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Many people with Bible questions are looking for solid Bible anwers. Unfortunately, because we are in a widespread apostasy that makes getting sound Bible answers hard to come by. We offer these FREE as a spiritual blessing to all who want a reply from God's word. May SOULS be helped and the Lord Jesus glorified by these Christian answers.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 129

I was a deacon but am backslidden and having trouble coming back, kill the flesh or it will drag you to Hell, why are you telling me fruit or fire, there is no evidence that Solomon repented at the end of his life, you sin every day, why aren't you resisting the devil, how can you follow Jesus if you disobey him and thereby show you don't love him, you couldn't resist taking a stab at another religion, the truth of God disturbs people but those on the side of truth will change, siding with the devil who was lying to Eve and trying to get her to sin, their message is deadly and a license for immorality, many people take our mothers names in vain, when one is saved is it evidenced by speaking in tongues, to be willing to turn from sins is to repent

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 128

is the Queen of Heaven the same evil spirit as the one the RCC adopted, you are probably in a Baptist congregation that teaches the heresy, an idolatrous stumbling block, a mythological and non-existent entity and tool of the devil, the pastor plainly lies about doctrine or puts on a fancy show, it's a worldwide problem, do that ten times before going to the Old Testament, what English translation is most accurate, I had to slip out under cover of night to save my skin from the Roman Catholics and Baptists, we reject the so-called study bibles, it's fruit or fire so each Christian better get busy, it's clear Gospel for Asia believes once saved always saved, the trinity doctrine comes from many Scriptures plus a logical conclusion, Jesus is both God and man, do not read the Jehovah Witness perverted so-called translation, the people who wrote the bible had so called visions like Nostradamus, you desperately need God, your soul is your most valuable possession, I felt sorry for Mr. Driscoll as he seemed unable to defend his position without resorting to insults, Driscoll's popularity is proof that we are now in an apostasy, is there any problem with going to the Presbyterian Church where they teach the heresy, the horrible lie of the devil, multitudes are on the road to hell thinking they are on the road to heaven

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 127

my daughter told me I was devil possessed and evil because I don't believe once saved always saved, it takes the Scriptures to set a person free from deceptions, osas heresy destroys the fear of God and sets one up for a fall, was Jesus born Greek or Hebrew, Jesus is Biblical for English speaking people while Yeshua is not, God looks on the heart not on how one pronounces the Savior's name, the mark of the beast is a bar code on every product, the dumbed down doctrines of osas and calvinism are corrupting Scripture to make it warm and fuzzy, can't people see that osas heresy makes Jesus a complete fraud, osas has led to the damnation of multitudes, if it is me that works my way to heaven then it makes me sad that Jesus went through that unspeakable death, the King James only people go to outside sources to condemn various wonderful translations in their efforts to exalt the KJV 1611, Erasmus is the priest who formulated the TR and wanted salvation but not without Mary, Beza the calvinist changed a few verses in the KJV to save eternal security, is it possible to get saved again, there are various reasons why a person can quickly turn cold to the things of God, I used to be a Christian but backslid into lust and deliberately sinned against God for a long time so is there any hope for me, could the unicorn in the KJV refer to the Indian rhinoceros, the rapture will occur after the tribulation

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 126

I was saved but became an atheist and am haunted from the Hebrews passages and terrified that I committed the unpardonable sin, Hebrew Christians had to commit eternal sin to return to the synagogues, I have not been faithful to Jesus, holiness is not optional, wow lost you are, if I believed eternal security just eat drink and be merry, why would you need a Bible warning if your salvation was eternally secure, they are godless people who change grace into license, a mere form of Catholic godliness and counterfeit, Catholics bow before graven images, they are not lovers of truth and will regret their decisions for eternity, I am really scared so should I leave my church, they call themselves sinners and deny Christians are righteous, a believer can fall in sins and remain carnal and still be saved, Jesus died in our place otherwise Christians who fall into adultery will go to hell, we sin everyday, they remain in their sins unaware they are on the road to hell, a person who was catechized and then rejects the truth is in danger of damnation so go to confession, do penance, get your scapular back on and amend your life, what do you do with the fact that the Catholic church contradicts the Bible, burn your brown scapular and smash the statues

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 125

why is it bad to be Catholic, it is like giving false directions, the evolution of Mary is a fabrication, not one infant was baptized in the Bible, are we in adultery without sex, terrified to teach this way, the greatest born of woman was not Mary, Mary forgot about Jesus and left him when she returned to Jerusalem, Mary thought Jesus was crazy, the Son would have placed his own mother on a pedestal, are you praying like a pagan, Jesus rebuked Mary, I could not believe any Christian would say Judas was not saved, the final nails in the coffin of osas and good riddance, sending many people to Hell, we would faint if we knew how many are in Hell because of eternal security, it would cost the osas pastor too much to turn to God, many are on the road to Hell thinking they are on the road to Heaven, why do you think God won't take you back if you sincerely repented, we can't help if you are not going to accept the truth, I am living a nightmare every minute, can you be lost with no way to recover, you can and will get forgiven if you repent

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 124

bowing before statues is clearly forbidden in Scripture, there are scores of good reasons to leave the Catholic church, read the New Testament as though your eternity depends on it, if I want to obey God's Word in all areas is it wrong to wear trousers, is there any hope for a backslider, David was a man after God's own heart so how could he have lost his salvation because of sin, your attempted excuses for sin are a disgrace, no wonder the world has little regard for the putrid gospel presented today as Christianity, David died spiritually when he turned to do evil, the most dangerous and unrecognized heresy among Bible believers in our day, can the devil and his demons know when a person has sinned away his last chance of salvation, the devil will tell the backslider he can't repent or some other lie to intervene in him getting saved again, have I committed sacrilege by not keeping the commandment of the Catholic Church, do you suggest I come out of Catholic Church to another Bible believing church before I can make Heaven, to bow before the communion wafer and worship it as God is clearly idolatry, it is difficult to turn from the indoctrination of OSAS when one has been taught and brainwashed to believe OSAS, I bought into Satan's lie, a belief in eternal security and being sinful go together like hand in glove, the guilt trips from others are unbelievable, focusing on a pet issue to draw away disciples after themselves, sometimes truth can be very disturbing but it is always vital, not one time did the Lord's Hebrew disciples state the Messiah's name was Yeshua, desist from this nonsense, you teach hopelessness, you have erected a false syllogism with an OSAS conclusion which will only delude a very few who do not read the New Testament, Christians are not sinners, I know you are sinful as you admit, mental assent about Jesus will not bring salvation, you have a dead faith and teach empty words

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 123

Whoever wishes to be saved needs to hold the Catholic Faith or perish in eternity, Catholicism is not teaching the true plan of salvation, Catholicism remains a mere form of godliness and void of God's power to transform because it is counterfeit, what you do with the message of the Bible will determine where you spend eternity, because you fail to acknowledge the Queen of Heaven and Earth you most assuredly will be damned, don't bother responding because I blocked your email, to pray to and/or trust in the invented Mary of the Catholic church is idolatry which will drag you to hell, you refuse to come to me to have life, will Christians face nuclear war or will the rapture take place first, thank you for your dedication to preaching and teaching holiness, I know how damaging the doctrine of OSAS can be, godliness is a means to financial gain, you offered nothing from the Bible to refute it, multitudes are going to hell yet you oppose Christian women witnessing, one of the more powerful ways to witness is to wear a head covering, do you actually think unsaved people are going to repent just by seeing a Mennonite woman with her so-called head covering, unsaved people are highly religious at times and even worship God yet are on the road to hell in their sins

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 122

there will not be any unrepentant homosexuals in God's eternal kingdom, unless a person contacts the blood of Jesus he will never get forgiven and liberated from his slavery to sin, to believe on Jesus means to obey Jesus, I kept falling to particular sins and am concerned for my salvation, I also have been praying for healing but have not seen the symptoms go, ponder and memorize Scripture to wash the filth from your mind, stop watching TV and listening to secular music, you must get serious or you will go to hell, do you have Scriptures that teach free will, trash the theology of Calvinism, Peter said to save yourself, Christians can yet go to hell, can a person get kicked out of heaven, when is salvation lost, you can lose salvation with one sin or gradually, a friend says she will still go to heaven though she is now a wiccan and back on drugs, was satan the sin bearer as Ellen White teaches, do I have to confess adultery to my wife to be forgiven

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 121

you sin every day, nothing can take away the new creation, when I got saved I got set free from slavery to sin, you believe in the counterfeit grace of eternal security which Jude wrote about and told Christians to fight against, if you love God you will obey him, God loves even those who will go to hell, a Catholic priest cannot forgive sins and Mary has no role in salvation, the bottom line with John Calvin is spiritual death for the righteous is always denied even when one severely backslides, they like to teach eternal security but hate to be labeled for what they are really doing, 90 percent of people that claimed to be Christians and believed once saved always saved lie have been the most vile people I ever worked with since they commit adultery, get drunk, use God's name in vain, do every drug on the market but are on their way to heaven, the devil has the majority believing and loving the security in sin gospel of Calvinism, when one is saved is it evidenced by speaking in tongues, avoid any group that says you need to speak in tongues to be saved, death is like sleep, are you open to change based on Scripture, you are misled about how to get salvation, you have a counterfeit Christianity, sometimes wives traveled with the disciples and other times they stayed home, I will pray that the Holy Father has mercy on your soul, will you be of the number that perishes, five of the wise virgins refused to give five foolish virgins some of their lamp oil so as not to jeopardize their salvation

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 120

If I listened to Charles Stanley or David Wilkerson I should simply find a young woman instead of caring for my invalid wife, their doctrine has led to a disgusting flood of wickedness, living under the curse of the law would allow someone to lose salvation after one sin but it's not that way with Jesus Christ, all biblical and historical evidence fully supports infant baptism for the remission of sins, never is an infant baptized in the Bible, writings of the early church fathers are filled with dangerous lies and false doctrines, the water gospel, change your confessional Lutheran pastor vocation, you can't teach the truth because you don't understand it yourself, mother Teresa will be over you in heaven, I have reached a state of paranoia about the fourth commandment, many things are hot issues and divisive among professing Christians, you will be able to spot counterfeits more easily, my family doesn't believe me about Augustine, Jesus is a meaningless name, me thinks that you all need to be awoken, you are addicted to sin as you travel down the road to hell, my former husband divorced me due to adultery and the bible tells me I'm free to remarry, the guilty party can never remarry, you used names of Jesus to slur Roman Catholicism, a powerless plan of salvation doesn't deliver from sin addictions, Mary was not sinless, it was sad to read about the father who died rather than renounce Christianity, with the heresy of eternal security many would disown Jesus and still think they have salvation

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