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(Comment) I have read in the Bible for information concerning the rapture and agree with you on what the Bible says. Christians will go through this time and many will die but there will be still some alive and when the 7th trumpet sounds and the dead in Christ will be raised first then anyone alive in Christ will be changed in a twinkling of an eye. Then the bowls of wrath will be poured out on mankind that took the mark of the beast. Yes, I agree the pretribulation belief may cause a lot of the Church to fall away. When I mention this to my Christian friends they do not seem to like it. I have not found a church in my area that believes the way I do. People do not seem to want to believe or even discuss this with me.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. THANK YOU for your kind words. The doctrine of the pre-trib rapture is fine sounding, but there is one major problem with it—it is not supported with Scripture! It would be wonderful if it was true, but it isn’t true. One can only wonder how much damage is being done and will be done by this teaching. Some people actually teach that believing in a pre-trib is a salvation issue. Jason Hommel isn’t the only one, sad to say. Such a view of exalting that teaching to a salvation issue and identifying one as an “unbeliever,” “heretic” and “swine” for rejecting it is beyond divisive. It is DANGEROUS. Scripture teaches a post tribulation rapture. May God help us all, as the days get darker. 1 Cor. 2:9.


(Comment) I purchased your book the “Believer's Conditional Security” and it is such a blessing! My family and I are leaving our OSAS non-denominational church and since their were no ______ churches in my area, I found a ______ church fairly close (on 14 people total there)! I spoke with the _______ pastor and he and I seemed to be on the same page. I also looked at their statement of faith on the national web _______ web site and it looked solid!

I did my best to speak to my OSAS pastor over coffee but he wouldn’t even let me show him the verses you pointed out in your book. He told me that he wasn’t going to debate and that this issue was “minor”. He said he was going about the Father’s business serving the community and where was my fruit? What have I ever done?

He also asked me how many people I knew that lost their salvation. I replied that I couldn’t give the answer. Obviously, my attempt at showing him the truth went nowhere. Any thoughts about the Church of the ________ before we begin attending? Blessings,

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. Thanks for the kind words about our book. Your experience with that once saved always saved pastor is typical. If he started to preach the God's truth it would cost him too dearly—he would lose his ministry. Of course, it would be worth it and he’d be glad at the Judgment. It would be better to try to reach the people in that congregation who believe in the heresy than the savage wolf in sheep’s clothing himself who is the chief problem.

The ______ church can be a compromising congregation, but it primarily depends on the pastor. Hopefully you found a sound one, which is rare in our days. GOD BLESS YOU. Heb. 3:14.


(Comment) I agree with you about Max Lucado and others who believe in this eternal security. I don’t understand how they can even teach this. I have been born-again for 3 years and I know what a wretch and a vile person I was and I know how much my Lord suffered for me. So for me to even consider sinning in the way that I did would be ungrateful. I don’t understand why some of us are so on fire for God than others, but the only conclusion I have is that these people might not have a revelation of what they have been freed from. I on the other hand have been so completely changed on the inside, and I know that change reflects on the outside. I live to please my Lord Jesus in all that I do. I do not know what is in people’s hearts but one thing I do know is that sin can deceive people. I do not concentrate too much in what others do because I feel that it will take away from my fellowship from God. But I am bold enough to speak the truth in love. I am not the most popular person in my family and some of them don’t want to have anything to do with me, because they say I’m too stiff and that I need to have a few alcoholic drinks so I can loosen up, and when I tell them that they would have to literally tie me up and torture me I won’t do it I know what I have been liberated from and I will work out my own salvation with fear and trembling.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. Your godly determination is WONDERFUL to read. It is similar to what Job wrote in 27:3,4:

As long as I have life within me, the breath of God in my nostrils, my lips will not speak wickedness, and my tongue will utter no deceit.

It takes godly determination to endure to the end for salvation (Mt. 10:22). Please read this important article for new Christian converts. The eternal security definition would say that a Christian cannot die spiritually through sin or any other way, in contrast to what the Bible says. Many don’t realize that drunkards will be damned. Consequently, they are playing with fire to drink alcohol or suggest another do that. Stand true to the Lord and keep yourself pure (1 Tim. 5:22b). GOD BLESS YOU. Remember 1 Cor. 2:9.


(Comment) Was Jonah a false prophet? He was sent by God to Nineveh to prophecy to them. He prophesied their destruction and ruin. It did not come to pass. According to you a prophet can never be wrong in their prophecy or they are a false prophet. Jonah wanted to die because his prophecy did not come true. Did God rebuke him for this? No, he still served Gods purpose. You are saying the Bible is false because now it contradicts itself. Would God contradict Himself? The catholic’s published a long time ago that they changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Do a little research on that and you will find it also. Some food for thought. Can prophets prophecy on conditions or conditionally?

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. Jonah was not a false prophet. God promised elsewhere what he would do for those who repent, even after judgment has been pronounced. Ponder this:

If at any time I announce that a nation or kingdom is to be uprooted, torn down and destroyed, and if that nation I warned repents of its evil, then I will relent and not inflict on it the disaster I had planned. (Jer 18:7,8)

That describes what happened with Jonah and Nineveh perfectly. Because the Ninevites turned from their wickedness God didn’t destroy them as he would have otherwise. Jonah was not a false prophet, but Ellen G. White was [and others like the leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses]. It is amazing how people try to protect a false prophet by citing Jonah. We know Jonah was a true prophet. He is not under consideration, Ellen G. White is (for you, not us)!

Whatever the Catholic church does or doesn’t do about anything, including Sunday, is meaningless. It is only what the Bible says that counts. The SDA Sabbath command and regulations are myths and snares. The SDA people are not keeping the Saturday sabbath as the Jews did in Moses day. They are keeping a modified Saturday Sabbath command which is unlike the command given to the Jews. Was Paul a liar? Why are we now allowed to set apart a different day than Saturday (Rom. 14)? He clearly was not an SDA person. GOD BLESS YOU.


(Comment) ...Eternal life is just that: eternal. If we believe on Jesus for salvation, like Jesus told Nicodemus to believe on Him, we truly are saved (aka have life). Eternally. So, there is no “but”. Unless it is not eternal life. Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, and those who have believed are saved, period. Those who have not believed are condemned already, because they have not believed on the name of the only begotten Son of God. The way is narrow and few find it, because Jesus is the Way, and man naturally thinks he must justify himself. But it is Christ who justifies.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. Please know it is the POSSESSION of eternal life that we are talking about. Eternal life remains “eternal” even before it gets possessed by a Christian at the point of salvation and will remain such even if later that same person dies spiritually. Eternal life cannot change but one’s POSSESSION of it can. We believe that we are saved by grace (Eph. 2:8,9) but we can fall from grace (Gal. 5:2-4). We are justified by faith (Rom. 5:1) but our faith can become shipwrecked (1 Tim. 1:19,20) and cease to exist (Lk. 8:13; Rom. 11:19-23). We are not under the law (Rom. 6:14,15) but if you live according to the sinful nature (flesh) you will die (Rom. 8:13). Paul taught against legalism (Gal. 5:3,4) but he also taught that no immoral, impure or greedy person has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God (Eph. 5:5-7). We are not saved by works (Eph. 2:8,9) but to reap eternal life and not destruction you must sow to please the Spirit and not the sinful nature (Gal. 6:8,9). God is faithful to us (1 Jn. 1:9; 1 Cor. 10:13) but we must be faithful to him to the very end of our lives to escape the lake of fire or second death (Rev. 2:10,11). God surely loves us (Jn. 3:16; Mk. 10:21; Rom. 8:35-39) but those who inherit the kingdom of God love God (Jam 2:5; 1 Cor. 2:9) and to love God means to obey his commands (Jn. 14:15; 1 Jn. 5:3). We have freedom in Christ (Gal. 5:1) but this freedom is not to indulge the sinful nature (Gal. 5:13; 1 Pet 2:16). Please consider getting our 801 page book refuting eternal security entitled, “The Believer's Conditional Security.” There is MUCH in it that can help you better understand this salvation related subject. This book is the most exhaustive and comprehensive refutation to eternal security ever written. Please consider signing up for our internet church. If interested, you can do so on that page. Remember Gal. 6:8,9 is a SALVATION passage not a rewards passage. GOD BLESS YOU.


(Comment) I am _____ from India. I want you to know something which happened in India. Youth for Christ held a 3 days programs and they invited _________. I like him and his message so I went to see. I saw many bands playing torturous songs and music and it was shocking to see they were even singing film songs too, fashion show, vulgar jokes etc. girls and boys were hanging with half nude dresses. I felt bad because I wondered what a non-believer will think after seeing all this stupid and worldliness in the name of Jesus. Brother is it ok for christians to do these things in order to attract youth? Many says its ok if people are coming to hear about Jesus. Please enlighten me on this subject. Thank you.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. NO Scripture can be supplied to justify that kind of way to attract people. If some people did get saved, they would get the idea from that environment that such worldly behavior was okay and could be quickly and lethally hurt in a spiritual way. GOD BLESS YOU. Heb. 3:14.


(Comment) My name is ______. I was going through your web site and was puzzled by your take on Jn. 10:28. Are you saying that Jesus did not pay for the sin of “not continuing to follow Jesus”? Do the sheep that stop following Jesus, become goats? Does the “Great Shepherd” lose sheep like a common shepherd would? How do I know that you have not lost your salvation when you seem to be saying; Jesus did not pay for all your sins, and he did not get all he paid for? IN HIS GRIP.

(Bible Answer) Greeting in Jesus’ name. You have been indoctrinated into the heresy of once saved always saved to such a degree, I have to doubt if you can be helped by God's truth even if you would read it. I will try though for your sake. Are you teachable?

Jesus died for ALL sins. Not continuing to follow Jesus is NOT a sin any more than disobeying the command to enter through the narrow gate and thereby going to hell is a sin. For one to not continue to follow Jesus is a description (or statement of fact) of his present condition the same as to say he fell away, died spiritually, lost his salvation, etc. Stop trying to make allowances for wickedness. You are hurting yourself and those you influence. If Jesus’ sheep “follow” Jesus (John 10:27), then one must follow Jesus to be his sheep. That is simple and easy to understand. It is just like the church SUBMITS to Christ (Eph. 5:24). Also, to be believing in Jesus Christ brings eternal life. The true repentance meaning is to turn from evil. If one is not submitting to Christ, then he is not part of the church. God has given man free will to obey or disobey, even after initial salvation. Hence, there are many warnings written to the righteous about dying spiritually by turning to evil. Also ponder John 17:12. To reject the heresy of eternal security doesn’t mean we disbelieve Jesus died for all of our sins. Someone has misrepresented the Christian belief. How can you (as an eternal security proponent) think there are Christians who are drunks, adulterers, thieves, murderers, witches, etc. when the Bible is clear that there are NOT (1 Cor. 6:9,10; Rev. 21:8). Remember 1 Cor. 15:2. GOD BLESS YOU.


(Comment) I read the article on Michael Servetus. I joined the Reformed Presbyterian church a year ago and have not felt comfortable with the doctrine, ever. When the pastor told me the church was like a family I was sold on the idea of joining. Now, I’m doing my homework and I’m finding that this is a false doctrine that is being taught.

I’m shocked at what I’m finding out about John Calvin and am now understanding why two ______ ministers warned me about this church. I have decided that I need to leave this church since I was praying for answers and God gave me answers that I can’t ignore. Thank you again for the article.

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. It is GREAT to read you realize how bad Calvinism is. Thank you Lord. Please do NOT be deceived by those “ministers” who warned you. Chances are they believe in the HERESY of eternal security, the fifth point of Calvinism.... Remember Gal. 6:8,9 is a SALVATION passage not a rewards passage. GOD BLESS YOU.


(Comment) Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. I thank you so much for your quick response to my e mail and the answers to my questions. I really want to find the correct church but so far I have not. I went to a church and they called themselves the true church of Jesus, cause they say they do not have music in their worship, as the apostles of Jesus did not have any kind of musical instruments in their worship service. Are they right in saying so? Is praising God with music wrong? Please let me know. God bless you and the work that you are doing. Your brother in Christ,

(Bible Answer) Greetings in Jesus’ name. You must have gone to a Church of Christ congregation. They teach that way about music trying to make an issue out of it. Worship and praise in the Old Testament was done with various instruments (Psa. 150:3-6; etc.). There are harps being used in heaven with praise (Rev. 14:2,3; 15:2,3). How could it be wrong for us now? To reason their way is strange. They have air conditioners, commodes and running water in their church building with NO Scripture for it! The worst part about the Church of Christ is what they teach about water baptism being a must to get forgiven. We are not saved at baptism. It is better for you NOT to return to that congregation. We are in a DARK day spiritually. The best you might be able to get is to find 1 or 2 others who fear God and study and obey with them. GOD BLESS YOU. Heb. 3:14.

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