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Many people with Bible questions are looking for solid Bible answers. Unfortunately, because we are in a widespread apostasy that makes getting sound Bible answers hard to come by. We offer these FREE as a spiritual blessing to all whowant a reply from God's word. May SOULS be helped and may the Lord Jesus be glorified by these Christian answers.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 139

Divorce and remarriage of saints before salvation, Only death can dissolve a real marriage and enable one to Biblically remarry, Herodias was still married to her former husband, The black Hebrew Israelite, black Jesus plus keeping the Mosaic law issue, Allah of Koran is NOT the same God of the Bible, Ishmael was NOT the son of promise, the Koran denies that the Lord Jesus died on the cross, the Pope has nothing to do with anything, The mark of the beast in the bible has nothing to do with any day of the week, including Sunday, We [Catholics] don't worship a communion wafer, You have seriously misunderstand papal infallibility, How current are you with Pope Benedict, At Trent, Catholicism condemned to hell all non-Catholics, To call poison something less won't help people, I do indeed look forward to the day He calls me home, The rampancy of eternal security has something to do with it, All Christians are perfectly safe, as long as they continue to follow Jesus, King David lost his salvation, 1 Cor 15:2 is the opposite of their "gospel," OSAS is a sleeping issue with most just thinking it is a sound and sure doctrine related to grace and the gospel

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 138

Our marriage ended in divorce because of an affair I had; It is true that God hates divorce, but he also hates adultery; You are obviously very narrow minded; You have labeled us with several untrue and unscriptural things; you love the Son by loving His mother; It pleases Jesus so much when we honor His mother; the Mary of Catholicism is not the Mary of the Bible; Jesus said John the Baptist was the greatest born of woman, with no mention of his mother; Calvinism has really wrecked the "modern" church as far as I am concerned; Christians must learn to feed themselves spiritually and encourage themselves in the Lord; Living in sin goes hand in glove with the HERESY of eternal security; I thank God for your ministry; once we have the Gift, we need to know whether or not we can lose it; you are actually supporting and helping to keep that heresy going forth by your donations and physical presence; You have a good scriptural grasp on the repercussions of the Hebrew Roots Movement; Do you know about our books refuting eternal security; I was going through your web site and was puzzled by your take on John 10:28; How can you (as an eternal security proponent) think there are Christians who are drunks, adulterers, thieves, murderers, witches, etc. when the Bible is clear that there are NOT (1 Cor. 6:9,10; Rev. 21:8).

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 137

I am lost since my wife divorced me and don't know if I can regain my salvation, the Prodigal got saved again after being with prostitutes, many hate us because of our holiness message, your teachings will prevent lots of Christians from losing their salvation, the USA has spread false doctrine worldwide, many who profess to be Christians are in drunkenness or sexual sin and don't think much of it because of OSAS, how can a person know if he has lost his salvation, the Spirit will depart, the devil's   first lie to mankind, you seem to think Jesus was a Jew, anyone regardless of race is a Bible defined Christian if he is following Jesus now, two types of adulterers, two types of drunks, two types of swindlers, I was divorced twice and then got saved and baptized so is my marriage adulterous, we are defending ourselves from the vicious attacks of Yeshua people who say the holy name of Jesus is pagan, I lose sleep over the right name of my savior, people want a following and will use anything to get it, we can't recommend a denomination since we are in an apostasy, you are at a major advantage to leave a congregation that teaches eternal security so that you don't share in its wicked work

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 136

Satan entered the apostle Judas Iscariot before Jesus said one of you is a devil, Peter was called Satan but that doesn't mean he was never saved, no amount of porn or sex or money can replace what Christ can give us, how do we know if we have become spiritually dead, don't let the devil torture your mind, how would a person know if he drank deadly poison or fell off a high cliff, we need teaching about God's judgment rather than God's love, do not take the mark of the beast under any circumstances, be prepared to die for the truth, will I go to hell for a besetting sin of gluttony since I am sometimes consumed with lust for food, your case is similar to an alcoholic who goes on a drinking binge, is there anything that will guarantee you go straight to hell besides not repenting and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, Don't take the mark because taking the mark of the beast will result in damnation since it seems unforgiveable even with repentance, if we are going to get the truth of God's word we don't want to quote a perverted text, I am willing to help you understand eternal salvation but we have to start with the KJB first, you have a double standard and have closed your eyes, you argue for a translation you cannot understand but don't contend for the faith against the grace changers, stop this nonsense, there are multitudes in adultery because they married someone who can't be married, you must be new to the Scriptures since you don't understand that Christians will sin, are Catholics going to hell, perhaps you have your own agenda, three ways I know the Bible is of divine inspiration, they gave mental assent is all, Charles Stanley is obsessed with once saved always saved

What Is The Gospel of Christ

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 135

my friends do not like it when I mention the fine-sounding pretribulation belief may cause a lot of the Church to fall away, Jason Hommel believes the pre-trib is a salvation issue and those who reject it are heretics and swines, my pastor won't look at verses against OSAS and told me he won't debate eternal security because it is a minor issue, if your pastor taught the truth it would cost him dearly since he would lose his ministry even though he would be glad at the judgment, the savage wolf in   sheep's clothing is the chief problem, I don't understand how Max Lucado can teach eternal security, my family doesn't want anything to do with me and told me to have a few alcoholic drinks to loosen me up, was Jonah a false prophet since what he said did not come to pass, the Catholics changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, you are trying to protect the false prophet Ellen G. White, was Paul a liar when he said we could set apart a different day than Saturday, eternal life is eternal, is it okay   for Youth for Christ to allow many bands to play torturous sons, tell vulgar jokes and dressing half nude to attract youth, are you saying Jesus did not pay for the sin of not continuing to follow him, you are hurting yourself and those you influence, to reject eternal security does not mean we disbelieve Jesus died for all sins, I have never felt comfortable with the Reformed Presbyterian doctrine, I went to a church that calls themselves the true church of Jesus because they do not have music in their worship, is praising God with music wrong, we are not saved at baptism

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 134

be afraid - I am a witch, you just rape little kids, I thought God wouldn't let us burn for our decisions, you would rather have   your sins than the only one who can save you, we believe in the grace of the goddess, renounce the wicked abomination of witchcraft, no sin is worth going to hell over, if I am born again and doing the same old adultery sin am I saved, the pastor teaches salvation covers our sin of divorce and remarriage, are Mary apparitions real or is it Satan disguising himself as an angel of light, the Fatima visions which teach that Mary is the way to God are anti-Bible, tears were shed trying to keep me in the Catholic church, I fell into many sins because I wanted my sin and believed in once saved always saved, my heart is lonely,   dark and wicked, will Jesus let me start over, please don't back down because I love your ministry for sticking up for what Jesus said, God delights to show mercy but you must repent to get it, you can't get anywhere with God while playing with wickedness, I've been through such bad times in my life but I want Jehova to help me, don't go by dreams since they can be very deceptive

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 133

The Old Testament is pretty much a lie, the guy who wrote Revelation was trying to get publicity, you will not be rejected if you use a ouija bored (sic), God says that you are saved no matter what you do, if you don't use your God created curiosity, what's   the point in having it, to say you can lose salvation is like saying Jesus' blood was not good enough to cleanse you and keep you cleansed, even though we're backslidden and in the old life we're still his children, your assumption is ludicrous, Dr. Stanley is one of my favorite teachers, many have been ruined by Calvinism because they think they can become vile and remain saved, no matter what you do or how bad you become you're still my daughter, where does the Bible say Judas, who was predestined to betray Jesus, went to hell, your soul is in the greatest danger, are souls immortal, if once saved always saved isn't true then how many times can we lose our salvation and come back to God, when does God decide that we are no longer his child and reverse the new creation, you better take this most serious, Peter disowned Jesus three times but repented and did not lose his salvation, stop trying to make excuses for sin, sometimes one sin will cause loss of salvation

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 132

if a Christian brother falls into adultery and drugs is he still my brother, one's present tense behavior reflects his present tense spiritual condition, a strong Christian woman who loves the Lord and speaks in tongues has been divorced and remarried seven times, can unsaved people cast out and heal in Jesus' name, if a person really loves the Lord Jesus he is obeying the Lord Jesus, let's see the kjv only guys preach from their 1611 kjv bible to the Africans who do not understand English, if a person puts his hand to the plow but then looks back will he go to hell when he dies, your preaching loss of salvation makes me want to ask   God to kill me before I sin and die, Peter said Noah had salvation, I have struggled with the osas doctrine for 4 years because it was so clear from the Bible that we can lose our salvation, it seems clear in Jn 12:6 that you would have to say Judas was a   saved thief, do you mean repentance as a turning from unbelief because salvation is a gift freely given, contact with the blood of Jesus sets one free from his sin addictions, will God forgive if a person is ignorant concerning the mark of the beast and accepts   it but then asks for forgiveness, false teachers dangerously make allowances for it, was God once a man and can man become God, we came out of the United Pentecostal church and are feeling the tug to out street preaching, the two top hindrances for soul winners are fear and discouragement, the seeds you plant may take years to bring forth salvation, Jesus acknowledging us before the Father is reason enough to go soul winning

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 131

blasphemous new version bibles will take you to hell the same as eternal security, you cannot pronounce the words or comprehend the word meanings, is Israel's existence a result of bible prophecy, are the Jews God's chosen people, it is ridiculous to say Nostradamus was possessed by the devil, if I burn my ouija board publicly they send me to jail for arson, you are asking for trouble, the fact that we reject infant baptism shows we are not influenced by Wesley, if I had continued to attend Calvary Chapel I would have ended up deceived, if she stays in that relationship he will kill her, is a violent spouse cause for divorce and remarriage, did Christ die for my bad sin, did Christ die for the sin of rejecting him and his death on the cross, the heart of   eternal security is wicked living, the burden of proof for infant baptism is on them, God showed me as a new Christian that OSAS wasn't correct, so many things are left out of the NIV, why does it say in Timothy to drink a little wine, is medicine or the magic arts condemned in Rev 21:8, if you go with the flow you'll get washed out to sea, if a Christian kills himself or denounces Christ will he go to Heaven, woe to the man through whom they come, if you don't think you are saved once for all it's just the devil trying to make you feel guilty or doubt your salvation, I started to lust for pornography at age 12, I cried on my knees and asked for forgiveness, hold your hand above a fire and feel the heat, victory is sure if you do the following

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 130

God has shut me out of the Kingdom, are you walking in true obedience, you will never experience peace with God until you commit to obey and serve him, I got rid of all horror movies and rock music, I am an ex-homosexual who lived a rock star lifestyle with sin that most people only read about, have I crossed the line, he fell away but remained religious, do you have to speak in tongues and be water baptized in Jesus' name to be saved, here is proof of getting the Holy Spirit, the primary   Scriptural proof that one has been truly saved by faith in the Lord Jesus, if you had any smarts you would be practicing Judaism, I have God-given talents to see into the future, have you seen yourself being thrown into the fiery lake of burning sulfur, I have the company of many spirits, my room lights up and my cats are mesmerized, we believe Jesus was a magician but not a god, those guardian angels are really demons deceiving you, at this moment you are on the road to hell in your sins, are we committing sexual immorality by living together after we made vows before God and declared ourselves to be married without a wedding, I have been spreading the gospel but no one has come to Christ so am I fruitless, you have cruelly cut down an army   of straw men over the ages, other people in the Bible are cited more often and exalter higher than Mary, your soul is in the greatest danger

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