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Many people with Bible questions are looking for solid Bible anwers. Unfortunately, because we are in a widespread apostasy sound Bible answers hard to come by. We offer these FREE as a spiritual blessing to all who want a solid reply from God's word. May SOULS be helped and the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified by these Christian answers.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 119

If Jesus saved you then how can you lose our salvation, we all sin daily, if I lose my salvation then Jesus must have to die again, following Jesus is not salvation by works, obedience is not legalism or works salvation, a fringe belief is that a Christian sins all the time, do you think Christians believe Jesus can or would have to die again since eternal security is false, you appear to be ruined, who are the demons, Satan still had access to God in heaven after he sinned, how is your faith in Jesus today, Judas may have gone to Hell but he's in Heaven now, please lay down your fairytale books, Jesus never led anyone from the fires of Hades into heaven, if she was baptized she is fine, to teach one must be water baptized to get forgiven is a grave error, all of these prevalent teachings are demonic and have damned multitudes, someone can't submit to Jesus and stay in sins, the devil has reclaimed many under the distorted grace message of eternal security, many books about Biblical subjects are filled with poison, I pray you will find your way to the Catholic church, you proclaim Mary to be your life, sweetness and hope which is enough to send you to Hell, to worship the communion wafer as God is idolatry, Jesus was the founder of Christianity not of Catholicism, Catholicism is a monstrosity, now that you have come to believe in eternal security you have no fear of sinning and are convinced you can turn to wickedness and retain your eternal salvation, you have the faith of demons, the only time eternal security was taught in the Bible was from the devil, Eve believed the devil and fell into sin quickly, is the real name for Jesus Yeshua or Yahweh

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 118

After giving my heart to Jesus 10 years ago I still fall into the sin of lying and lust with masterbation and have been addicted to both for about 30 years, demons also believe Jesus died on the cross and rose again, there is no such thing as a Christian adulterer or Christian liar, when the devil tempts you put your hand over a hot stove, could the temple be the believers, if you adopt a figurative interpretation of Scripture any weird conclusion can result, why do Catholics need a pope or priest to tell them what the Bible means, everything about Catholicism seems cultish, the Bible is an anti-Catholic book, when a person gets saved he will have a hunger for reading the Bible, do suicide victims go to heaven, do murderers go to the lake of fire, is it very sinful for women to wear makeup and trousers, her false understanding of holiness, both men and women wear pants, form-fitting clothes are not fitting for a Christian, does God ever stop loving people because of their sin, pornography will send you to hell, dreams are not authoritative, God has used you greatly in my life, true Christians will never leave the faith, is God an indian giver, God does take back your share in the holy city under certain conditions, read the New Testament and the repentance meaning

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 117

in regards to water baptism for the remission of sins, their pet false doctrine, you are dangerously deceived, please shelve your pride, don't slander us by saying we believe one can be saved with demon faith, everything the once saved always saved teachers cite as proof for their heresy is misused, to call David Cloud a wolf in sheep's clothing because he correctly teaches eternal security is going too far, saved by grace and we do nothing to keep it, John Calvin was not what many think, God will take away salvation under certain conditions, a Christian must produce fruit or get thrown into the fire, how can a sinner be spiritually dead but physically still be alive, if you don't examine all the bible verses listed for it you will be deceived, the soul of a man is his intellect, emotion and will, an unsaved person is physically alive but spiritually dead, Adam and Eve lost their salvation over one sin, how good must I be to get to heaven, why are you calling Jesus a liar, stop trying to convince people in sin that they are on the way to heaven, you are taking people to hell with you through your teachings, you must change or be damned, Dave Hunt writes like he's the only man in town with logic, we better not just trust another's interpretation, it is sad because he has great influence over eternal souls

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 116

is there hope for one that has been born again and committed sin and then repented, you lost your salvation through sin, you did not commit eternal sin, will God forgive me again and again and again for lusting after women, parading like hot cakes, you don't realize your sins are dragging you to hell, it is worthless for you to keep asking for forgiveness, you are implying that Samson and David are in hell, the devil's crowd fears our message, one sin can cause loss of salvation under certain circumstances, enemies lie about our doctrines, can backslidden preachers be saved, people saw YHWH in the OT but he was not the Father, leave the determination of his soul in the hands of God, John Calvin was a heretic, where does the Bible teach an eternal soul, do I lose my salvation every time I sin as a believer, all sin is not the same, sin is not the only way to lose salvation, only eight people in Noah's day were saved

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 115

why are there so many poor Christians, a person might be saved at one point but later unsaved, the prosperity message is demonic, is it true that Jesus is a corrupted name, they are beyond correction, some Yeshua christ people are in other dangerous false doctrines too, we are in an apostasy which is paving the way for antichrist, God has amazing love for us whether we are good or bad, false doctrine and false teachers create divisions, Islam is a false religion based on a false prophet who taught about a false savior, since we have carefully examined the Bible for decades we noticed the message contradicts once saved always saved, it has been our privilege to help many from a deadly delusion as once saved always saved, should we call them Christians while they call us heretics and lie about us, is the pope sound because he is popular, eternal security is the devil's message to reclaim souls, the Calvinists have a double message and teach reprehensible things, fornication is not just sexual sin between two unmarried people, God will hold us accountable to the Scriptures, multitudes are in adultery through divorce and remarriage, can a Christian commit a single major sin and spiritually die from it and go to hell, Adam and Eve lost their salvation over one sin, they reject the evidence to their own har and cleave to a demonic myth that allows wickedness, a Bible-defined sinner is not a Christian, a Christian is a righteous person not a sinner, your position will be a lethal snare, in hell it won't matter, Judas murdered himself, devastating to the pre-trib rapture people, will their faith be destroyed

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 114

I was worried about being forgiven for witchcraft, torturous anxiety over being damned, once saved always saved is an insidious and misleading doctrine that allows people to sin, I can't get into the rapture as a sound doctrine to base my faith on, when eternal security came up he screamed at me with his weak ridiculous fables, their salvation hinges on this false security in sin gospel, they come with spiritual poison, Billy Graham has been spreading a false unity, paving the way for the antichrist and what is the mark of the beast, David Bercot is a dangerous false teacher misleading even those opposed to once saved always saved, I am a backslider living with my boyfriend since it's cheaper than renting and I'm asking God's forgiveness every day, just asking God to forgive you without repenting is worthless, I hate what she believes because I hate lies, LDS beliefs are shocking and dangerous, how can the New Testament first be written in Greek, the Bible is trustworthy and works if acted upon, how do you think we are not required to be baptized, a lie from the pit of hell, you don't want to share in their wicked work, are all angels men

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 113

I was looking at your site on false teachers and was surprised to see Calvary Chapel Chuck Smith, continuing to spread the truth is a good way to stomp on the devil and make him mad, the Calvinists are everywhere deceiving people about salvation, you are trying to split hairs over nothing, please spend your time and energy on other subjects which are more relevant to the will of God, they brainwash them into saying these things, you get a lot of hate mail, you helped me to have an intelligent and godly bible answer back, they deny what they actually believe at times, purged of sins after death in the fires of purgatory, I was thrown into confusion because what I thought was true was the opposite of truth, everyone seems to accidentally overlook the solemn warnings Jesus gave, conditional salvation is like Satan to them, I do not believe the OSAS lie anymore, your congregation has distorted sin, God, the gospel, grace, righteousness, even if I have been saved I can lose my salvation if I sin, there are three ways for a Christian to lose his salvation, you are sincerely wrong about eternal security, you have a religious spirit from the devil, you are veryo narrow minded and don't understand grace, you have labeled us with several untrue and unscriptural things, why do you dislike Mary so much, the more you love Mary the more you love Jesus, the Bible states that to be in error, poisonous and deadly, that type of teaching will damn a person to hell, it is to your eternal harm, pure poison for your soul, if it is me that works my way into heaven it makes me sad that Jesus went through that unspeakable death

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 112

I came to believe through some horrific spiritual warfare where only Jesus showed up, they created an issue which is doing harm, all sins are not the same, spiritual death can occur with one sin, I would fire a shepherd that would lose any of His sheep, why are you trying to defend eternal security with a flimsy argument rather than repenting of your own wickedness and false gospel, you should practice a little religious tolerance, God doesn't want anyone to go to hell even though most people will, eternal security is potentially hazardous, grace has been so twisted for so long most equate it to a license for sin but don't readily recognize it, when do we lose our salvation, what does it take and how long do we have to continue in sin to lose it, the issue after getting born again is staying alive, which sin can destroy, we have free will and we can disobey what God wants us to do to our own harm, you cannot out sin the grace of God, if one got the mark of the beast and then realized the error and turned to God will they still be condemned, to cast doubt on the Mormon Apostle discredits all who had him elevated to that high position, it is IMPOSSIBLE for Mormons [or as some spell it Mormans] to have good values and stand for truth and righteousness since Mormonism is leading many sincere people to the lake of fire, it takes humility to admit you were deceived

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 111

is baptism vital to the great commission and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, one is already a disciple before he is water baptized by immersion and taught to obey everything Jesus commanded the original Apostles, I returned to the Catholic Church and am happier in my spiritual life than I have ever been, a Christian is not a sinner, we have no need to repent of our sins, I found the books of Tobit, Wisdom, and Sirach to be very inspiring, sinners need to repent and get saved, what obvious heresy, such books are not inspired by God, the chief reason why Catholicism embraces the apocrypha, guilty of mortal sin, what a shock to Catholic people who have been wrongly taught, Pope John Paul II was obsessed with Mary, if you die in that state you go to hell, Jesus commanded us not to pray like that, what blatant heresy, just because you are happy does not mean you are in the truth, it has to be right, sealed with the Holy Spirit for eternity, you are like a parrot repeating what it has been taught to say, you are not Biblical yet you are unmoveable, a formula for sure destruction, it is holy living or hell, learn the Biblical message before you utter another religious word to others, can the Christian choose to never marry, all sex outside a legitimate marriage will damn a person, Mary had other children, a sure sign of apostasy, the churches are death traps, though I try to dismiss these thoughts they sometimes intensify, the devil's temptations come in the form of thoughts, purge your mind, many people claim you are married to whomever you first had sex with, Joseph and Mary were married before they had sex, forget what you have been taught

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 110

your anti eternal security message is not popular but it sure makes sense, He based his HERETICAL eternal security doctrine on John 3:16 but had no clue as to what it really teaches, unbelief is manifested in disobedience to God, to deny a saved person will die spiritually if he turns to wickedness is at the core of the popular sin gospel in our apostate day, it is holiness or hell, the God you present is not the true and living God but a counterfeit like a half-witted human, the emphasis needs to be on HOLY LIVING, doing God's will and being an honor to Jesus, it is you who are sending countless souls to eternal damnation, just because someone is popular or speaks well doesn't mean he is sound, because I cite Scripture to prove each point you think I'm in dangerous error, the main problem in Bible believing circles is the HERESY of once saved always saved, it is very hard to find even one person who is sound, we must take every precaution, you have opposing verses contradicting each other in the same bible, one of the ways we know the Bible is reliable is that it works, how are you going to prepare spiritually for your own certain physical death, your eternity hangs in the balance, God's special day doesn't have to be Saturday, to be in spiritual leadership one MUST be able to refute those who oppose sound doctrine, it is never God's will for people to perish even though most will, apply your skull and cross bones award to yourself, for you to say I'm not truly saved is to indirectly deny your own doctrine

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