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Many people with Bible questions are looking for solid Bible anwers. Unfortunately, because we are in a widespread apostasy that makes getting sound Bible answers hard to come by. We offer these FREE as a spiritual blessing to all who want a reply from God's word. May SOULS be helped and the Lord Jesus glorified by these Christian answers.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 120510

I was heavily into drugs and porn before the Lord saved me, I would just as soon He kill me and send me to hell, you have gone back as a dog returns to his vomit, get serious and take no chances, I slept with other women and now my wife was pregnant with another man's baby that she aborted, my wife keeps pushing me to get a girlfriend, the unsaved are loved by God but don't have the life of God, if a person falls away they were never saved, the exalted preachers of our day are ravenous wolves in sheeps clothing, the icing on the cake, the shame of it all, their double message allows for gross wickedness and salvation at the same time, the husband has an official girlfriend, that poor excuse for a husband needs salvation, many are in adultery because their marriage is not legitimate before the Lord, Mary mother of God, shockingly dangerous, this wicked society, what I am reading in the Bible is not being taught on TV, your disability is a blessing in disguise.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 112810

I've converted many into catholic all over the world, you are grossly deceived as you travel down the easy and broad path to hell, instead of leaving catholic for any reason I'd rather die, your attempt to refute and correct what we teach is invalidated immediately because there are no Scriptures, you will be damned or saved based on what you do with the Scriptures, that is error, idolatry and heretical false doctrine, you need the truth, not a lie that you are okay in your current beliefs and practices, what do you do when you get tidal waves of doubt in your mind, it is very hard to live without wanting to cry, a demonic attack on your SOUL, the Calvinists are a really nasty group of people most of whom are totally lacking in Christian love and charity, the Calvinists are about the WORST of all, some Calvinists do come to salvation though, such would cause the Holy Spirit to no longer dwell within, there are three ways to lose salvation, I have come from 15 years of satanism, homosexuality and darkness, I still fall with pornography, I feel so helpless, finding truth is not easy for anyone, instantly set free from strong controlling sin addictions, do it one last time, I begged God on my hands and knees, a lust generator, bold in my passion, my wife of 26 years divorced me, I can't seem to even feel I can turn back to the plow, I have been falling in a free fall, sexual lust and sin has totally consumed me and satan is making sure of that, your life has been reduced to a waste, if you continue to serve the devil you will take people to hell with you, I cannot regain God's favor anymore after having been lukewarm for years, a terrible depression overnight, Roman Catholicism is a religious system which has evolved over the centuries picking up more and more pagan ideas and heresies along the way, you are trying to defend a religious system which is glaringly counterfeit to the core, end of discussion, reliance on Mary will damn you to hell, blind leaders of the blind, my parents and family are horrible people, all hell broke loose, voices-hallucinations-blind-deaf-attempted suicide -- self murder, I couldn't believe my eyes, I had become a blaspheming, sexually immoral occultist, I was beyond terror, you opened a spiritual door to demonic influences in your life in an extraordinary way, how can an adulterer make restitution.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 112110

I brought so much shame to my family, I am left now with so much suffering and spiritual scars all over me, this life is very short and insignificant compared to eternity, your ministry is more concerned with instilling fear, God's word includes exciting promises and horrible warnings of real danger, love for God is manifested by obedience, once a person becomes regenerated he will forever remain a child of God, his theology declares that God elects people to salvation even if they don't want salvation, that is heresy and poison, you didn't get that from the Bible, what you stated about Norman Geisler is true, we have been attacked-opposed and misunderstood, when we sin sometimes we will not lose salvation, he lost his salvation too, I have been living with a broken soul ever since, is my first boyfriend my husband, I indulged in fantasies, I still feel guilty and heart broken, you are battling for eternity, you can live above sin.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 111410

Who is Gary Amirault? Does Universalism mean the universe is shrinking? Why does Ray Comfort teach a true convert can't even look back? Should a Christian take a drug addict into his house? Is the Great Tribulation a past event? How can we be sure eternal security is the same as the perseverance of the saints? Do the license for immorality teachers deny David died spiritually (lost salvation) when he committed adultery (and murder)? Are eternal security proponents saved, based on the gospel and what they preach? If one denies the Trinity doctrine has he blasphemed the Holy Spirit? Can a Christian have a dog? Should we celebrate Christmas? Can a suicide be saved?

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 110710

Catholics do MUCH MORE than just honor Mary, call upon her at the hour of our death, seal of God, mark of the beast, antichrist, the 144,000 of Revelation, biblical salvation, assurance of salvation, how can I know for sure I am saved and will go to heaven, conditional security, former deacon in a Dutch Reformed church, the elders had no true desire to do the right thing, grace, works, wickedness, no eternal security book, I know from first-hand experience how far from truth such a religious system is, Catholics imitate Christ, Mary is to be honored, eternal security, is Jesus God, born again people attack Catholics

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 103110

I am becoming confused lately, it is silly to throw out the baby with the bath water, the amillennial view is strange weird and far from truth, Reformed theology is demonic, God regards some sins as more serious than others, all sins are not the same, he himself shall be saved, is there a sin unto death which pertains to God destroying the flesh of an individual for that individual's own good, saved so as by fire is an argument used by the grace changers for eternal security, I backslild and want to return but my prayers remain unanswered, if you have sincerely repented it might take a while for the joy of salvation to return, stick to the Bible like glue, do you really want an answer contrary to your doctrines, though nice sounding Universalism is NOT good but a deadly snare to one's SOUL because it is not true, can we say Jesus hated his own mother, Gary Amirault is a false teacher, if Mary was a sinner and not perfect then Jesus also inherited such condition as well, you have grossly distorted our teachings, you are to trust in Jesus 100% for salvation which leaves 0% for Mary, is the mark of the beast a cell phone, your article on the plan of salvation is the very best I have ever read anywhere, is it true that one has to speak in tongues to prove that he or she has received the gift of the Holy Spirit, stop going there, have you been set free from your sin addictions.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 102410

agree to disagree, pre-trib rapture teaching is like ignoring cat-10 Hurricane warnings, it was a wise move to withdraw from Calvary Chapel, laced with poison, major snares, the devil's one-two punch, once saved always saved will snuff your life out, prepare for very hard times and death, not everyone who rejects OSAS is sound in other crucial areas, eternal security causes people to abuse grace, how can a Christian keep dying to sin, he is in disobedience and will lose those things, the Reformed lie, a superficial knowledge of the Bible shows the wicked are NOT righteous, they think may be saved means saved now, their feeble argument, Judas is a major problem for the grace changers, security in sin, it is very simple to witness to a drunkard, the only hope anyone has.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 101710

disgusting and disheartening to the righteous, he lost his salvation when he turned to evil, he was not lost while he was sinning, are you cleaving to eternal security because you are cherishing some kind of wickedness, God does heal unsaved people, very simple basic stuff here, we do not believe Jesus is the Father, if everyone who dies goes to heaven why is the paradise on earth important, the majority will be damned forever, I can't take living like this anymore, please tell me there is still hope for me, the devil loves to torture one's mind, I fell into sexual sin, I am a Christian adulterer, she thought all Christians were hypocrites or worse, life with christians is horrid-mentally and soulwise-torture, am I mad, let me die, your pride is blocking correction, God is compound unity and three distinct persons, a dangerous lie from the pit of hell, the Sunday followers are antichrists among us, I am a biblical scholar inspired by the Holy Spirit, you are not really keeping the Saturday Sabbath as in the days of Moses, such a weird belief, who was Jesus praying to.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 101010

Who is anyone to criticize the Virgin Mary who let Christ be born in her, don't throw out the baby with the bath water, how did the early Christians understand the bible without church history, a dangerously misleading myth, drop this silly idea, I prefer a pre-trib rapture, your email is distressing, your strange way of viewing Mary is righteously disgusting, dirty toxic bath water, we have life in Jesus but death in anyone else, people give him messages from Mary, the Blue Army promotes the brown scapular and the deadly deception that goes with it, those who use eternal security to justify a sinful lifestyle have probably never been saved and are possibly mere professors and hypocrites, vastly more dangerous than quack medical doctors and serial murderers, dripping with license, you are part of the problem, am I living in sin and should I leave my present wife, a much worse condition than loneliness is hell, carry on sinning regardless, Ray Comfort's doctrine is terrible, they could accept Jesus all day long but unless they repented of their sins and endured to the end Jesus would not accept them, working with the grace changers, they are dangerous even though they look harmless, if I pray to Jesus and God am I praying to a false pagan God, obvious glaring error, Paul taught against keeping the feast days.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 100310

being unborn, worldly infants in Christ, we can experience spiritual death, many have lost their salvation, on the verge of apostasy, loved ones suffering in hell, God wants to punish the sin but still save the soul, the worst sinner could sincerely repent and get saved, where in the Bible does it say infants cannot believe in God, on what basis could one forbid infant baptism, if Mary is good enough for Jesus she's good enough for us, Jesus is our King and Mary is our Queen and our intercessor, I was in very serious trouble with God because of my sins, I only went to the priest to get forgiven, your sincerity is not enough to save you from hell, the Mary of Catholicism is a dangerous fabrication and totally unlike the real Mary of the Bible, do you believe all sins are forgiven when one first comes to Christ except the sin of adultery, there are multitudes of professing Christians in adultery on the road to hell because they are not really married in God's eyes, didn't Christ die to save me from my present and future sins, you are walking in a horrible spiritual deception because of once saved always saved, to believe David and Peter didn't lose their salvation is to say one can commit adultery or murder and disown Jesus three times and still remain saved, forget this denomination stuff, Calvinism is a very strange theology, they try to cautiously teach it so as to not be caught by their following.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 092610

Lutherans look and sound like Catholics, it was too Satanic to sit through, the deception in the church is staggering, the apostasy is mountainous, infant baptism has stumbled many into hell, I have been a Satanist all my life based on not wanting to spend eternity with a bunch of hypocritical people, his extremely wicked life, I have been a high Calvinist, you have been listening to the false message, grace is not just dumped on anyone, eternal salvation is not related to eternal security, will there be temporal punishment for Christians who die in sin like a Baptist purgatory, we consider Church of Christ a cult, don't be obsessed with demons, demon of lust, one must crucify it to get victory, I cast a demon out, speaking in tongues became a status symbol for a good Christian, no emphasis on soul winning, read the book of Galatians about 5 times to see the serious errors of many Messianic Judaism in our day, is it possible for a saved man to serve in the military, what we do or don't do is affecting others forever.

Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 091910

fell back into sin for many years, after my terrible backsliding can I be saved, I now can relate to the persecution for doing right, social drinking, responsible for another's blood for not sharing the gospel, people freeze as they read our tracts, 1 Cor 5:5 confused me, I'm neither a good person and it is wrong for me also to be called good, a real Christian is both good and righteous, Ray Comfort's tracts indirectly promote a counterfeit grace, spiritual poison, those who are saved are already seated with Christ, you have just unwittingly made God the author of sin, that would make Judgment Day a joke, in Calvinism man is nothing but a programmed robot, the gift of tongues, thus saith Mary, power to witness for Jesus, flapping their tongues in the church building, how could anyone be saved before Jesus died, Judas was once saved, Phil 1:6 is NOT even close to a solid proof text for once saved always saved, we should all question if anyone really has tongues who is not witnessing.

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