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(Bible Question) ...I have read the scriptures over and over and I am still confused about the perpetual adultery question. My former husband divorced me due to adultery.

''And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.''

Now that tells me that both are then free to marry although a sin was committed. I'm not trying to get out of what I have done, it was a truly awful crime against both God and my husband, but to leave my present husband I am told would also be a sin. I am grateful to you for your reply as I don't really have anyone whom I can speak to about this. God bless you.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. It seems perfectly clear that the guilty party who committed adultery can never "remarry" as long as the spouse is still alive. In fact, the same holds true for both parties, even the innocent one (Rom. 7:2,3). If that is you, then please know you are not really "married" at present, that is why you are in "adultery" as is your so-called second husband. Remember: NO sin or person is worth going to hell over. GOD BLESS YOU.


(Bible Question) I seem to have a problem when I go to churches in that each and every church finds fault with me and I end up leaving due to the pain of this. I am an old woman compared to you I am sure and I was born again on the _________ and have served God since. But this problem seems to haunt me and my husband. EG : The church leadership prayed for my husband as he was going interstate to work for a time and they also prayed for God's protection over me during his time away. When he returned some weeks later we were called before the pastor by way that he wanted to speak privately to us and when we got there he told us it was a curt, that the court was in session and he was the only other person present (Referring to a woman who was a troublemaker)

Three years ago I went for ministry to an American pastor who was visiting Australia and he called me out to the front and told me that I had "Never made a decision in my entire life. That my mother had sent my spirit out of my body when I was four and one half years old and had lived through me ever since. He went on to tell me I had not chosen my husband not had our own babies that the children belonged to my mother and she lived her life out through me." I was sickened by this because I had a very brutal childhood at the hands of my mum whom I had forgiven and who was already dead, having been murdered.

I sent for my husband who was overseas and he returned home early to comfort me and we went to speak to this Apostle as he called himself and he cunningly asked me for my maiden name, claiming he would research the name to see if there was a curse with it. Instead he sent an email to me a few days later telling me that I was ‘pining away' due to iniquities, that I would "go mental" then die. I stopped going out back then and seldom ever go outside my home. I have fasted and prayed and searched myself and sought God until I'm dizzy and to no avail it seems. I am so fearful even though I HAVE CONFESSED THIS FEAR AS SIN, RECOGNIZED IT, REPENTED OFF IT, ASKED FORGIVENESS, CAST IT OUT AND STILL i STAY at home What can I do? Please?

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. I am very sorry for the horrible problems in churches you have experienced and the pain that came with them. You are NOT alone. Many others have been hurt in various ways by wicked people. It is GREAT to read that you are drawing near to God, even though there are so many false teachers out there, whom you have encountered.

The HERETIC who told you that your mother sent your spirit out of your body at the age of 4 is shocking. I have never heard such nonsense in my life! If your spirit would have left your physical body, you would have died (James 2:26a)!

Please don't be concerned by any of those church experiences. Forget them and move on with the Lord. Please don't let FALSE TEACHERS and other EVIL people hinder your walk with God. You must forgive them. Remember Mt. 6:14,15. Draw near to God and he'll draw near to you. GOD BLESS YOU. Remember Heb. 3:14.


(Bible Question) I was extremely disappointed after reading your wonderful list of the names of Jesus that you used them to slur Roman Catholicism. You misunderstand the position of Mary entirely. She is not worshiped, but she is the perfect model of discipleship and her "Yes" to God was the route for Jesus to enter the world. If we model our response to God on hers, we too bring Jesus to the world. Like any other denomination, there are those who take a truth, twist it and create what amounts to idolatry. I would suggest that some evangelical churches also create idols. They may not be statues, but they serve the same misguided purpose: replacing God with their human understanding of Him, and even worse, using the Word of God to elevate themselves and condemn their fellow Christians. Is this what Jesus taught? Please reconsider your message.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. You are correct that Mary is not being worshiped by Catholics, according to their doctrine, but according to their practice many do worship Mary, especially in Mexico and in South America. After all, they think she is their "life, sweetness and hope," as declared in the Rosary. Beyond that, they think Mary is their "refuge" and "the way" to God, according to Fatima. Hence, many Catholics pray to and trust in Mary like Christians pray to and trust in God. The truth is Mary is NOT our life, sweetness, hope, refuge, way, etc. JESUS IS ALL OF THAT AND MUCH MORE.

Though our statements about Catholicism, after the listing of Jesus' names and titles, were disturbing to you, the information is factual.NOWHERE do we say the official position of Catholicism is to worship Mary. As a former Catholic, I know that, as well as, the false and powerless plan of salvation (which doesn't deliver from sin addictions) taught in Catholicism.

Please, please read the New Testament for yourself and change accordingly. Your SOUL is in the greatest danger. To have Biblical salvation you must REPENT (turn from your sins) and place your FAITH (TRUST) in JESUS 100% for your salvation. The faith in Jesus that will save you from hell is a faith that will OBEY and FOLLOW JESUS UNASHAMEDLY IN OUR WICKED DAY. This means you MUST NOT trust in Mary, the sacraments, church membership, etc. Place all 100% of your TRUST IN JESUS and follow him faithfully till death. He must be our FIRST LOVE. You must live HOLY.

Do you know about our wonderful book, "Is This The Mary Of The Bible?" It is loaded with relevant information for Catholics. GOD BLESS YOU. Remember Luke 11:27,28.


(Bible Question) I found your website while surfing the web. As your cartoon says "Because I love you I must tell you." As a faithful member of the Universal Church (the only church on earth founded by God Himself) which is called the Catholic Church, we honor Mary but worship God. She is the most perfect human being ever created by our Heavenly Father. How could the mother of His son be any other way? So we in turn honor, not worship, her. This is not meant to be a confrontational e-mail at all. I just wanted to help you understand a little better. May God bless you always,

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. Your email reminds me of myself about 35 years ago when I was a staunch Catholic. What changed me was reading the Bible. It was then that I realized my trust in Mary, being a Catholic, the sacraments were all wrong, according to God. I needed to place all 100% of my TRUST IN JESUS FOR MY SOUL'S SALVATION. I turned from my sins and made JESUS my FIRST LOVE. He saved me and made me a new creation. (THANK YOU JESUS.)

How well do you really know the Mary of the Bible? Are you willing to look at some Scriptures? Check out when Mary sinned and former Roman Catholic. GOD BLESS YOU. Remember Luke 11:27,28.


(Comment) ... Your article about "Fight To The Death" was very useful. Thank you for the reminder about weekly messages and I have now signed up again.

Regarding persecution here [in India], I came to know of some brave believers who did not bow down to the photo of the dead man rather chose to be hungry while receiving relief (like food) from the government. Also read about a tragic story of a father burnt to death in front of his family as told by his young teenage son. His father was offered life if he renounced Christianity, but he refused to do so and chose to be burnt. His last words to his family were that they (the people who killed him) may come the next day to attack his family and the family should not deny Christ. ...There were many protestant churches that were razed as well and most of these churches were built only for new believers as a result of evangelism. Please remember them in your prayers.... Thanking you,

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. It was sad but yet a blessing to read about that father who was willing to die rather than renounce Christianity. That is the kind of commitment it takes to get one into the kingdom of God. We MUST be faithful to death to avoid the lake of fire (Rev. 2:10,11). With the HERESY of eternal security abounding MANY would disown Jesus and still think they have salvation. It is a terrible day. ... GOD BLESS YOU. Rev. 21:4.


(Comment) ...Catholic church teaches salvation out side of the church. You speak paragraphs to show your point but lie in doing so.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. The Roman Catholic church has a double message. As a former Roman Catholic from before Vatican Council II, I was taught you must be a Catholic to have salvation. Hence, it depends what quote from their teachings you have been taught and are referring to! Especially since Vatican Council II, the message often has been one doesn't have to be Catholic to have salvation, but even that is NOT consistent. You must not know that Vatican Council II also declared the following:

This sacred council accepts loyally the venerable faith of our ancestors in the living communion which exists between us and our brothers who are in the glory of heaven or who are yet being purified after their death; and it proposes again the decrees of the Second Council of Nicea, of the Council of Florence, and of the Council of Trent. (Vatican Council II, Costello Publishing Co., Northport, New York. Austin Flannery, O. P., is the general editor, 1984, Vol. 1, p. 412)

For Vatican II to propose again the Council of Trent is to pronounce anathemas or condemnation to hell upon ALL non-Catholics. If you don't believe this read Trent for yourself. At least 100 anathemas have been cited!

Furthermore, their view of the Eucharist, which they alone can produce by transubstantiation, also suggests sometimes that one must be Catholic to have salvation. Click Eucharist to read quotes. The same type of salvation distortions have been cited about Mary, who they think is the mediatrix and dispenser of all grace. They teach she is the refuge of sinners and many similar things, including she is our "life, sweetness and hope" (rosary). How then can one have salvation without their mythical Eucharist or sinless Queen of Heaven? Logically, it is impossible.

True salvation centers around repentance and a faith in Jesus which obeys him (Acts 20:21 cf. 26:20). There is no other salvation, but this one (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; etc.). Such results in a new creation and deliverance from sin addictions. If you have never experienced this, you have never been truly saved. Read plan of salvation for more details. God bless you.


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