Papal Encyclicals On Salvation Through Mary

Catholic Veneration of Mary and IDOLATRY

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Listing Of Popes Who Taught Salvation Through Mary

Papal encyclicals teach salvation through Mary, but sometimes it is hidden from non-Catholics under their veneration of Mary dogma! For the Christian worker, that means part of the problem with false doctrine is to get it to reveal itself clearly. By this I mean, that whatever false religious system we are talking about, often it is hard to get the people in the know to admit what they really believe.

By denying or modifying their real beliefs the deception is harder to refute and precious souls remain endangered. This is often why those deceivers try, at times, to conceal their real beliefs. Such is also the case in Catholicism with their view of Mary's importance, especially regarding our personal salvation.

Popes have taught, not just Marian devotion and veneration of Mary, but salvation through Mary. Their plenteous titles of Mary suggest the same. Also, Pope John Paul II was openly extreme with his Mariology!

With the rampant ecumenical movement, many misinformed so-called Protestants are now defending Catholicism as though it is Scripturally sound, even about their mother of God! You are about to read the official Catholic beliefs about Mary and her importance in Catholicism as taught by past popes! Such are clearly revealed by their chief leaders—various Popes themselves. This should clear up many false ideas about Catholicism and the Mary they pray to, trust in, etc., which is definitely not the Mary of the Bible. They actually think we have salvation through Mary!

All of the following 29 quotes are papal encyclicals quoted from the book entitled, Mary, Mother of the Church by Francis J. Ripley, 1973 edition—printed by Tan Books and Publishers, Inc. All emphasis in these quotes are mine.

MANY Popes Were Guilty Of This

Salvation Through Mary, According To Papal Encyclicals

1.    "God has committed to her the treasury of all good things, in order that everyone may know that through her are obtained every hope, every grace, and all salvation. For this is his will, that we obtain everything through Mary." (Pius IX: Encyclical, Ubi primum, February 2, 1849.) — [p. 12, number 12]

2.    "O Virgin most holy, none abounds in the knowledge of God except through thee; none, O Mother of God, obtains salvation except through thee, none receives a gift from the throne of mercy except through thee." (Leo XIII: Encyclical, Adiutricem populi, September 5, 1895.) — [p. 12, no. 13]

Pope John Paul II was HERETICAL About Mary Too

3.    "With equal truth it may be said that of the great treasury of all graces given to us by Our Lord—for grace and truth came by Jesus Christ—nothing comes to us except through Mary's mediation, for such is God's Will. Thus, as no man goes to the Father but by the Son, so no one goes to Christ except through his mother." (Leo XIII, Encyclical, Octobri mense, September 22, 1891.) — [pp. 13,14, no. 19]

4.    "If it is impossible to separate what God has united, it is also certain that you cannot find Jesus except with Mary and through Mary." (St. Pius X: Allocution to the Franciscans, November 12, 1910.) — [p. 14, no. 20]

5.   "Every day, as the Church herself recommends, priests will recite the Holy Rosary, which, by proposing for our meditation the mysteries of the Redeemer, leads us to Jesus through Mary." (Pius XII: Exhortation, Menti nostri, September 23, 1950) — [p. 14, no. 23]

6.    "As the various mysteries present themselves one after another in the formula of the Rosary, for the meditation and contemplation of men's minds, they also make clear what we owe to Mary for our reconciliation and salvation." (Leo XIII: Encyclical, Fidentum Piumque, September 20, 1896.) [pp. 15,16, no. 29]

7.    "God has committed to the Blessed Virgin Mary the treasury of all good things in order that everyone may know that through her are obtained every hope, every grace and all salvation." (Pius IX: Encyclical, Ubi primum, February 2, 1894) — [p. 18, no. 38]

8.    "All our hope do we repose in the Most Blessed Virgin, in the all-fair and immaculate one who has crushed the most cruel serpent's poisonous head and brought salvation to the world." (Pius IX: Apost. Const., Ineffabilis Deus, December 8, 1854.) — [p. 18, no. 39]

Mariology In Catholicism

9.    "O Holy Mother of God; to thee we lift our prayers for thou, powerful and merciful, art the Mediatrix of our salvation." (Leo XIII: Encyclical, Jucunda semper, September 8, 1894.) — [p. 19, no. 43]

10.  "Whenever we speak of Mary or speak to her, let us not forget that she is really our Mother, for through her we received divine life. She gave us Jesus himself, the source of grace. Mary is a Mediatrix and Dispenser of Graces." (Pius XII: Radio message to the Italian Catholic Action, December 8, 1953) — [p. 22, no. 59]

11.  "Since Mary is ‘Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope,' let us cry to her, ‘mourning and weeping in the vale of tears,' and place ourselves and all that is ours confidently under her patronage." (Pius XII: Mediator Dei, November 20, 1947.) — [p. 25, no. 71]

12.  "The Catholic Church has always and with justice put all her hope and trust in the Mother of God." (Leo XIII: Encyclical, Supreme Apostolatus, September 1, 1883.) — [p. 32, no. 104]

13.  "Let us in all confidence choose as advocate before God the Immaculate and Most Holy Mother of God, the Virgin Mary. She has destroyed all the heresies of the world. ...In heaven as Queen at the right hand of her only Son, clothed in golden raiment and all manner of jewels, there is nothing she cannot obtain from him." (Pius IX: Encyclical, Quanta cura, December 8, 1864) -- [p. 23]

COMMENT: There has never been a point when all heresies have been destroyed (Mt. 24:11, 24; 1 Tim. 4:1-3; etc.) much less by a mere creature like Mary. The mythical Catholic Mary is dressed in golden raiment, but scriptures show all the overcomers have WHITE on (Rev. 3:4,5; 6:11)! Mary didn't get her request met in Mark 3:31-4:1. Go by the bible or you will be deceived and lost eternally.

14.  "According to the common teaching of the Doctors, it was God's design that the Blessed Virgin Mary, apparently absent from the public life of Jesus, should assist him when he was dying nailed to the Cross. Mary suffered and as it were, nearly died with her suffering Son; for the salvation of mankind she renounced her mother's rights and, as far as it depended on her, offered her Son to placate divine justice; so we may well say that she with Christ redeemed mankind." (Benedict XV: Letter, Inter sodalicia, May 22, 1918.) [p. 35; no. 119]

15.  "She it was who, immune from all sin, personal or inherited, and ever more closely united with her Son, offered him on Golgotha to the Eternal Father...." (Pius XII: Encyclical, Mystical corporis, June 29, 1943.) [p. 37; no. 128.]

16.  "... it is evident that she cannot do other than help most devotedly her dearest adopted sons at an hour at which it is necessary to secure for them salvation and sanctity for all eternity." (Benedict XV: Letter, Inter sodalicia, May 22, 1918.) [p. 46; no. 171]

The DEADLY 15 Mary Promises Of The Rosary

17.  "... It was before the eyes of Mary that the divine sacrifice for which she had borne and nurtured the Victim was to be finished. ... In the miracle of love, so that she might receive us as her sons ...." (Leo XIII: Encyclical, Jucunda semper, September 8, 1894.) [p. 50; no.187]

18.  "Mary is all powerful with her divine Son who grants all graces to mankind through her ..." (Benedict XV: Encyclical, Fausto appetente die, June 29, 1921.) [p. 59; no. 244]

19.  "From whom can we expect the salvation of the Christian people today if not from her of whom it is written that whosoever shall find her shall find life and shall have salvation from the Lord?" (Pius XI: Letter, Cum valde, February 20, 1929.) [p. 59; no. 245]

COMMENT: The Scripture that is misapplied here referring to the Catholic Mary is Prov. 8:35 and really refers to wisdom. It is also IMPOSSIBLE that it could be Mary because that was written about 1,000 BC proving Mary wasn't even born at that point!

20.  "To Mary, who reigns in heaven, the humble yet higher than any creature, near his throne, God grants the custody of the treasures of his manifold graces." (Pius XII: Allocution, April 21, 1940) [p. 62; no. 268]

21.  "Are not Jesus and Mary the two sublime loves of Christian people?. ... One of them is the source and the other is the channel of grace for giving us a new birth into spiritual life." (Pius XII: Allocution, April 21, 1940.) [p. 64; no. 277]

22.  "... Yet our manner of praying to the Blessed Virgin has something in common with our worship of God so that the Church even addressed to her the words with which we pray to God: ‘Have mercy on sinners.'" (Leo XIII: Encyclical, Augustissimae, September 12, 1897.) [p. 68; no. 302]

Bonaventure's Psalter

23.  "When we have recourse to Mary in prayer, we are having recourse to the Mother of Mercy, who is so well disposed towards us that, whatever the necessity that presses upon us, especially in attaining eternal life she is instantly at our side of her own accord, even though she has not been invoked." (Leo XIII: Encyclical, Magnae Dei Matris, September 8, 1892) [pp. 76,77; no. 350.]

COMMENT: Mary is not only shown there to be highly instrumental, even as of a necessity for eternal life, she is also supposed to be OMNIPRESENT, which is a unique attribute of God. That is another proof of Catholic idolatry. Mary's OMNISCIENCE is implied by her having the ability to hear, perhaps, 50,000 Catholics praying to her at the same time. Again, Catholicism has ascribed the attributes of deity to a creature, whom they have also exalted to the throne and made essential for salvation.

24.  "Are you hoping one day to reach Paradise through the grace of perseverance in the last moment of your lives? Are you trusting to die in the grace of God? This grace also will come to you, as those devoted to Mary, through a smile of hers, as a ray from that Sun." (Pius XII: Radio message, December 8, 1953.) [p. 83; no. 383.]

25.  "Mary's prayers place their assurance on the right of a mother. For that reason, when she approaches the throne of her Divine Son, she begs as advocate, she prays as handmaid, but she commands as mother." (Pius X: Apost. Const., Tanto studio, Feb. 19, 1905.) [p. 9; no. 1.]

26.  "Just as all things created acknowledge and obey God's Will, so may it be stated that Mary's Son ever attends most favourably to his Mother's petitions and especially so now that she enjoys eternal happiness in heaven." (Pius XII: Letter to Cardinal Maglione, April 15, 1942.) [p. 15; no. 26.]

27.  "We would not have been redeemed, if that Mother had not seen her Son die in torment and there would not have been for us any possibility of salvation." (Pius XII: Radio message to the Sick, Feb. 14, 1954.) [p. 47; no. 177.]

28.  "... all those who seek Mary's protection will be saved for all eternity." (Pope Benedict XV: Letter, Inter solalicia, May 22, 1918.) [p. 53; no. 203.]

29.  "And the birth pains show the love and desire with which the Virgin from heaven also watches over us and strives with unwearying prayer to bring about the completion of the number of the elect." (St. Pius X: Encyclical, Ad diem illum, Feb. 2, 1904.) [pp. 83,84; no. 385.]

Was Our Lady Of Fatima a DEMON

More Than Six Popes Heretically Taught Salvation Through Mary

The above six popes (Pius IX; Leo XIII; Pius X; Pius XII; Benedict XV and Pius XI) are not unique with their dangerous and unscriptural view of salvation through Mary. Another more recent pope who believed similarly was Pope John Paul II. He too was way beyond Marian devotion! It should now be painfully clear (for those that know the Biblical message) that multitudes have been, and currently still are, lethally deceived about the Catholic Mary's importance, especially regarding salvation.

Once again, remember that the Mary in Catholicism is not the Mary of the Bible. This Roman counterfeit fantasy Mary evolved slowly over the centuries to the place where she now is supposed to be reigning in heaven with Jesus as the focal point there with him, and for one to misuse her name is the same grave sin as taking God's name in vain. Their sinless Mary is trusted in and prayed to. She is the co-redeemer and the one who dispenses all graces, including those needed for salvation.

We get salvation through Mary, according to the popes! That is much more than Marian devotion as idolatrous as that is! These are the facts, as disturbing as they are. If you are a Christian, are you willing to help Catholics find salvation, which is only found in the Lord Jesus as we follow him and without any help from Mary.

The message people need to hear and act upon is, "They must turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord Jesus" (Acts 20:21). In Christian love, remember Salvation through Mary is not based on reality! Neither are Christians to venerate Mary. Mary idolatry, also known as mariolatry, is strictly forbidden and hated by the jealous God!

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