Apostolics, Jesus Only or United Pentecostals
FALSE Religion

Dan Corner

The Apostolics, Jesus Only or United Pentecostals Are Severely Flawed

The Apostolics (Jesus Only or United Pentecostals) are non-trinitarian, embrace baptismal regeneration and stress speaking in tongues to the place where they say one is unsaved unless one does! Their confused belief that Jesus is also the Father (and the Holy Spirit) is shocking. Without question, they do NOT understand the plan of salvation or the salvation of the soul, as declared in the Bible. They have many followers especially among those who believe in spiritual gifts, but are doing much harm. It is to your advantage to avoid the Apostolics.

Testimony Of Former Apostolic

Dear Evangelical Outreach, I came across your article, Apostolics, Jesus Only or United Pentecostal FALSE Religion by Dan Corner, on the web. I once belonged to the United Pentecostal Church (UPC) for 8-9 years. I've officially been out of the UPC for 2 years now. It has NOT been an easy journey to make! I can't even begin to tell you of all the mental damage and spiritual abuse that the UPC has done to me, my children, and even helped to destroy my marriage. The UPC is definitely a cult no matter how hard they try to appear holy and righteous!! I'm so VERY THANKFUL that God's Truly Amazing Grace pulled me out of the UPC and set me free!! The UPC, always, teaches that they're the "only true church" and the only ones with this "truth." I'm so blessed to know that true TRUTH is ONLY found in one person -- Jesus and NOT the UPC! Please, keep exposing false self-righteous works based religion. I wanted to write you and let you know that by exposing falseness, you are having an impact for the One True Risen Savior Messiah Jesus Christ. THANK YOU!! May God bless, lead, guide and protect you and your families in this dark world!
Jesus Is Not The Father But Is Deity.

All through the Scriptures we find evidence that Jesus is not the Father, but is deity (God by nature) like the Father. With all of this evidence about plurality between the Father and Son, how Apostolics have been deceived about this is alarming to say the least. It seems once again that a creed or doctrinal confession has been the basis for one's personal belief rather than the Holy Scriptures. The truth is: Jesus is not the person of the Father, but he is deity like the Father. May the Apostolics be helped.
The Critique of the Errant Oneness Pentecostal Theology Citing Gino Jennings and David K. Bernard
Do NOT be misled by popular teachers!
The Trinity
The Trinity is a very important doctrine to know about because there are a lot of groups that deny the Trinity. The Apostolics are just one. The triune God definition is explained here.
Are You Saved At Baptism?
Are your sins forgiven at baptism? The Biblical answer is NO, but the Apostolics would say yes.


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