiritual death will result when he turns to wickedness, just like God warned Adam would occur for an act of disobedience (Gen. 2:17). (One sin at times, can cause such.) A prime example of a righteous man turning from righteousness was King David when he backslid into adultery, murder and other sins.

John Calvin Beliefs - The Ezek. 18:24 Twist

To protect his strange reformed theological system (which he got from Catholic Augustine of Hippo), John Calvin grossly contradicted Ezek 18:24. Instead of changing his doctrine to align with Scripture, John Calvin tried to alter the meaning of that passage. Below is what John Calvin wrote about David (as he comments on Ezek 18:24), showing that Calvinism allows for the elect to sin as David did, yet remain saved all during that time he was completely unrepentant:

But what is far worse, the saints sometimes rush headlong, as though utterly desperate. For the example of David shows that the elect, although regenerated by God's Spirit, not only sin to a small extent, but, as I have said, plunge into the very lowest abyss. David became a perfidious homicide, and a traitor to the army of God; then that wretched king fell into a series of crimes: yet he failed in only one thing, and showed that God's grace was only suffocated within him, and not altogether extinguished. [Calvin's Commentary on the Bible for Ezek. 18:24]

Hence, any other statement by John Calvin or anything his followers today might say, which would imply the truly saved live holy lives or they were not truly converted, is nothing but empty talk and a smokescreen designed to hide the license for immorality that Calvinism truly is. (Such people try to avoid backslidden King David like the proverbial plague.) We know this because John Calvin dangerously taught, in contrast to the clarity of Ezek. 18:24 (and other Scriptures), that a righteous man would not extinguish God's grace by sinning like David. Please note he used the word grace. John Calvin, just like Charles Stanley and others, have changed grace into a license for immorality by teaching eternal security . That doctrine must be opposed by all Christians in obedience to Jude 3,4.

QUESTION: Did you know Calvinism declares an elect person remains saved even if he plunges into the very lowest abyss of sin before you read it here?

Two Other Dark Observations About John Calvin

How Can We Be Sure John Calvin Was Responsible For Michael Servetus' Death

■ John Calvin also believed and tried to defend infant baptism, without any Scriptural backing, yet Calvinists think they are sola scriptura [Scripture alone] people!

Even more repulsive is John Calvin's belief in infant damnation for some babies! If you are a true Calvinist, you too believe that some babies are now in hell's fire! John Calvin certainly was not a great theologian as some want us to believe. John Calvin was a heretic, though it is not readily known. That is the real John Calvin of Reformed theology!

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