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An Unvarnished View Of Mary's Importance to a Catholic

The following is an email from a disturbed Catholic regarding her understanding of Mary. Catholic beliefs have so exalted her that this woman sees bible truth as something to be angry over! If so-called Protestants would read this email closely, they will notice the way she has been taught about the Catholic mother of god. Was Mary sinless? To Catholics YES, but not according to the bible! Catholicism also proclaims her to be our life, sweetness and hope, as declared in the Rosary and elsewhere. Those are all facts about Mary as dangerous as they are, from a Catholic point of view. The following is her actual email and my bible answer. This former Catholic answers her afterward.



One of the grave errors of many so-called Christian sects is to denigrate the mother of God. This, of course, is the work of the devil who hates His mother even more than he hates God. How long is eternity. Beware!

Anyone who claims to love God yet demeans his mother is a fool. Anyone who loves Mary grows in the love of God.


The Mythical Religious Life Of a Devout Roman Catholic

[Bible Answer] Greetings in Jesus' name. Without the New Testament to guide one in spiritual understanding, he/she will believe some strangely unfactual and deadly concepts. A prime example of this is your email.

First, please know to communicate the truth is not denigrating. When we reveal the Biblical facts about the Mary of the Bible and show how the Mary of Catholicism is not the same, it is life-giving knowledge.

Secondly, the devil would never be behind the spreading of the New Testament message since it is truth and his dark kingdom operates with lies and deceptions.

Thirdly, to say that the devil hates Mary more than God is to reveal an idolatrous view of her, which many Catholics have. How anyone could make the statement you have seems to imply that Mary has more power than God. Such a thought certainly did NOT come from the God of the Bible.

Fourthly, you suggest we are fools and will go to hell because of sharing New Testament truth/facts about the real Mary. Again, this shows how the Roman Catholic church has grossly deceived you about Mary and the issues related to salvation.

Fifthly, we love Mary like any other person who is now in heaven, but to think she is a sinless virgin queen, mother of mercies, our life, sweetness and hope is not only fiction—it is deadly poison.

Salvation is only found in the Savior, who is JESUS (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 Tim. 2:5; etc.). We go directly to him without first going to Mary. In fact, you are sinning by trying to get to him by going through Mary because he told us to come directly to him (Mt. 11:28; John 5:40; etc.). This is how the dying repentant thief found forgiveness and the same will work today for us.

Please read through the New Testament and change accordingly. If not, you will be damned to the lake of fire in the end. GOD BLESS YOU.

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