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The Sad End Of David Wilkerson!

David Wilkerson (1931-2011) was a well-known Pentecostal preacher who started out teaching a serious holiness message. Unfortunately, a doctrinal change occurred in his preaching. That is evident because David Wilkerson had been presenting the Christian life for years in such a way that would allow for a saved person to live in wickedness—exactly like the eternal security teachers declare. (For example, see the March 20, 2000 Times Square Church Pulpit Series, entitled Shall We Continue In Sin?)

Sadly, as of February 2006, David Wilkerson continued teaching the same license for immorality as usual. David Wilkerson apparently did NOT think a Christian can live above sin and must do so for salvation (Rev. 3:4,5; Heb. 12:14; Mt. 5:8). He presented an image of a Christian which is only a form of godliness, but nothing better! Did David Wilkerson think the BTK serial murderer could be a Christian too, like some others? David Wilkerson's doctrinal change from being a holiness preacher to a license for immorality teacher is one of the greatest blows to true Christianity in our day, but almost no one seems to be concerned. We are in a widespread apostasy.

Carter Conlon of Times Square Church is HERETICAL

It is astounding that David Wilkerson's Pentecostal audience can't seem to notice this and speak out against the poison that came forth from him, especially since such are also supposed to be holiness people. Some of his followers seem so devoted to the name and reputation of David Wilkerson that they must have thought he would always represent holiness, purity and the like in his teachings. Folks, those days are over for the deceased David Wilkerson. Apparently, David Wilkerson himself had been deceived somehow, perhaps by some Puritan of the past, or maybe even Charles Stanley - only God knows.

The Christian Image Is Under Attack

David Wilkerson - Another License To Sin Teacher

As Hymenaeus and Philetus became doctrinal apostates (2 Tim. 2:17,18) -- the same HORRIBLE thing happened to David Wilkerson, who many still think died a holiness teacher! The truth is, David Wilkerson changed his doctrine towards the end of his ministry and started teaching an image of a saint which is NOT holy at all. David Wilkerson is NOT an example of a holiness preacher or one of the all-time greats. David Wilkerson's deadly portrayal of someone with salvation, at the end of his ministry, is a powerless sin-addicted slave, but one who is still a Christian! SHOCKING and DEADLY, but true! Listen for yourself. The following came from his sermon entitled, Shall We Continue In Sin. Click:

David Wilkerson Became A Doctrinal Heretic

Here is the transcript from those David Wilkerson DEMONIC MISREPRESENTATIONS of a Christian:
And how is it that Christians who raise their hands and praise the Lord and confess deeply that they love Jesus and yet they can hold onto their sins? Continue in bitterness, grudges, lust, fornication, adultery, drinking, homosexuality, lesbianism, you name it. Thousands upon thousands of Christians have allowed the permissiveness of this age to creep into the church and into their very hearts and now excusing things they would have never excused before, winking at sins they have never thought they would wink at before, taking it so lightly, fornication, adultery, some besetting sin that is laid hold of the heart and just won’t let go, a sin that has entwined itself around the heart like a serpent. [David Wilkerson, Shall We Continue In Sin]
How many Christians still wrongly think David Wilkerson is one of the all-time great men of God, while his teaching shows he had become just another spiritual snare and stumbling block to sincere people worldwide, who are trying to embrace holiness? Here is another example of what David Wilkerson taught:

... multitudes of Christians are fighting a losing battle with their sin. In fact, many have already given up the fight. They're convinced some powerful demonic spirit has taken up a stronghold in them and can't be expelled. So they live in wretchedness, bound by a besetting sin. Paul expresses the cry of his heart: "O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?" (World Challenge Pulpit Series, 2-6-06, p. 3).

In those several sentences David Wilkerson's doctrine is expressed:

(1) There are multitudes of Christians being overcome by a besetting sin to the point that they think they have a demon that can't be cast out! But such are still Christians while they continue to live in their sin. In other words, multitudes of Christians are slaves to sin.

(2) Paul was also a Christian and bound by a besetting sin just like these people today who have given up fighting sin and think they have a powerful demon! Several paragraphs later, in his same Pulpit Series, David Wilkerson taught this:

When Jesus reconciled us to the Father at the Cross, it was for all time. That means if I sin, I don't have to be reconciled to God all over again; I'm not cut off from the Lord, suddenly unreconciled.

That is surely the language of eternal security. Charles Stanley gives the most popular and commonly understood definition of this teaching: Eternal security is that work of God, in which he guarantees that the gift of salvation once received is possessed forever and cannot be lost. That is what David Wilkerson just taught.

David Wilkerson Admits He Has Been a Hypocrite!

More shocking facts about David Wilkerson are, unfortunately, easy to be found! Not only did David Wilkerson admit he was a hypocrite, but then tries to minimize his own hypocrisy by distorting scripture to say the Apostle Paul was also a hypocrite. Click to hear David Wilkerson's admission and his WICKED DISTORTION OF PAUL'S HOLY CHARACTER:

David Wilkerson Admits To Being A Hypocrite

I don't have to look far for an answer as to why we continue in our sins. I look into my own heart. More and more I think of the time that I have to stand before the judgment seat of Christ. Every day of my life now I think of it. When I have to stand before my Jesus and look into his loving eyes, when I have to give an account of everything I've preached and I go over the years that I've preached things to others and demanded things of people I never kept myself. I know that other than the grace of God and the merciful(?) I couldn't stand before him and Paul knew that too. He said lest having preached to others I myself become a castaway. In other words, I stand before Jesus and I didn't live what I preached. [David Wilkerson, Shall We Continue In Sin]
David Wilkerson misused 1 Cor. 9:27, kjv as he endeavors to indict Paul as a hypocrite like himself! The whole verse, which states how to prevent a preacher from becoming a castaway, is here:
But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway. (1 Cor 9:27, KJV)
Paul kept his own body in subjection to God so he himself wouldn't become a castaway, that is, become a reprobate as mentioned in Romans 1:28. The truth is, Paul lived holy, righteous and blameless (1 Thess. 2:10), unlike the horrendous way David Wilkerson portrayed Paul. On that point alone, David Wilkerson is shown to be a dangerous scripture distorter! To infer Paul was a sinner is an abomination.

For those of you who know your Bible, don't you cringe after reading David Wilkerson? What a horrendous way to portray a Christian, much less multitudes of them, even the apostle Paul, and then assuring all that their reconciliation to God was for all time and they will never be cut off by sin.

I have no doubt some of David Wilkerson's devotees will email warnings and insults because of our expose, but let it be. Perhaps a few may have their eyes opened and be helped.

David Wilkerson deserves the Skull and Crossbones Award for teaching a license for immorality. Moreover, Carter Conlon, who has succeeded David Wilkerson as the senior pastor at Times Square Church, is also teaching a license to sin! Click here to read our Open Letter To David Wilkerson. Also read Is David Wilkerson Changing His Doctrine For The Good? (No! False Alarm).

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