The Mythical Religious Life
Of a Devout Roman Catholic

Dan Corner (Former Roman Catholic)

The Catholic Life and His Religious Fantasies

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What is the Catholic life? An indoctrinated cradle Roman Catholic is a person who thinks
he was born again at infant baptism and receives Jesus into his mouth at Mass, then into his stomach after he swallows the Eucharist.

Mary Fantasies In The Catholic Life

Mary is a major part of the Catholic life. A devout Catholic thinks Mary is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and co-redeemer of man with Jesus.
She is the sinless, perpetual Virgin Mother of the church and Queen of the universe, as she sovereignly rules from the throne in heaven with her son Jesus Christ. In Mass, the Catholic sings praises to Mary through the Immaculate Mary song stating Mary is ruling with Jesus in heaven (with absolutely NO mention of the Heavenly Father). Mother Mary is his refuge and hope of sinners. May is Mary month in the Catholic church. At Fatima Portugal, Catholics believe she revealed that she herself is THE WAY to God.
Our Lady of Fatima also promised in 1917 to assist with all the graces needed for SALVATION at the hour of death to whomever on the first Saturday of five consecutive months meets the conditions she cited at Fatima, which include making reparation of sin to MARY! NOTE: Mary is also the LIFE, sweetness and hope of Roman Catholics, as openly declared in the Salve Regina. Mary is also the mediatrix and dispenser of ALL GRACE, and as the canonized Catholic saint and doctor of the Catholic church, Alphonsus Liguori stated, all our hope is in Mary for salvation, who has also delivered us from hell. It is believed that it is Mary who will promptly deliver all souls from Purgatory, that is, the ones who are devoted to her Rosary. As a guarantee, the indoctrinated Catholic may also wear the brown scapular under his shirt, so he won't suffer eternal fire, as promised by Mary! He meets the holy days of obligation and plans, if possible, to call on Mary at the hour of his death.

Read These SHOCKING Catholic Teachings About Mary

During his Catholic life, the cradle Catholic has confessed his sins to the priest many times to be forgiven and made a good act of contrition each time with his ascribed penance. He prayed to Mary before her statue and kissed her feet in loving veneration and devotion.
He believes, as he was taught, that all non-Catholics who say that bowing before and kissing statues and/or worshiping the communion wafer as God is idolatry, are under the divine anathema issued by the church (Roman Catholicism), which was founded by Jesus Christ on Peter the first pope, who was uniquely given the keys of the kingdom.

The indoctrinated Catholic has been careful to never misuse Mary's name, for that would be a violation of the command to misuse God's name -- a mortal sin! He believes the holy Father (the vicar of Christ), commonly known as the pope, speaks infallibly when he speaks ex cathedra. That in turn has logically led him to believe that ONLY Roman Catholics can have salvation, for they alone are subject to the Roman Pontiff, as per Unam Sanctam.

Listing Of Popes Who Taught Salvation Through Mary

The Catholic also believes the authority of the Bible is not final authority, because he was taught Catholic sacred tradition is equal to Scripture (but in reality and practice is even more important).
That has left an open door for Papal declarations, church councils, approved Marian apparitions and the so-called church fathers over the centuries to dictate dogma.
Also, when the Apocrypha contradicts Scripture, the Apocrypha, with its directive to pray for the dead, remains authoritative! The focus on Mary and the saints, with the epitome of the whole gospel being the Rosary, has left the Catholic a slave to sin as he goes about possibly wearing the miraculous medal, buying Masses and lighting candles for the dead! As sincere as that Catholic might be, he remains spiritually dead and lost, with the false and empty hope of going to a non-existent Purgatory, where he thinks he can be purged of his sins to go to heaven afterwards. He has also gained both partial and plenary indulgences, including one 500 day indulgence with Pope Saint Pius X's Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe, not knowing these are all worthless and nothing more than a valueless snare to his soul.

The Catholic Life Will Leave a Dedicated Catholic In His Sins

His only true hope is JESUS and him alone, but the Catholic doesn't know it, because he was taught the sacraments, Mary and being a Catholic for salvation.
He must surrender his will to Jesus Christ and turn from his sins to get forgiven. He must have a faith in the Lord Jesus which will follow, love and obey him first.
His born again baptism was nothing but an empty counterfeit for the real thing, as was also receiving Christ into his stomach via the Eucharist many times.

IF a devout Catholic does truly get born again, it will be from some outside source from which he has heard the truth, one which focuses on Jesus Christ, the only way to the Father (Jn. 14:6).

What a glorious day that will be for him, IF he really does get biblically born again and becomes a new creation in Christ. IF that does occur, he will at last be freed from his slavery to sin and will find peace with God. For a Catholic to turn from his Catholic beliefs and act on the Biblical message will take HUMILITY, but sadly his pride and pressure from his Catholic family too often successfully stands between him and eternal life. The Bible forever states that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the HUMBLE. Notice, it is GOD who gives out grace, NOT Mary. (This was written by a former Roman Catholic and the above is an accurate description of a possibly indoctrinated Catholic and is in accord with official Catholic teachings! The end result of the faithful Catholic life is the second death.)


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