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(Bible Question) I was Catholic but now attend a Baptist church. I am curious to see what your views on salvation are. My mom and sisters and brother are all Catholic and love their version of her. I wonder sometimes about the, "Queen of Heaven" mentioned in the Old Testament... and wonder if this same evil spirit is the same as the one the RCC adopted?

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. It is great to read you are out of the Catholic church, but sad to read you are probably in one of the many Baptist congregations which teach the heresy (once saved always saved). To be in such an environment is to hear Scriptural distortions regarding grace, sin, salvation, the Christian image, etc., which will affect many teachings. Hence, even many sub-doctrines have been twisted to allow for and promote the security-in-sin doctrine of eternal security....

[The Queen of Heaven is mentioned in Jer. 7:18; 44:17-25 and was an idolatrous stumbling block for the Israelites. If it is the same evil spirit behind the fabricated Mary of Catholicism, who they call Queen of Heaven, or not, no one can definitely say. We can, however, be sure the Mary of the Catholic Church is not the real Mary of the Bible. The Catholic Mary is a mythological and non-existent entity and tool of the devil which has and is deceiving many sincere people spiritually. Catholicism calls it Mariology, but is really mythology!] Remember Heb. 3:14. GOD BLESS YOU.


(Bible Question) I didn't really grow up in church but my family did attend a non-denominational church for about 2 years. We left a couple of years ago and are now trying to find a more sound church. I was wondering if I could get some advice on finding a church.... Is there any advise you have for finding a good sound church? Are there any particular denominations that may be more sound than others or any specific warning signs to look out for at churches concerning false doctrines? My family is trying to get back on track but I will admit we do not have a lot of spiritual knowledge. Church is new to us. I found your website which offered me a lot of advice. This website by far offers the most information and seems to be the best I've heard. Your website is the only one I've found that speaks the truth and doesn't down play anything. All the churches I've been to have had pastors that are more concerned about how they will be viewed by others or their reputation than speaking the truth. Or the pastor plainly lies about doctrine or tries to put on a fancy show. Please Help! Sincerely A family in need!

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. We are so sorry for the anxiety you are going through. It is GREAT you and your family are trying to get back on track. NOTE this wonderful passage:

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. (James 4:7-10)

Several things: (1) We are probably in the GREAT APOSTASY now. This is a must to pave the way for the antichrist. Hence, there are MANY who can NOT find a sound church. This is a worldwide problem! You are NOT alone. (2) Have you turned from your sins and placed a submissive faith in JESUS that will obey and serve him? He is your ONLY hope of salvation. That is where it all begins. Please call out repentantly to him for mercy and do his will. Please see this about Biblical salvation. (3) The safest way to learn about God and what he wants from you is by going directly to the New Testament for yourself and reading it (apart from all so-called study aids) and change accordingly. Do that 10 times before going to the Old Testament. As you change and pray to God (to cast your cares on him), realize you are in a spiritual war with powerful forces. You must do things to guard yourself.

Our internet church might help you much. It is the only church many can find in our day for various reasons. If interested, you can sign up there.

Please know there are MANY false teachers even on TV and radio. To add to the problem, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons who knock on our doors are also teaching a DEADLY message. Again, you need to learn the New Testament and change accordingly. GOD BLESS YOU. Remember 1 Cor. 6:9-11.


(Bible Question from a missionary) ... I don't want to add to your work load but have not found the answer in your material. What English translation of God's Word do you feel is most accurate? My Bible is a ______ study Bible. Which commentary do you prefer?

Yes most of what is taught here is false, and speaking the Gospel truth has gotten me into lots of tight places to put it civility. Most of my ministry here has been on the island of ________, the island that __________ has in red meaning a minister of God is an endangered species. It might be humorous if i were back home in _________. In a week i will be going back into an area that ... i had to slip out of under cover of night to save my skin. As you might guess the offended and aggressors were Roman Catholic and Baptists. This trip is important and i must trust our Lord so please pray for me. Keep up the good work and i want you to know your web material is a God sent for me here. Words cannot express my gratitude and thanks... God bless

(Bible Answer) ...Regarding Bible translations, we usually tell people to read various reputable versions such as the NASB, NIV, ESV and NRSV. All of them have some flaws, but are still good translations overall. We reject all so-called “study” Bibles because they teach their pet doctrines in the explanations, etc. Often it is very subtle. Hence, it is always better just to read the Scriptures ALONE apart from all so-called helps or aids, which often deceive people. We depend on NO Bible commentary here, since they all have at least a few slight flaws and errors. Again, Christians need to read the Scriptures alone and let the Holy Spirit teach them. (There were no Bible commentaries or “study” Bibles, which the New Testament Christians relied upon. Hence, we don’t need one either, especially in these VERY perilous and deceitful times with rampant false doctrine.)

May God help you hold out the word of life to people in your area. You are in a dangerous area of the world, yet you have NOT invented a self-exalting false name or changed your appearance as one person did that we know who merely visits other countries on occasion. You also need to be commended, for your age. Your zeal and commitment are a blessing and inspiration to us. Serving God is NOT a sit-back-and-observe-others-who-serve deal, but is for all who profess to be Christian to get involved in. Each person has his/her own circle of influence, which can be helped with God’s truth. Hence, for their sake and his own, each Christian better get busy. It is fruit or fire .... Remember 1 Tim. 4:16. GOD BLESS YOU.


(Bible Question) Well, I guess it's pretty clear, GFA [Gospel For Asia] believes OSAS!...

"We believe that whoever has repented from their sins and put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior has eternal life and can be secure in that. We don’t believe that if someone sins, they lose their salvation and need to be resaved. "

(Apparently they believe there are christian adulterers and murderers, and Jesus deniers!) But you can read the response for yourselves.

I'm glad I checked. It's really unfortunate, I want to reach the lost around the world, but not with a partial/false gospel message that apparently GFA spreads. Keep up the good work and God Bless!

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. THANK YOU for 2 things: (1) Checking into what Gospel For Asia and K. P. Yohannan spread in Asia and stopping to support such .... (2) Thanks for alerting us about them via the email they sent you....You are absolutely right: there are NO Christian adulterers and murderers, and Jesus deniers! May God bless you.


(Bible Question) So are you of the mind set that the Trinity is a factual thing and are saying Jesus raised himself even though the bible clearly makes a distiction at least as I have read that God raised him and thats how your resolving the contridiction or do you tend to think the trinity is a doctrine that isn't true and the video is just once again deafing Jesus? I personaly have read enough scripture that I can see a bases for each argument but tend not to let it hold me back to much as scripture dosn't require a belief in the trinity for salvation rather a beliefe in the crusifiction and resurection. I would love to finally be able to get a response that I could argue back and forth with in the seanse of the directive to challenge all spirits and teachings without being attacked and basically feeling like my question makes me an outcast as most churches have made me feel thus far. I have actually been told "you don't believe Jesus raised himself since he is God then your not saved and can't have salvation without that belief" so I'm a little frustrated and tend to study on my own. Please help in kindness cause I really am trying to get my facts from the word and not theology or doctrine.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. The Bible definitely teaches the Trinity, though the word is not actually found in the Bible. The Trinity doctrine comes from many Scriptures plus a logical conclusion. As we have already noted in one of our teachings: God raised Jesus. Yet other Scriptures mention it was the Father who raised Jesus, but elsewhere it says Jesus raised himself, and lastly the Holy Spirit raised Jesus. Logically, since there are no contradictions in Scripture, God is: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—three different and separate persons. We have related materials on this issue here with our teachings refuting the Jehovah's Witnesses

Perhaps the best way to know what is a MUST to believe to have salvation is to examine Acts. There we have actual salvation sermons preached to the lost by the Christians. They never taught one must believe in the Trinity (though it is TRUE) to have salvation. [There are MANY true doctrines that one does NOT have to have any belief in to come to initial salvation.] However, to come to initial salvation one MUST turn away from their sins and place a SUBMISSIVE FAITH in the Lord Jesus. 100% of his TRUST must be in JESUS. This includes OBEYING him (or FOLLOWING him). Such is “believing on” Jesus. It does NOT include a TRUST in Mary, the sacraments, water baptism, church membership, Saturday Sabbath keeping, one’s own good works, an organization, etc. Our TRUST must be in JESUS and not even Jesus AND THE FATHER!!!!!! To follow Jesus will result in many good works, but one is NOT to trust in those good works. His faith is IN JESUS FOR SALVATION. Jesus is the Savior and our ONLY hope. Remember also: Jesus pointed people to Jesus; the Father pointed people to Jesus; the Holy Spirit pointed people to Jesus and the disciples pointed people to Jesus.

NOTE: Jesus is DEITY. He is both God and man. How could one effectually “believe on” Jesus for salvation in the sense that it was understood in NT times and not accept his deity? How could that be possible, since one is CURSED to trust in man, but BLESSED to trust in YHWH (Jer. 17:5,7). Jesus can NOT be mere man. It is IMPOSSIBLE, especially since he received worship from the disciples, taught others to pray TO himself, etc.

If you have studied anything from the Jehovah’s Witnesses please trash it all. Go to the New Testament and believe what you read, but do NOT read their perverted so-called translation, The New World Translation.

Please consider signing up for our internet church. God bless you.


(Comment) How, can you claim that the bible is 100% accurate information about anything the Scriptures speak. when the bible clearly states of so called angles and demons. The bible is the same as Nostradamus fails [Nostradamus failed prophecies] info or miss interprited. The bible is a tool to help mankind keep in touch with there humanity and to stay focused on how we live our lifes and to give us hope that there is other life beyond our reach weather it's in death or out in space. there is no proof of a god or that jesus christ was the son of god. when in the bible it states the all man and women are chlidren of god, if this is the case then why keep saying (jesus christ son of god).... Jesus christ most likely learned of herbs and medacines around that time frame. the people that wrote the bible all had so called visions like Nostradamus so they are all the same just different so called visions.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. The Bible is 100% accurate on everything it speaks out on. What you have been told the Bible teaches is NOT accurate. The truth is: You desperately need God. The ONLY way to have God is to believe on and follow JESUS, who died for your sins and rose again. (He is alive!) To do this you will have to turn away from your idols (sins), which are dragging you to hell. Then serve God. JESUS is the only way to the Father and your only hope of paradise beyond the grave. Ponder this clear truth:

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God. (1 Cor. 6:9-11).

Your SOUL is your most valuable possession. If you are “wise” you will put God’s word into practice. If you die in your sins you will go to eternal FIRE, prepared for the devil and his angels.

Whoever told you the things found in your email is seriously wrong. Forget all of that and start afresh by going to God on your knees, asking for mercy and forgiveness as you seek him through the truth found in the New Testament. You must change accordingly. As you draw near to God he will, in turn, draw near to you. Remember: The Bible ALONE is the source to consult to learn about all spiritual matters. Any and ALL other sources must be rejected, for the devil has communicated his thoughts in some form in them. Ponder this:

But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death. (Rev 21:8)

God bless you.


(Comment) I just finished listening to your radio debate with "pastor" Driscoll. I think you did a wonderful job defending the Gospel. I felt sorry for Mr Driscoll as he seemed unable to defend his position without resorting to insults. My mother always said that you could tell who was "losing" an argument by watching who began slinging insults or yelling at the other person in the discussion. I was also saddened by the callers and their "beliefs" about what the Word says. We are certainly in a dark day. May God Continue to bless you and your ministry.... In Him,

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. THANK YOU for the comments. Mark Driscoll is a strange person, but just the kind people love in our dark time. His popularity is proof that we are now in an apostasy! Also, the phone callers during that debate were somewhat typical and like others when on the radio. The vineyard has been “ruined” by the counterfeit grace message. People have sought out teachers to tell them they can commit adultery, get drunk, steal, blaspheme, lie, slander, commit idolatry, etc. and still be a Christian. May God help us all, especially the new converts who are just getting started.... God bless you. Heb. 3:14.


(Bible Question) I would like to know if you see any problem in christians going in the Presbyterian Church (a Reformed Church), because my parents only let me go to this church. They teach in this church the heresy of eternal security. But this is the only church that I can go. The question is: is it better to stay away without going to any church or go into this one (the Presbyterian Church) Thanks.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. It is WONDERFUL to read that you know eternal security is a HERESY and the Presbyterian (Reformed) Church spreads that horrible lie of the devil. You are MUCH better off to read the Bible and put it into practice, as you read it on your own, then to go to a poison-spreading congregation, which teaches a false grace message. The more you read, ponder, mediate on, memorize and act on Scripture, the more you will be blessed and in a position to help and bless others, especially spiritually. Have you read this for new Christians?

Please consider signing up for our internet church. If interested, you can do that here


(Bible Question) I was speaking to a Calvinist believer and he said John 3:16 pertaining to the elect in the orginal language I believe in Hebrew. But he showed me the translations and I did not know what to say. please give me some input about this one. God bless

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. The only way any person could ever think Jesus only died for some people, but not all, is to be taught such when he is ignorant of the Biblical message. What could be more clear than this:

He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world. (1 John 2:2)

Other Scriptures are also clear. The Scripture you asked about is:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

NOTE: The same Greek word for world is found in each reference. Hence, “world” does NOT merely mean the elect, but ALL people (the non-elect too).

Rather than waste time on that point of Calvinism, go to the 5th point—once saved always saved. That is the B-I-G issue! Multitudes are on the road to hell thinking they are on the road to heaven because they were previously regenerated. They overlook their present wickedness (adultery, drunkenness, greed, lying, etc.) because of the false “grace” they have been taught. Have you read, “The Believer’s Conditional Security”? God bless you. Heb. 3:14.

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