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Many people with Bible questions are looking for solid Bible answers. Unfortunately, because we are in a widespread apostasy that makes getting sound Bible answers hard to come by. We offer these FREE as a spiritual blessing to all who want a reply from God's word. May SOULS be helped and the Lord Jesus glorified by these Christian answers.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 109

children are reading about witchcraft because of Harry Potter, I pray to God and Christ His son that there will be forgiveness for me on judgment day, eternal sin (unforgivable sin) occurs when a person believes and says Jesus had a demon and by the power of the devil he performed his miracles, at 18 I left Christianity altogether and for many years led a very sin filled life, I have trampled his blood under foot according to Hebrews, if you play with sin, you will be damned in the end, the Hebrew Roots and Yeshua meaning, people are wrong about several important things, you may get severely tested at times, you're saying that King David went to Hell, the blood of Jesus sets one free from his sin addictions when he becomes a new creation in Christ, turn from such a vile theology, David J. Stewart thinks one can die in the very act of adultery and still go to heaven, they live the way they preach, the majority of church goers tend to just gullibly listen to the preachers - accept it and will be damned, if you reject the Bible you will be damned

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 108

I lost my homosexual desires right after I prayed my repentance prayer, I got angry at God, though Ray Comfort might be recognized for evangelism his message and materials are FLAWED, was Judas Iscariot a believer, I cannot understand the lack of importance you place on baptism, there is no question that once saved always saved is wrong and DANGEROUS, at what point does salvation come, I am a servant of Christ not a slave, this place is one of the most godless I have ever been, people will not repent to find salvation, racial prejudice sadly exists in different settings, it does not come automatically because of Jesus' death, Hell is a reality or Jesus' death was worthless because he was a liar for teaching some people go to hell, when it gets discouraging remember how wonderful it will be in heaven with no wicked people, must a Christian obey the 10 commandments to stay saved, a person has asked God to forgive him of stealing but still has remnants of what he stole around him, other sins certainly will send any person to hell if they die unrepentant, I hope you're black because we're the real Jews, a real Jew now is one who has had heart circumcision and is following JESUS, I fear that I will lose faith in God, I am a terrible hypocrite, God doesn't reply to my questions, the Bible proves God exists since he does know the future as shown by true prophecy and predictions, do NOT be duped by the divisive and nonsensical KJV Onlyites, living holy is the vital issue

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 107

is there Scripture support for a pretribulation rapture, the tribulation is not the wrath of God, I feel like I just turned my back on my best friend Mary, you're helping those who were led astray, turn away from Catholicism to the truth of God, you are safely standing on the solid rock, mother Teresa will definitely be over you in heaven, what do you think about a person who is committing biblical adultery that is a christian, it is impossible to be an adulterer and a Christian at the same time, could you please tell me if all of the 144,000 will be men, do you believe that we need to keep the Ten Commandments, the pope is a false teacher and false Christ, does God ever stop loving people because of their sin

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 106

my former husband divorced me due to adultery, as long as the spouse is still alive, my mother had sent my spirit out of my body when I was four, you used the names of Jesus to slur Roman Catholicism, I have never heard such nonsense in my life, your soul is in the greatest danger, the Universal Church is the only church on earth founded by God Himself, his father was offered life if he renounced Christianity but he refused to do so and chose to be burnt, the kind of commitment it takes to get one into the kingdom of God, a double message, 100 anathemas were cited at Trent, how can someone have salvation without their mythical Eucharist or sinless Queen of Heaven, if you have never experienced this you have never been truly saved

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 105

Billy Graham is a universalist, where are the real men of God, for you to support him financially is to share in his wicked work, nearly 1 billion people are going to hell through this idolatrous false religious system, the word began to pierce my heart and tear down the prosperity doctrine, your former pastor would lose much if he changed, the average congregation is filled with sin, the term soundly saved is the devil's way to bring more lies and deception to cover up for the false teaching of eternal security, he tries to teach holy living but his belief in eternal security blocks him every time, unsaved people don't need another gimmick, I am so ashamed of myself, I do not know why I did this terrible thing and truly regret my actions, do not go by what the church people tell you, the popular eternal security teachers are speaking for the devil, are you going to believe the bible -- spiritual authority -- or the deadly interpretation given by the Reformed church

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 104

you recommend to people to stay only reading the New Testament of the Bible, it is just as valid to say we believe the moon is made out of green cheese, if he does it a second time rebuke him for lying, Jesus is the father of eternity, I was discouraged and few days ago went back to old self, God spoke to me through your article, don't be discouraged regardless how bleak it may seem, sometimes he will plan months or years ahead to take a person down if possible, every time you commit a sin you lose your salvation, don't take this as negative criticism, how could you get so far from reality, stop teaching others until you learn the truth yourself, as long as he stays alive he stays saved, multitudes are in hell now because of it, the big issue is holy living, death is only departing this cursed life to go to Paradise, mental agreement about the Lord is NOT saving faith, I knew I would be giving up the Lord to be his wife now, please stop allowing the devil to torture your mind with thoughts that God won't take you back, living HOLY needs to be the top concern of all true Christians.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 103

I am a backslider, drug user, drunkard, pornographer, adulterer, thief, liar, murderer, idolatrous, son of Satan who hates my sin and made a shipwreck of my life but am beginning to see that Calvinism is satanic, most of my 20 years as a Christian has been spent with the swine and prostitutes, it wasn't until I really started to ardently search the Bible myself that I have come to believe that we can lose our salvation, one can return to the Lord and God will take him back except for one exception, all the churches teach the greasy grace heresy of OSAS, live like hell and still be saved, the devil's best, a brief encounter brought shame, pain, suffering and grief, we all sin daily, I pray you will find the truth that we can't lose salvation, to repeat what the Lord taught is not works salvation, a common but irrational and unsupported argument, are Calvinists going to heaven, they link all of those heresies to the gospel and grace, I was saved and kept on sinning in a sexual way, please give me any hope the Holy Scriptures have to offer, no one is currently in hell at the moment, saved people got hell warnings too, that is very dangerous.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 102

I am a born again Christian living with the man I love, you are a fornicator on the road to hell, what happens to the Christian that lies and has a heart attack before he repents, your pastor will probably give you the wrong answer, if someone murders a person then suddenly dies does he go to hell, we will continue to sin after we are saved, if your faith doesn't obey it isn't saving faith, you show yourself defeated already, a dangerous myth, all sins are not the same, find another church, this different gospel has caused me concern and distress, my gut feeling, fit into society and you'll be okay, a devilish misuse of Scripture, the main problem in our day, the only way to reach any deceived person, I arrived at one conclusion, I pray that you will find your way back to the Catholic church, don't try to sanitize Catholicism, another shocking and major contradiction, why don't the Catholic authorities stop this worship of Mary, the wafer is not changed into Jesus, I can sense your displeasure with what we wrote, what jarred me loose, no fear of sinning, you only have the faith of demons, the only time eternal security was taught was by the devil, Jesus wasn't joking, my mom is Christian and I am Catholic, what is the real name for Jesus.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 101

the celebration of the wrong time for Jesus' birthday, Christmas is when people get drunk and do immoral things, Mother Teresa will definitely be over you in heaven, you must be biblically saved to be a saint, saved from hell, are we still to honor the Sabbath, I have reached a state of paranoia of even thinking a single bad thought, drained and overwhelmed, Christians usually do that on Sunday, hot issues among professing Christians, you will be able to spot counterfeits more easily, is there Scripture support for a pretribulation rapture, you will face the antichrist, no matter what I say they don't believe me, your experiences could be revealing and very important, you all need to be awoken, the reason you are addicted to sins is because you are without salvation as you travel down the road to hell, tradition to not equal to Scripture, painful times and problems, your most valuable possession, this short life is only a test, the Sunday school program have tunes similar to worldly songs, they hate the name Jesus that much, Calvinism is dangerously wrong, extreme ignorance and a horrible strike against God's character, the worst ones are claiming to present truth from the Bible but are not, what about a Christian committing biblical adultery?

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