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(Bible Question) I just want to tell you how wonderful and helpful is your website. It has a lot of articles and with references to Bible verses. I have a question for you....Is there hope for one that has been born again and committed sin and then repented? I am asking about me. I've committed adultery and now I am hurting inside for what I have done to God, to Jesus, my kids and my wife. I have repented and have asked God for forgiveness.

By this gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise, you have believed in vain (1 Cor 15:2).

By the verse above, I have not hold firmly to my Father's teachings but have stopped sinning and have asked for repentance. In 1 John 5, I believe, Jesus tells us that if we confess our sins He will clean us of all unfaithfulness.

Also, Hebrews 10 or 11 tells us we can't crucify Jesus twice so there is no salvation after born again. Not sure if I got my point through but that is how some interpret it. What is God's really saying? I would appreciate your honest answer and I thank you in advance. Regards,

(Bible Answer) GOOD NEWS! As the prodigal returned to salvation from his lost condition brought about by sexual immorality, etc. and God was happy to have him back, the same is true with you (and all who repent from sin to serve God)! 1 Cor. 15:2 is not really relevant for your situation except to say you lost your salvation. 1 Cor. 15:2 refers to losing salvation through a belief in false doctrine, while you lost your salvation through sin. The Scripture in 1 John is in 1 John 1:9 and includes repentance. The repentance meaning is simply to turn from evil. Hebrews 10:26-29 refers to people who committed eternal sin. That is not what you did. Again, the prodigal teaching applies to your situation since you were saved before you experienced spiritual death. Consider signing up to our internet church. We have many teachings that can help you, including this one for new converts.


(Bible Question) I have sinned many times and i have asked forgiveness many times...will God ever forgive me again and again and again?? After confessing my sins ..i always make a vow not to do it again but i just can't help but sin again...i got tempted to do the same sin over and over again.. and i hate it ...what do i do???...lusting after a womans beautiful parts....I just don't think about women and everything will be fine........but everyday is a brand new day and women dressed in revealing clothes are everywhere on the streets ...parading like hot cakes tempting men to think sinful thoughts about them.....God knows i tried my best to control this but i guess my best isn't good enough for is God going to forgive me again for doing it? Now that pornographic things are available via internet...the more i feel the pressure of sinning against God even more.....I am weak ..and very vulnerable to temptations like this....and i worry coz i think God will be very tired of hearing my confessions over and over again what do i do?? Is it my fault if women dressed inappropriately to tempt me to sin?? why is it my fault when it's the women who are doing the very wrong thing here? pls give me some answers that will help me put a stop to this... and pls pray for me too...Get God to send me angels to help me!!! thanks

(Bible Answer) Your view of adultery is far too shallow. Your sins are dragging you to hell, yet you don't realize it. You are in the greatest danger that exists, yet seem to be playing with sin! Here are Jesus' actual words:

But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. (Mat 5:28,29)

You keep asking for forgiveness, but it is worthless. You must REPENT (turn from sin). When one gets saved he becomes a new creation in Christ. After that, certain basics (such as cited in our new converts teaching) are important to know. Cut out temptation places, temptation music, temptation friends, etc. You are battling for eternity. The heaven promises are only for he who overcomes. You are now described in Rev. 21:8! (That can change.) Others have gotten complete victory over lust, etc. and you can too. What you do and don't do will determine your continued defeat or future freedom from sin's bondage. There is victory in JESUS.


(Bible Question) Kudos to you for writing The Believer's Conditional Security. My coworker and I are in a debate about what you meant by:

Objection #21 Samson was sexually immoral and he's mentioned as a bible hero in Hebrews 11. Therefore, one can be sexually immoral, like him, and be saved.

ANSWER: It's true that Samson is mentioned in Heb. 11:32, and why he was included in this chapter is mentioned in verse 34. This, however, has nothing to do with the conclusion that one can be sexually immoral and be saved. The Apostle Paul, in no uncertain terms, stated that the sexually immoral are wicked, impure, and God rejecters who will NOT inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9,10; Gal. 5:19-21; Eph. 5:5,6; 1 Thess. 4:3-8). Furthermore, God Himself declared that the sexually immoral will go to the fiery lake of burning sulfur (Rev. 21:5-8). Samson, David and/or any living person today is no exception!

My coworker thinks that you are implying that Samson and David are in hell and she disagrees with that assumption....Please clarify this statement highlighted in yellow. Thanks,

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. Thanks for the compliment regarding The Believer's Conditional Security. It has helped many and the devil's crowd fears the message therein contained and tries to suppress knowledge of its existence.

ANY person in Bible times, or after, who violates Scripture will suffer the repercussions of that transgression. Clearly, David lost his salvation (died spiritually). When King David sinned, he became a bible defined adulterer and murderer upon a single act of such, according to Scripture. Scripture also states adulterers, murderers, etc. will not inherit the kingdom of God. This is repeated in part from pages 366-369, where it is also stated that David did enter the kingdom of God [because he repented and endured]. The same is also stated various times on our website. (Enemies who try to misrepresent us, lie about our doctrines, including that one.) Please know that one sin can cause loss of salvation under certain circumstances, as happened with Adam and Eve. (That is also explained in detail in our book. Do NOT be deceived into thinking it takes habitual, lifestyle, continuous acts of wickedness to lose salvation.) Are all sins equal? NO.

What about Samson? Did Samson enter God's kingdom too after his death? The answer seems to be yes, based upon God hearing his prayer, which resulted in his own physical death. If he cherished sin at that time, God wouldn't have answered him (Psa. 66:18).

NOTE: The Myth Of Eternal Security is another no eternal security book which is also very powerful. Remember, if you disown Jesus, he'll disown you (Mt. 10:33) and that can happen quickly with one sin. Peter did that thrice in one night! Don't be deceived and remain on your guard. Sin is the issue still with God as it was before the cross. God bless you.


(Bible Question) What about backsliden preachers. Can they be saved? Can they resume their ministry?

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. ANY backslider can return to salvation, if he didn't commit unforgivable sin. The Prodigal Son and Peter are examples. Peter is also an example of a preacher who backslid and resumed his preaching ministry after he repented and got saved again. Furthermore, the time from when he disowned Jesus (Mt. 26:69-75) to his powerful salvation sermon at Pentecost (Acts 2:14-40) was less than 2 months. Hope that helps.


(Bible Question) Thanks for your ministry and thanks for the article about Jesus /YWHW. Can you show some more light on John 5.37 what is Jesus teaching here? YES in the OT people did hear his voice and saw his face. Did they see another aspect of God? Thanks

(Bible Answer) You are making this too complicated. John 5:37 simply and clearly says no one has heard the Father's voice at any time, nor seen His form. People saw and heard YHWH in the OT but he was NOT the Father, as our text teaching Jesus YHWH of the Old Testament shows. Hope that helps. Have you signed up for our internet church?


(Bible Question) Ok I get it Calvin is murderer according to all I can read in history. But I was not there nor were any of us…….so your connection of damming his soul assumes you know his place with God. I would agree with your logic but applying that logic begins to assume many things we cannot know about others position in Gods eyes. I expect that many we think are great will fall short in Gods eyes and many we think had fallen to far will be redeemed.

So I like you web site and facts but the conclusion you draw no one can be certain of……why not study history and take positions as to what you think could happen to Calvin but leave the determination of his soul in the hands of God? Please let me know your thoughts.

(Bible Answer) Somehow you have missed the point. We do and have left the determination of Calvin's soul (and others) in the hands of God! God's word is God's determination. There is absolutely no indication that HERETIC John Calvin ever repented of his vile wickedness shown to Michael Servetus. The only evidence shows the opposite. Besides that, John Calvin exalted Augustine of Hippo who misled millions into current Catholic errors. Calvin preached a license for immorality by teaching David never lost his salvation when in adultery and murder. He was a heretic, who produced Calvinism. That is bad fruit. Many so-called Christians (in name only) are still suffering under the adverse influence of John Calvin. May God help us all stick to the Bible and turn away from such teachings as he promoted. Remember Heb. 3:14.


(Bible Question) Greetings to You in JESUS' Name ! My question to You is simple, where does the Bible teach an 'eternal soul',please? No, I'm not from a cultic background !!...

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus' name. Nowhere are those exact words found together, but that doesn't mean such is not Biblical. Eternal soul is similar to eternal bliss which the overcomer will experience in God's paradise kingdom. Eternal bliss is not actually found either. People have an eternal soul because there is no annihilation. That means we will all be conscious forever! Since that is true, it is Biblical to say we are an eternal soul. Hope that helps. God bless you.


(Bible Question) I'm just trying to understand your view point here…So are you saying that every time I sin as a believer I lose my salvation? If not, then at what point does that happen? All sin in reprehensible to God. If I am a believer and die without repenting of a sin, what does that mean? I fully agree that as a believer I have a responsibility (and desire) to obey God in my walk with Him. But I am quite confused by the concept that I will always live in fear. That sounds a lot like living under the law to me.

(Bible Answer) The Christian life is now an intense spiritual battle. There are many different dangers for him similar to the many different types of dangers in the natural for us all. To deny or ignore these dangers in the natural will only make a person an easier prey. To walk in crippling fear of them is not the solution either. To remain guarded both in the natural and spiritually is a must. Since the spiritual is much more important than the natural, Christians need to know what to watch out for and act accordingly, as when driving his car on snowy roads, etc.

All sin is NOT the same. That is basic, yet the false teachers of our day have people thinking otherwise! If a Christian disowns Jesus or takes the mark of the beast just one time he will die spiritually. Some call that the mark of the devil. On the other hand, lukewarmness will not immediately cause spiritual death, but will over time (Rev. 3:15,16). (How much time, the Bible doesn't say.) Other sins, such as not overflowing with thanksgiving, will not directly cause loss of salvation.

Sin is NOT the only way to lose salvation. Believing/preach a false gospel and disowning Jesus are other ways. Don't believe In Touch Ministries. Living godly will bring persecutions, which many won't stand up under. The road to life is HARD and only the minority will overcome (Mt. 7:14; 1 Pet. 4:18). Only 8 people on the planet were saved in Noah's day. That is an important fact showing the majority will perish. Do you know the real plan of salvation? Consider reading The Believer's Conditional Security. There is much in it that can help you better understand these and other salvation related details. God bless you.


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