Is This The Mary of The Bible?


296 pages expanded (with Scripture and subject indexes) contrasting the
Mary of Catholicism with the Mary of the Bible

Catholic Answers For Catholics About Mary

From various Popes to Catholic saints to multiple Marian apparitions of a young teenage girl, we learn about the Mary of Catholicism, but the vital question remains: Is This The Mary Of The Bible? The evidence regarding this salvation issue is examined by a former pre-and post-Vatican Council II Catholic. In this easy-to-read, documented and Scripture-indexed volume you will be exposed to the present-day official teachings of Catholicism on Mary, which parallel what it has been declaring for hundreds of years through various past popes, cardinals, Catholic saints and theologians to the greatest Marian apparitions that have ever occurred.

The Mary of Catholicism is so deeply interwoven throughout the whole of Roman Catholicism that it is impossible to logically reject it and still have a trustworthy religious system left to aid one with spiritual guidance. In this publication you will be presented with compelling evidence contrasting the Mary of Catholicism to the Mary of the Bible.

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As a former Catholic who in times past prayed the Rosary and wore the Brown Scapular, it is my sincere prayer that all Catholics will carefully examine this book. In it you will read: (1) The present-day official position of Catholicism on Mary and (2) What the Bible says about this. This book is not an attack on the Mary of the Bible. Please remember this important fact. Instead you are being shown that the Mary of the Bible is not the Mary of Catholicism. They are two totally different people, though each share some common characteristics. This evangelistic tool will provide an excellent way to reach your beloved, sincere Catholic friends with the truth about this salvation issue.

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