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I am a former Roman Catholic, who wanted to die a Roman Catholic, but was miraculously changed by reading and acting upon the message of the Catholic Bible. At one time I wholeheartedly believed Roman Catholicism and its unique, exclusive and authoritative claims that Jesus founded the Roman Catholic Church in 33 AD upon Peter, the first Pope and all other belief systems were inferior at best.

As a former Roman Catholic, I too once lit candles and bought Masses for the dead, prayed for souls in Purgatory, confessed my sins to the priest, believed in apostolic succession and papal infallibility, when the Pope (who is called the Holy Father) speaks ex cathedra. An example of such is the 1302 Unam Sanctam decree, which has been contradicted by Vatical Council II:

"... We declare, say, define, and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff" (Pope Boniface VIII, the Bull Unam Sanctam, 1302.)
As I was taught, I once believed ONLY Roman Catholics would have salvation. That is consistent with the Unam Sanctam decree and the hundreds of anathemas the Council of Trent has placed on all non-Catholics! Roman Catholicism believes the Bible to be the word of God, but places their Sacred Tradition on an equal par with (or even above) the written word of God.

Roman Catholics believe in getting born again, but to them that occurs when an infant in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is sprinkled, which they call water baptism. Such is their way of producing the born again Catholic!

Roman Catholics also claim to receive Christ, but they think such happens at communion when they receive into their mouths, what they were told is the body of Christ in wafer form and they swallow it. Catholics call that the Holy Eucharist and it goes into their stomachs! Roman Catholics say we are saved by grace, but to them that means salvation comes through their sacraments.

It is also important to know that it's IMPOSSIBLE to defend Romanism, if one believes the Bible is 100% truth and our only source of doctrine, as Christians are to teach from alone (2 Tim. 3:16,17). WHY? Because Catholicism is ANTI-bible -- praying the Rosary, bowing before images, etc., as well as EXTRA-biblical -- citing the so-called church fathers, apocrypha, church councils, papal decrees, etc. The magisterium of the Catholic Church hates the idea of using the bible alone for doctrine and correction, even though it is clearly a basic Christian belief (2 Tim. 3:16,17). Catholicism had to depart from God's Word to those other sources, which they call Sacred Tradition because there is NO scriptural support for various beliefs that they embrace -- devotion and consecration to Mary, salve regina, etc. Sadly, that has led to MULTITUDES OF LOST SOULS over the years.

The Blessed Mother of Catholicism and
The Rosary -- The Epitome of the Whole Catholic Gospel

The Mary of Catholicism is prayed to, honored and venerated, but that is just a small part of how devout Catholics show their devotion to Mary. Though often denied, at times Catholicism has actually taught Mary is to be worshiped! Proof of that can be found on our Catholic beliefs page. To Catholics, Mary is their Life, Sweetness and Hope, and they openly recite such in the Rosary's Hail Holy Queen prayer. So how important is the Rosary to Catholics? Catholicism states the Rosary is the epitome of the whole gospel and their "whole gospel" magnifies a fabricated sinless sovereign Queen of heaven and refuge of sinners. They wrongly think that is the Mary of the Bible!

The Mary of Catholicism is also the ever-Virgin Mother of the Church, Mother of God, and she holds hundreds of other titles and exalted positions. The names of Mary in Catholicism are shocking and revealing!

Among the most revealing, Catholicism says she never sinned, is co-Redeemer with Christ and the Mediatrix and Dispenser of ALL GRACE! Those Mary titles and roles should silence all who try to downplay how Catholicism (since Vatican Council II) views their fabricated Mary.

Therefore, for many Catholics it is Jesus or Mary as the one to trust in for salvation! If that isn't enough, Catholics are taught to pray to Mary at the hour of their death, and in the Fatima apparitions she is supposed to be the way to God as well as our refuge. Many Popes have openly acknowledged their trust in Mary for their personal salvation!

With that in mind, please know idolatry is probably the least known sin among Catholics. Ask a Catholic, WHAT IS IDOLATRY and you may be very surprised by his answer. Catholics do not know idolatry is included in:

Catholicism is excluded from being Christian based on its idolatry. Also, that is enough proof with that alone for Roman Catholics to leave their church. Remember, unforgiven IDOLATERS will be thrown into the lake of fire (Rev. 21:8). Catholics desperately need to read the New Testament and change.

Besides all of that, Catholicism has elevated Alphonsus Liguori to sainthood and also made him one of their several dozen doctors, yet he was wildly heretical about the mythical Mary of Catholicism! How any religious system could endorse such shows the depth of darkness found within their leaders. The Biblical evidence shows Catholicism has fabricated their Mary to a lethal degree. St Alphonsus is just one example! Catholic history shows their view of Mary has evolved over the centuries, little by little, drifting further and further from the truth. Various lethal Catholic deceptions exist today.

With over one billion people around the world embracing Roman Catholicism and their unique distinctive doctrines (Rosary, brown scapular, transubstantiation, Papal Infallibility, etc.), we all need to know what Roman Catholicism teaches and how that compares to the word of God. The following Bible-based teachings should prove to be a great blessing for all who earnestly want to know the truth of God. The aforementioned, and the following, are really good news for Catholics, since such truth will help bring about true salvation.

Though I am a former Roman Catholic, more importantly I am now a Bible-defined Christian and a new creation in Christ, who has been changed by the power of God after I learned the truth as written in Scripture and acted upon that truth. The true plan of salvation, which sets one free from sin addictions, is only found in the Bible!

If you are a Catholic, for your own sake, carefully verify the following materials and change accordingly. Your eternal destiny depends upon it. If you are an ex Catholic, help us spread this life giving message to others. With 1.3 billion Catholics worldwide the need is desperate. Roman Catholic errors abound and even many non-Catholics are deceived. Roman Catholic idolatry is very prevalent and is now often looked upon as Christian. Shocking!

Catholic Tradition Can NOT Be True!

It is IMPOSSIBLE to have two divinely inspired truths in contradiction with each other. Either one is wrong or the other is wrong or they are both wrong, but they both can't be true! That is the law of non contradiction and basic logic. Such is also devastating to the Catholic concept that Catholic Tradition is equal to the Bible. Why? Because of the many conflicts and contradictions between Catholic tradition and Scripture!

For example, their idea that Mary is mediatrix and dispenser of all grace (Catholic tradition) contradicts God's word (Prov. 3:34; James 4:6; 1 Pet. 5:5); the rosary contradicts Jesus' teaching (Mt. 6:6-8); and Our Lady of Fatima contradicts who "the way" to God is (Jn. 14:6), among other things! The Bible is God's TRUTH and final authority.

The Catholic life is based on Catholic tradition and the bible, as taught from the perspective of Catholic magisterium . Hence, religious deception reigns among Catholics to the destruction of precious SOULS.

The Catholic Church fallaciously claims to have been started in 33 AD by the Lord Jesus, but that is IMPOSSIBLE! Why? Because various important Catholic practices were not known in the first century, but invented afterwards. The rosary (1214 AD), the brown scapular (13th century), etc. began centuries later!

No Christian in the first century used, believed in or heard of those hyper-exalted Catholic distinctives of our day! Other recent fabrications and important Catholic prayers or Marian apparitions are: Hail Holy Queen (11th century), Memorare (17th century), Fatima (20th century), Lourdes (19th century), etc. did NOT exist in 33AD either! Reaching Catholics for Christ includes truths like that.

Former Catholic and Ex Catholic Debate Challenge

Dan Corner, former Roman Catholic or ex Catholic, would like to debate any Catholic apologist or theologian on the subject of Mary's role in salvation, according to the Scriptures. WHY ignore my Catholic debate challenge. If you are a Catholic ask yourself, could it be dangerous to place ALL 100% of your TRUST IN JESUS FOR SALVATION with zero (0%) in Mary, being a Catholic or the sacraments? Is Jesus able to save you that way ALONE by himself? If you left Catholicism, could you be saved from Hell? Could anything be dangerous with going by the bible alone for doctrine?

Testimony Of An Ex Catholic PRIEST

Testimony Of An Ex Catholic

Catholic Doctor Teaches At The Command of Mary All Obey Even God

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The Catholic Magisterium is NOT Trustworthy

The Present-Day Official Teachings Of The Roman Catholic Church

Vatican Council II, the most recent Roman Catholic Council, which closed on December 8, 1965, is the current official stand of Roman Catholicism. These statements can be verified by consulting volumes 1 and 2 of the book, Vatican Council II printed by Costello Publishing Co., Northport, New York. Austin Flannery, O. P., is the general editor and each volume contains the Nihil Obstat and the Imprimatur.
Vatican Council II "Proposes Again" The Decrees of Trent
Many people in our day, decades after Vatican Council II, wrongly think the Catholic Church is changing its teachings. This is NOT true! The Mass has been changed from Latin to English. However, the meaning of the Mass today is identical to its meaning in the days before the dawn of the Protestant reformation. If you are an ex catholic too, do not be deceived.
Virginity Of Mary OR La Virginidad de Maria (Espanol)
Among those who agree that Mary was a virgin, when she gave birth to the Lord Jesus, there arises a controversy, that being: Did she stay a virgin after Jesus was born? Let's go to the Scriptures to find the answer.
Bible Questions For Catholics
These bible questions for Catholics are based 100% on scripture alone. They help Catholics and others better understand God's word.
Ex Catholic Priest Testifies
This former Catholic opens up his heart to share with us his personal life as a devoted Catholic, which led to him becoming a Catholic priest. Find out what led him out and why? VERY STIRRING FOR CATHOLICS FOR READ.
A Different Ex Catholic Priest Testifies
God led this man out of the priesthood too. Thank you God.
Did Peter Forget About Mary?
Peter's Holy Spirit inspired dogma is massively different from the fantasy Catholic Mary (mariology) portrayed as the sinless, sovereign 'queen of heaven and earth,' the mother of the church, the mediatrix and dispenser of ALL grace, the refuge of sinners, 'our life, sweetness and hope,' to whom we are to pray TO, even at the hour of our death, give devotions and consecration to, etc. Catholicism has also granted more names and titles for their Mary than God's word has for the Lord Jesus. Be assured, such a woman like that does NOT exist anywhere in God's word.
The Seven Sorrows of Mary Critiqued
Catholics have their focus on Mary for various reasons. The Seven Sorrows of Mary or Seven Dolors of Mary have promises attached to them. One is a promise of salvation, but it is FALSE. St. Bridget was deceived and the Catholic leaders have endangered their whole flock by these so-called Seven Dolors of Mary.
Praying The Rosary And Its Importance | PDF
This article will remove confusion regarding "born again" Catholics and dispel misconceptions regarding present-day Catholicism through their open and widespread practice of praying the Rosary.
Why Do Catholics Wear The Brown Scapular? | PDF
Por que usan los Catolicos un escapulario?
"Whosoever dies wearing this (brown) scapular shall not suffer eternal fire. Mary's promise." The aforementioned promise of escaping eternal fire, because one is wearing the brown scapular, was made by Mary to Saint Simon Stock on July 16, 1251.
Is Mary the Mother of God?
The Catholic church has given hundreds, even thousands of titles to Mary the Mother of Jesus. Of all of them, Mother of God is one of the most common.
Bonaventure's Psalter

Bonaventure, a canonized Catholic saint, did his own version of Psalms and inserted Mary into the text -- SHOCKING but true. Check this out for yourself.
Good News For Catholic (pdf)

This is a printable FREE hand out for Catholics containing major points they need to know.
Papal Infallibility OR Infalibilidad Papal (Espanol)

Papal infallibility is one of the great differences between Catholicism and Protestantism. Very few seem to be aware of the awesome implications of this Catholic dogma. Hopefully, this brief summary will illuminate them.
Catholic Penance
Catholic Penance is how Catholics think they get forgiven after baptism. Catholic Penance is not based on Scripture and has nothing to do with Biblical repentance.
John 6:53 and The Eucharist OR Los Catolicos Romanos y la Comunion (Espanol)
Catholicism equates Jn. 6:53, "I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you" to communion, and thereby logically deduces that one must have it for spiritual life (or salvation).
St. Peter's Primacy and Mt. 16:18 OR
El Primado de San Pedro y Mt. 16:18 (Espanol)
Nearly a billion people around the world believe that St. Peter was the first pope, the chief of the apostles, and was given the "keys" to the Kingdom. The chief reason is the way Catholicism interprets the following verse: "And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it" (Mt. 16:18). ** PRINTABLE gospel tract for Catholics on this topic: Is The Roman Catholic Church The True Church? (pdf)
The Real Blessed Mother of Jesus, Mary
Many non-Catholics have never really studied Mary with admiration. Let's take a look at the real Mary of the Bible. Bible facts about Mary might surprise you!
Fifteen Promises of the Rosary
What we are being told is these 15 promises came through a vision of Mary that the Catholic Saint, Dominic, and Blessed Alan received in the 13th century. These promises which came from the Mary of Catholicism (which is not the Mary of the Bible) are for all who faithfully pray the Rosary.
The Mary Fantasyland Poem
Check out this Christian poem for Catholics on Mary and pass it on to your Catholic friends.
Church Fathers are NOT Reliable
Print Out the clear evidence that the Church Fathers are not credible.
Charismatic Catholics
Charismatic Catholics talk in tongues and many think they are Holy Spirit filled Christians, but what does God's word say? FIND OUT and be surprised. See the pdf Gospel Printout there.
Pope John Paul II Gets The Skull And Crossbones Award
Certainly, one sure way to know the official position of Roman Catholicism on Mary, besides going to Vatican Council II and The Catechism of the Catholic Church, is to go to the pope himself.

The Assumption of "The Assumption of Mary" Exposed [pdf]

Why Return To Catholicism?
Why have people been returning to Catholicism? How could a former Roman Catholic ever return to such teachings and practices?
Alphonsus Liguori on Mary
Alphonsus Mary Liguori is a well-known, respected figure and influential Catholic Bishop of the past. St Alphonsus IDOLATROUS teachings have been available for over 250 years.
The Mythical Religious Life Of a Devout Roman Catholic
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a Catholic? Wonder no more! This shows the religious fantasies, myths and legends in Catholicism, which leave the Catholic dead in his sins.
Do Catholics Really Pray TO Mary?
As a former Roman Catholic, I have noticed over the years how various cults tend to deny, at times, their own teachings that they cherish. It seems they do this to help make their religion seem more Christian and acceptable than it actually is, especially when conversing with a possible convert or one that has influence. It is the same way with Catholicism!
Some Revealing Catholic Names, Titles and Prayers To Mary
Just how important is Mary to many Catholics and Catholicism as a whole? These titles reveal the answer!
The Immaculate Conception of Mary
The Immaculate Conception is a Catholic term that many have heard of, but few are informed about. Wrongly, many think the immaculate conception refers to Jesus' conception. The truth is this 1854 Catholic proclamation states that Mary was immaculately conceived and redeemed in her mother's womb and remained sinless her whole life through.
Pope John Paul II Promoted By Non-Catholics
In harmony with our apostate day there are different influential so-called Bible teachers describing the deceased Pope John Paul II in such a way that the uninformed might wrongly think he was a great Christian leader.
Our Lady of Fatima
According to the Catholic church, the Virgin Mary (whom they call Our Lady of Fatima) appeared at Fatima, Portugal numerous times in 1917 to three little shepherds named Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta.

Since the Roman Catholic church has endorsed and fully accepted these visions as being from God and they have in turn affected millions of people over the years by their messages, these are very important Marian apparitions from the personage known as Our Lady of Fatima.

The Fatima apparitions and the message of Our Lady of Fatima are directly related to SALVATION, but are NOT in alignment with the Bible! Here are the vital details!

Jesus or Mary
The Roman Catholic church has fabricated a Mary, which in many cases is a carbon copy, a very close resemblance or an exaltation of her to the point of canceling the Lord Jesus out of what he has uniquely accomplished for us.
When Mary sinned and became an unbeliever
A hidden and shocking truth about Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is what you are about to read for yourself from the following Scriptures.
Pope Benedict XVI reveals true Catholic beliefs
Many in our day, since Vatican Council II, have a dangerously wrong view of the beliefs in Roman Catholicism
Ten Areas of Deadly Deception Among Catholics
If you are acquainted with the teachings of Roman Catholicism and the message of the Bible, you are aware of the irreconcilable differences between the two.
Catholic Leaves Church
Read the personal testimony of a former Roman Catholic lady who found truth and salvation in the Lord Jesus and left Catholicism. This ex Catholic will bless you.
Papal Salvation Through Mary
In our day, part of the problem with false doctrine is to get it to reveal itself clearly. By this I mean, that whatever false religious system we are talking about, often it is hard to get the people in the know to admit what they really believe. By denying or modifying their real beliefs the deception is harder to refute and precious souls remain endangered. The evidence presented here is POWERFUL! (If you happen to be a former Roman Catholic, pass these truths on to others.)
Anathemas--the True and the False
One is doomed to eternal condemnation in hell if he is anathematized. There are true and false anathemas. Which should the Christian be concerned about? As a former Roman Catholic, I Dan Corner, have zero concerns about the false anathemas placed on me by Roman Catholicism.
The Eucharist (text)
Here is an actual email from a Catholic on the importance of the Eucharist (Catholic communion) to her. Her exalted view of the Eucharist is typical among Catholics. To some it is more important than Mary! Especially the response is important to read, verify with Scripture and remember.
Is 'Blessed Kateri' Really Blessed?
A recent healing miracle has led to the possibility of the first America Indian saint in the Catholic Church, that is, if the Vatican decides to canonize her!
Augustine's Prayer To Mary For Salvation
Please ponder this prayer and it will become apparent how darkened and deceived Augustine really was.
How Did Jesus Honor Mary?
One of the chief arguments Catholics submit in defense of their veneration and praise for Mary is the following one about Jesus honoring his mother. Do you know how to answer it?
First Five Saturdays' Salvation Plan Examined and REJECTED
It is impossible the First Five Saturdays' salvation plan from Mary are from God! Here is why. Come and see.
Is God Behind Weeping Mary Statues?
It is not too uncommon to hear of weeping Mary statues. In fact, there are thousands of weeping Mary statue reports every year, with many being frauds.
Mary's Recorded Words In The Bible
We can better understand the real Mary, the mother of the Lord Jesus, and her significance in various spiritual areas by examining the several times that she spoke.
A Priest Denies His Own Teaching.
It seems somewhat common for false teachers to flatly deny the very teachings they believe when it is convenient to do such.
Patrick Madrid Challenged To Debate.
Former Roman Catholic, Dan Corner, sent this email to Patrick Madrid challenging him to a text debate on the subject of Mary's role in salvation.
The God You Can Know!
Testimony of another former Roman Catholic: From Catholicism, drug addictions and jail to Christ. This is another ex Catholic changed by the power of God and the Holy Spirit.
The Passion of The Christ
This movie is filled with bible truth mixed with some dangerous FALSE ideas about Mary.
A Catholic Reveals Her Heart About Mary
The following is an email from a disturbed Catholic regarding Mary. If so-called Protestants would read this email closely, they will notice the way she has been taught about her life, sweetness and hope, as declared in the Rosary and elsewhere. (First is her actual email and our response afterward.)
Excerpts from The Little Office Of The Blessed Virgin Mary
These quotes and prayers to Mary help to reinforce the overall present-day picture Catholicisism projects about their mythical Mary.
Catholic Truths flash version | Catholic Truths | Video version Verdades sobre el Catolicismo
Our gentle, loving flash cartoon for Roman Catholics.
Are You Saved At Baptism?
Does baptism save? Many, including Roman Catholics, have been taught the wrong answer.
Infant Baptism: Is It Christian?
There are no Scriptures that show infants being baptized or a command suggesting this. Catholic Infant Baptism Examined (pdf) Gospel Tract Printout.
Comparing 'The Church' With 'The Church'
Catholicism contrasted with Mormonism
100 Biblical Names and Titles of Christ
The primary message spread by the Lord Himself and his followers was to go directly to Jesus Himself, place a submissive-obedient faith and trust in him and continue [endure] to the end for salvation.

It is very easy to see why we are directed by God to do this after noting the various ways the Lord Jesus is described by his many names and titles. Each refers to yet another important place or position that Jesus holds in God's plan for man's salvation.

Christian Unity
In our day, we hear much about unity. Some of this is good, but most of it is bad. The true, Biblical unity is something we Christians need to strive for.
Is Mary The Woman "clothed with the sun"?
Who is the woman of Revelation 12 described as being clothed with the sun? Two possibilities exist regarding the identity of this mysterious woman.
Is Mary The Mother Of The Church?
Certainly, one of the most important titles ascribed to Mary by Catholicism is the Mother of the Church.
Present-day Catholicism and the Unam Sanctam Contradiction
Must one be a Roman Catholic to have salvation, according to their own official teachings before Vatican Council II? While many Roman Catholics since Vatican Council II will deny this, nonetheless, this is still their own clear doctrine set forth by Pope Boniface VIII in his Bull, Unam Sanctam in 1302. The following is what he wrote ex cathedra.
The Mary of Present-Day Catholicism
Much confusion exists regarding the beliefs of present-day Catholicism, especially since Vatican Council II. Since that Council, the Catholic church copyrighted in 1994 their doctrinal thoughts in a volume entitled, Catechism of the Catholic Church. This article is an eye-opener regarding their teachings on "Mary."
Mary Devotion Among Protestants
A Christian responds to these teachings.
Present-Day Catholicism According To Vatican Council II
A former Roman Catholic responds to these teachings.
Mother Teresa
There cannot be deception apart from a deceiver and therefore there cannot be counterfeit Christianity apart from a counterfeit Christian. One of the clearest examples of a counterfeit Christian on today's scene is Mother Teresa.
Miracles of God and Satan
When one reads through the book of Revelation, he can easily see that the terminal generation of this age will see and/or personally experience the effects of war, famine, martyrdom, gross sin and deceit through Satanic miracles! Unfortunately, many in our day don't recognize that miracles do come through two sources -- God and the devil! That fact help explains the miracles associated with Marian visions.
2 Maccabees, an apocryphal and non-canonical book
Contained in the Catholic Bible, but omitted in the Protestant Bibles, is a set of books called the Apocrypha. One of those books is 2 Maccabees. This particular Apocryphal book is very important and often cited to justify the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory -- praying for the dead.

Is This The Mary of The Bible?

296 pages contrasting the
Mary of Catholicism with
the Mary of the Holy Bible.

click the book

Is This The Mary of the Bible? is our 296 page book for Catholics who want bible truth. In it you will read: (1) The present-day official position of Catholicism on Mary and (2) What the Bible says about that -- showing it is not consistent with what the Lord Jesus and his apostles taught. Is This The Mary of the Bible? is not an attack on the Mary of the Bible. Instead you are being shown that the Mary of the Bible is not the Mary of Catholicism. This was written by a former Roman Catholic who has been set free from his sin addictions. As an ex Catholic, the powerless and unscriptural ways of Catholicism taught to this author were unable to accomplish what bible truth has.

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