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(Bible Comment) I always thought murder or robbery or rape were sins that sent you to hell. Just listening to Charles Stanley radio last night made me realize that I've wasted my life, listening to the Spirit and believing that I've missed out on so much. Please excuse my sarcasm. Yesterday was my 83rd birthday and I spent most of the day caring or my invalid wife. She's been bed ridden for the last four years and it is only the strength of Jesus that keep me going. If i listened to CS or Wilkerson I should simply take off and find a young women etc. Don't these men have any sense? I suppose not. God bless.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. It is wonderful you can tell the glaring errors in their [Charles Stanley and David Wilkerson ] teachings, but sadly, many can't! Their doctrine has led to a flood of wickedness within the

professing Christian world. It is disgusting, but an ever-present problem. People love sin more than Jesus and will seek out teachers to tell them what they want to hear (2 Tim. 4:3,4). They profess the Lord, but have no real devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.

For your own sake, you are better off NOT listening to a false teacher of that type, even if he is on TV or radio and you'd like to hear the word preached. Their doctrine is interwoven throughout their false view of God, salvation, sin, loss of rewards, etc. To get pure 100% truth, go to the Bible and soak in its relevant message. Your faithfulness to your wife was wonderful to read, especially in a day when spouses are so adulterous and self-centered. May God bless and help you in every way. Remember Rev. 21:4.


(Bible Comment) King David may had lost his salvation, as back then, people were to be "self-righteous".. as to say they had to be in obedience to God and the Law. It was before JESUS CHRIST came as the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE... ONCE AND FOR ALL. It's different now, since Jesus Christ....... than it was before Jesus Christ.. during King David's reign. Living under the curse of the Law would allow someone to lose their salvation after having sinned just only once. Which is NOT THE WAY WITH JESUS CHRIST. The New Covenant is different than the Old Covenant. Even the Jews are to convert to Christianity or they will perish. They're not covered under the old covenant... as they must come to Christ just like any/everybody else.

(Bible Answer) Many things are now different for the follower of God's ways from how it was back in Old Testament days, such as no more animal sacrifices, Levitical priesthood, etc. However, it has always been factual (from Gen. 2:16 to Rev. 22:19) that the righteous can/will die spiritually if they turn to evil. Spiritual death for the wayward righteous has always been the way God has dealt with man, including to the present time.

It should be clear to all that if a Christian disowns Jesus he will lose his salvation (Mt. 10:33). Also, if he becomes a murderer, liar, sexually immoral, etc. and doesn't get forgiven, he will go to the lake of fire (Rev. 21:8). Don't deceive yourself or let the grace changers mislead you. God bless you.


(Bible Comment) I happened upon your showing a Lutheran baptismal rite while denouncing it as false. While I am certainly not looking to enter into an argument with you, your labeling of Lutheran teaching on baptism as false Gospel is based upon false reasoning of Scripture.

Know that while I am a confessional Lutheran pastor I did my undergrad study at a Southern Baptist college in Florida. If the only text about Baptism was Matt. 28:18-20 I could faithfully teach baptismal regeneration from it alone. I looked at some of your proof-texts used in trying to disprove infant baptism, and to be blunt, its absurd.

... All biblical and historical evidence fully supports infant baptism for the remission of sins. Your teaching is an outgrowth of rationalism, making faith contingent upon a person's act of "accepting Jesus." No one, neither a 1 year old, 10 year old, or 100 year old decides to have faith, chooses Jesus, makes Jesus the Lord of their life. It is grace alone!....

Infant Baptism Is a LIE and SNARE

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. You were taught something that is not true and apparently never noticed it. Now that you are a Lutheran “pastor” you are under pressure to maintain such doctrines, but to do so will spiritually hurt both you and those you care about the most.

Any teaching, including the Lutheran infant baptism doctrine, which declares unscriptural things about salvation, is a false gospel. As unscriptural as it is to believe in infant baptism, it is worse to actually believe one is forgiven and saved at that point (because mom and dad wanted their new born baby sprinkled with water)! That is ludicrous in light of the Biblical message which clearly says one needs a personal faith in Jesus, which obeys for personal salvation [John 3:18; 5:29; James 2:14; 1 John 2:3,4; etc.].

NOTE: Never is an infant baptized in the Bible, the Christian's standard for all doctrine and teaching (2 Tim. 3:16,17). Only people who first believed on Jesus (repented of their sins) could be Christian baptized, which must exclude infants. Hence, there is NO Biblical evidence for infant baptism and NO examples of such in Scripture. To depart from the Bible to the so-called church fathers is to read some very wild writings which will lead to further darkness. For example, besides infant baptism for forgiveness of sins, some of them also believed in universalism! Hence, their writing are filled with dangerous lies and false doctrines. People who try to sanitize their teachings as being sound are laying a dangerous snare for people who trust their teachings. [David Bercot is an example of that.] If you don't go by the Bible ALONE for your beliefs, you will certainly be deceived! Take this warning to heart. Your judgment will be more strict (James 3:1) and you are spreading a false gospel. Ponder Gal. 1:8,9.

BTW, Mt. 28:18-20 does not support the water gospel in any way. Have you read Are You Saved At Baptism ? As a former Roman Catholic, who had to admit my gross deceptions for my own good, I recommend you do the same and change your vocation. You are playing with eternal SOULS. They must know the truth about salvation by grace, which you can't teach because you don't understand yourself.


(Comment) I am not Catholic. Mother Teresa is a saint. She and her blessed nuns have ministered to hundreds of thousands of the poorest of the poor, and the sickest of the sick. She remains a beacon to the world of true Christianity. Do you live in abject poverty among the poorest of the poor. Do you dress the wounds of the dying?? “Judge not and ye shall not be Judged” Mother Teresa will definitely be over you in heaven.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. How do you know Mother Teresa is a “saint”? Does the Bible say if one ministers to the poorest or sickest he/she will be a “saint”? No, it doesn't. One must be Biblically saved to be a saint. Mother Teresa was a Catholic nun who believed like a Catholic nun. She did not have the doctrine to be saved, even though she was very helpful and caring to the sick and poor. Remember: to be part of Jesus' spiritual family we must put into practice God's word (Lk. 8:21). That includes going directly to Jesus for salvation WITHOUT first going to Mary. It also means TRUSTING IN JESUS 100% FOR SALVATION, which leaves 0% left for Mary, the sacraments, church membership, etc. It is a trusting-submitting and enduring faith in Jesus which will get one into God's kingdom and save from hell. GOD BLESS YOU.


(Comment) Greetings in the name of Jesus. My name is _________. I was a member of the catholic church for a little over 20 years and it is only till a few months ago that I realized that I did not know the Jesus of the bible. I have since accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. There are many denominational churches in my area of ___________which have worldly influences. I am not a member of any church and I feel disconnected. As a babe in Christ I have many questions. One question that I have seen pastors in division about is the fourth commandment, Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy. I have read that we are under the new covenant of Jesus. Are we to still honor the Sabbath? When is the correct day of the christian sabbath? How are we to honor it? Is the a list of things to be done? I am not clear on the final word of God on this subject. I would appreciate a clear explanation on this topic so I can put this to rest. I am working out my salvation with fear and trembling to the point were I have reached a state of paranoia of even thinking a single bad thought. I am drained and overwhelmed. Can someone please help me? Thank you for your time and God bless.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name.

...It is great to know that Jesus is now your Lord and Savior. (Welcome to the family!) Here is a very important article you should read for new converts .

You asked about the Saturday Sabbath command. We have a special day set aside for the Lord. Christians usually do that on Sunday, especially since Jesus rose from the grave on Sunday. According to Rom. 14 we have that choice, unlike in Moses' day.

You will notice there are many things that are hot issues and divisive among professing Christians. Please do NOT get discouraged as the tendency may lead to this. Stay in the New Testament for yourself, ponder God's word and keep putting God's word into practice.

PLEASE be guarded. There are MANY false teachers out there like the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons. Another serious problem is the eternal security teachers. As you learn the Bible better, and it will come as you draw near to God, you will be able to spot counterfeits more easily.

Finally, please know we are in a DARK SPIRITUAL TIME. The vast majority of the churches are apostate. Hence, it is VITAL for you to learn the New Testament for yourself. Please consider signing up for our internet church. PLEASE stay in touch. GOD BLESS YOU. Remember 1 Cor. 2:9.


(Bible Question) Your web site is awesome. It really has helped me a lot on arguing and refute Calvinism at the church i been going to after i got saved. i also used to be a Catholic....Also i been trying to get my family little by little out of Catholicism but no matter what i say Augustine or matt 1:25, and Duet 18:10-12 they don't care they don't believe me, what must i do. please answer soon.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. Please send us your salvation testimony as an ex-Catholic. In it state what country you are from and what Catholicism is like there. THIS COULD HELP MANY. We get a lot of Catholics coming to our web site. Your experiences could be revealing and very important.

To win your Catholic family try to get them to read the New Testament. Point out certain verses to them to help them learn the truth about salvation. [Our material on Catholicism should help with most of the answers you will ever need.] KEEP PRAYING FOR THEM. GOD BLESS YOU. Heb. 3:14.


(Comment) Following a perusal, jesus is a meaningless name. He came here c Miryai d\'Magdala, the twin Saviouress, and they were of the community of Essenes who were nature-loving vegan pacifists, and strongly Gnostic. If 1 partakes of meat, it is not the diet of Yeshu\'a/Miryai. ... Scholar _______ thinks that you all need to be awoken, as theology is an evolving science.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. The name “Jesus” is the most precious and important name in this life. It is the ONLY name in which salvation is found (Acts 4:12). It was Jesus who shed his blood on the cross for our salvation and rose again from the grave. When a person truly turns from sins and places his trust in Jesus to follow and obey him, such a person will contact his blood spiritually and be set free of his sin addictions. The reason you are addicted to sins is because you are without salvation as you travel down the road to hell. Please please, read the New Testament and change accordingly. Your SOUL is your most valuable possession and is in the GREATEST DANGER (hell). See Psa. 11:6. Remember tradition is NOT equal to Scripture and the New Testament is Scripture (God's eternal word). GOD BLESS YOU.


(Bible Question) ...I have read the scriptures over and over and I am still confused about the perpetual adultery question. My former husband divorced me due to adultery.

''And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.''

Now that tells me that both are then free to marry although a sin was committed. I'm not trying to get out of what I have done, it was a truly awful crime against both God and my husband, but to leave my present husband I am told would also be a sin. I am grateful to you for your reply as I don't really have anyone whom I can speak to about this. God bless you.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. It seems perfectly clear to us that the guilty party who committed adultery can never “remarry” as long as the spouse is still alive. If that is you, then please know you are not really “married” at present, that is why you are in “adultery” as is your so-called second husband. Remember: NO sin or person is worth going to hell over.


(Comment) I was extremely disappointed after reading your wonderful list of the names of Jesus that you used them to slur Roman Catholicism. You misunderstand the position of Mary entirely. She the perfect model of discipleship and her “Yes” to God was the route for Jesus to enter the world. If we model our response to God on hers, we too bring Jesus to the world. Like any other denomination, there are those who take a truth, twist it and create what amounts to idolatry. I would suggest that some evangelical churches also create idols. They may not be statues, but they serve the same misguided purpose: replacing God with their human understanding of Him, and even worse, using the Word of God to elevate themselves and condemn their fellow Christians. Is this what Jesus taught? Please reconsider your message.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. You are correct that Mary is not being worshiped by Catholics, according to their doctrine, but according to their practice many do worship Mary, especially in Mexico and in South America. After all, they think she is their “life, sweetness and hope,” as declared in the Rosary. Beyond that, they think Mary is their “refuge” and “the way” to God, according to Fatima. Hence, many Catholics pray to and trust in Mary like Christians pray to and trust in God. The truth is Mary is NOT our life, sweetness, hope, refuge, way, etc. JESUS IS ALL OF THAT AND MUCH MORE.

Though our statements about Catholicism, after the listing of Jesus' names and titles, were disturbing to you, the information is factual. NOWHERE do we say the official position of Catholicism is to worship Mary. As a former Catholic, I know that, as well as the false and powerless plan of salvation (which doesn't deliver from sin addictions) taught in Catholicism.

Please, please read the New Testament for yourself and change accordingly. Your SOUL is in the greatest danger. To have Biblical salvation you must REPENT (turn from your sins) and place your FAITH (TRUST) in JESUS 100% for your salvation. The faith in Jesus that will save you from hell is a faith that will OBEY and FOLLOW JESUS UNASHAMEDLY IN OUR WICKED DAY. This means you MUST NOT trust in Mary, the sacraments, church membership, etc. Place all 100% of your TRUST IN JESUS and follow him faithfully till death. He must be your FIRST LOVE. You must live HOLY.

Do you know about our wonderful book, “Is This The Mary Of The Bible?” It is loaded with relevant information for Catholics. GOD BLESS YOU. Remember Luke 11:27,28.


(Comment) ...As your cartoon says “Because I love you I must tell you.” As a faithful member of the Universal Church (the only church on earth founded by God Himself) which is called the Catholic Church, we honor Mary but worship God. She is the most perfect human being ever created by our Heavenly Father. How could the mother of His son be any other way? So we in turn honor, not worship, her. This is not meant to be a confrontational e-mail at all. I just wanted to help you understand a little better. May God bless you always,

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. Your email reminds me of myself ...when I was a staunch Catholic. What changed me was reading the Bible. It was then that I realized my trust in Mary, being a Catholic, the sacraments were all wrong, according to God. I needed to place all 100% of my TRUST IN JESUS FOR MY SOUL'S SALVATION. I turned from my sins and made JESUS my FIRST LOVE. He saved me and made me a new creation in Christ. (THANK YOU JESUS.) How well do you really know the Mary of the Bible? Are you willing to look at some Scriptures? [ Mary was not sinless, as you were taught. The real mother of Jesus is not our life, sweetness or hope.] GOD BLESS YOU. Remember Luke 11:27,28.


(Comment) ... Your article about “Fight to the death” was very useful. Thank you for the reminder about weekly messages and I have now signed up again.

Regarding persecution here [in India], I came to know of some brave believers who did not bow down to the photo of the dead man rather chose to be hungry while receiving relief (like food) from the government. Also read about a tragic story of a father burnt to death in front of his family as told by his young teenage son. His father was offered life if he renounced Christianity, but he refused to do so and chose to be burnt. His last words to his family were that they (the people who killed him) may come the next day to attack his family and the family should not deny Christ. ...There were many protestant churches that were razed as well and most of these churches were built only for new believers as a result of evangelism. Please remember them in your prayers.... Thanking you,

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. It was sad but yet a blessing to read about that father who was willing to die rather than renounce Christianity. That is the kind of commitment it takes to get one into the kingdom of God. We MUST be faithful to death to avoid the lake of fire (Rev. 2:10,11). [The promises are held out to he who overcomes.] With the HERESY of eternal security abounding MANY would disown Jesus and still think they have salvation. It is a terrible day.... GOD BLESS YOU. Rev. 21:4.


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