The Myth Of Eternal Security

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The Myth Of Eternal Security is a powerful 230 pages supplementing The Believer's Conditional Security, our 801 page blockbuster book.

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QUESTION: What does it take to convince an eternal security proponent that he is wrong?

ANSWER: In brief, that depends on who the eternal security proponent is. Some have much more to give up by turning from their beloved and popular doctrine to the truth. Examples of such are pastors, evangelists, seminary teachers, district supervisors, ministry directors, and the like. People in that kind of position could be jeopardizing their livelihood, church position, pension, etc. by their change.

Hence, many of these will tend to close their eyes to the compelling arguments advanced by their opponents, magnify their own weak arguments, so-called proof texts, etc. to justify what they have been doing and teaching. Their rejection will allow them to continue as before with their short-lived life and job, as the rich, young ruler did after hearing and dismissing the truth from the Lord Jesus. Many want to believe in eternal security and will refuse to change, even after being confronted with the vital truth.

All other eternal security advocates who don't have so much to lose in this life (or perhaps sin to cling to) could be more apt to accept the evidence, as disturbing as it might be to them, but it will still take more - a heart for truth.

Some might try to counter this answer and say, "But wait, the ones with the church and ministry position are wiser than the others who are not in a leadership position." Such an answer is without Scriptural backing as the reason why some reject the truth and others don't. According to God's word, the ones who are wise and have understanding are the people who hear the word of God, put it into practice, fear God and shun evil (Mt. 7:24-27; Job 28:28; Prov. 1:7). It takes a heart to receive the truth (to do and believe the right things, as defined in Scripture) that results in blessed changes in a person's life, especially with eternity in mind. Counting the cost for all people who really want the truth first and foremost, will be a small price, because they desire to enter God's paradise kingdom more than anything this life can offer. May this book (The Myth Of Eternal Security) find its way into the possession of many such people for their own soul's sake.

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The best way to depict once saved alway saved is by calling it the security-in-sin gospel, for that is exactly what it is. The so-called eternal security of the believer is mythical since that teaching is a fabrication! Also, since the doctrine of once saved always saved (or the perseverance of the saints) continues to be unashamedly and boldly proclaimed from influential places, Christians who know the truth must likewise be aggressive and fearless in contending for the faith against these grace changers (Jude 3,4), who will try to force the Scriptures to allow for every excuse to sin. Their dangerous false gospel and form of godliness is not producing holy living but is taught as being foundational to Christianity and grace! Imagine that! A heresy is exalted to that extreme and taught as being related to the gospel and saving grace. Precious souls hang in the balance because of such. Because of its size, The Myth of Eternal Security is not as intimidating as our 801 page book, The Believer's Conditional Security.

Eternal Security Refuted.

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