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[The following letters are just a very small selection of the
correspondence we have received from all over the world.]

... I wanted to mention that I am in total agreement with you about TV. I have believed for a long time that Christians should not watch TV. We did not have TV for a long time until recently. My wife decided she wanted one and I could not talk her out of it. So she bought one. I am now faced with a difficulty. I do not want to sit in the same room with a TV that is on. Therefore, I am going to have to leave every time it comes on. I have come to understand that TV is far more damaging to a Christian's spiritual life than most people understand. It is more than the violence and sex. TV is a medium that greatly enhances a person's love for the world. The more TV a person watches the more they love the world. It is impossible to watch a lot of TV and continue to love God. If you want to teach someone to love the world just sit them in front of a TV and eventually they will love the world more than they love God. If we find the perversions and worldly philosophies of TV ENTERTAINING we cannot possibly love God with all of our heart.

Thanks, I needed that wake up call! I really appreciate your ministry. It is so needed in times like these. You are like breath of fresh air, I look forward to your writings as they become available. May God richly bless you.

Unsubscribe please -- your god is too small of a god for mankind -- the God that cares for me, loves me enough to see me through the tough times when I fail him (He knows I am dust) -- He is able to restore the Joy of my salvation to me, just as he did to King David after Dave's sin -- look in Psalm 51 -- If you think you are past sin --read 1 Jn. 1:8 "if we say we have no sin, we deceive OURSELVES" have a blessed time worshiping your god.

[Response: Greetings in Jesus' name. Your concept of God is different from the God of the Bible. To verify this all you have to do is read the cited references for yourself in your own Bible. Are you willing to do that? No doubt that God loves you, but don't confuse His love with human love. They are not the same! God is capable of loving people and sending them to hell at the same time because of their sins, according to Scripture. See Mk. 10:21 cf. John 3:36. David got forgiven, but if he would have died in his sins, before he found forgiveness, he would have perished, according to Rev. 21:8. Do you believe Rev. 21:8? To reject the sin-gospel commonly called "eternal security" or OSAS and accept the Biblical message about the believer's security (Mt. 10:22; Heb. 3:14; 1 Cor. 15:2; Rev. 2:10,11; Eph. 5:5-7; Gal. 6:8,9; James 5:19,20; etc.) is not to believe that a Christian can no longer sin. Of course a Christian can sin! But certain sins can bring a Christian to his spiritual death (Rom. 8:13; James 1:14,15; Gal. 5:19-21; etc.) Let us recommend that you go to the Bible without any preconceived ideas and accept its message. Change your beliefs and doctrines accordingly. Remember 1 Cor. 6:9,10. God bless you.]

I absolutely love your new article called pairs of truth! It is very tough on the Eternal Security peddlers, which is good. I just added a new graphic I made to my exposing the exposers site which shows the fate of the OSAS preachers -- the lake of fire! Rev 21:8- All liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone. The OSAS preachers are liars so they shall be cast into the lake of fire along with all the other liars on judgment day.

[The following letter also came in response to our "Whole Counsel Of God" article.]
I am ashamed of you ... I have 32 years in the mortgage industry and on Wall Street; an MBA in finance; a CMS, Certified Mortgage Specialist Designation, like a CPA; and most recently a doctorate in corporate communications ... Shame on you to show such a lack of conscience for those you [sic] have believed you! Quit fighting with other Christians -- you'll all be in heaven soon enough, humbled on your face before the Father, realizing that all of us have such sin that only Jesus' sacrifice could cover it. Be positive and uplifting, full of worship and encouragement instead of scaring Christians to inactivity, since they believe they can never get it "right-enough" anyway. Get out there and help someone -- plan how to encourage those to salvation who are left in the Rapture. Please take my name off your satan-worshiping newsletter, disguised as truth.

[Response: Greetings in Jesus' name ... Wouldn't your time have been much better spent in the Scriptures than these other areas of study?! Please humbly read or re-read the entire New Testament, changing your beliefs and behavior accordingly. We are battling for eternity and what you do with that message will not only affect your own precious soul, but the souls of others that you have influence over. How was the article fighting with other Christians? Jesus taught his disciples that only those who endure to the end will be saved, Mt. 10:22; Rev. 2:10,11. We already revealed in our article that eternal security teachers are not Christians. They are teaching a message they call " the gospel" but in reality it's far from the real gospel with its conditional security attached. See 1 Cor. 15:2. The seriousness of teaching "another gospel" is shown in Gal. 1:8,9. We are also commanded to expose the deeds of darkness (Eph. 5:11) which we have done by exposing their distortions of the Word of God that eternal security wolves are proclaiming. Please explain how our article filled with Scriptural truths scares Christians to inactivity. If we are doing this, then Jesus and His apostles were guilty of the same because they taught the same exact truths. We are merely repeating what they taught. We are now trying to "help" people by telling them the truth. Some will accept and others will reject. It seems that you are of the latter category. It's a sad day indeed when someone can view a list of Bible verses and accuse those who shared them of publishing a satan-worshiping newsletter, disguised as truth. You are angry but your retaliation is unfounded. We have cited chapter and verse to back up what we have said. You have cited no Scripture as a basis of your rebuttal and hence, that in itself invalidates it (2 Tim. 3:16,17). Remember, "We have come to share in Christ if we hold firmly till the end the confidence we had at first" (Heb 3:14).]

Thanks for the timely article. On my way to work in the morning I sometimes hear very eloquent preachers speaking with a forked tongue. One was saying you don't have to change any of your conduct when you come to Jesus. Of course, they are saying come to Jesus as you are, but even before you receive Jesus as your personal Savior you have to count the cost. I knew when I was young that I would have to make a stand before committing my life to Him. When I knew that I would put Jesus first before family and friends I knew I would be persecuted since I was Catholic at the time. I believe this is the reason we are seeing so many folks who say they are Christian living no different than anyone else because the Scriptures of counting the cost are being omitted from the vocabulary of the ministers in the year 2001. A young middle age woman who used to attend our congregation bumped into my husband recently and shared with him that she just came back from a trip to Europe with her boyfriend. She spoke in such a nonchalant manner not even blinking an eye and she faithfully attends another ministry in our city. The word sin and its meaning is fading from the vocabulary of the American pulpits at this time in history.

Your ministry is great but you also teach people to doubt, not God's word but other things. I was raised in a Baptist background and I was not raised to doubt God when he said what he said in John 3:16 (it says that they shall have everlasting life it doesn't say anything about falling short and not going to heaven after you get saved and I think that you are trying to cause people to second guess thereselves [sic] and God said forever did he not???? In other versus [sic] he says other things but does he not keep his word in everything he said? Yes he does. So when he said everlasting life he meant everlasting life. Partial life is not mentioned your [sic] either going to Heaven or going to hell there is no in-between. Once you get saved you make bad decisions but God said that he nor anyone else can take your salvation away from you. God bless you all.

[Response: Greetings in Jesus' name. John 3:16 says: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." The word "believes" in that verse is a continuous tense. So as long as a person continues to believe in the way Jesus referred to here he will not perish, but that doesn't always happen! Jesus also taught in Luke 8:13: "They believe for a while, but in the time of testing they fall away." Others have had their faith shipwrecked. See 1 Tim. 19,20! Please know that we stand on the Bible. We are not trying to get people to "second guess" God. What God said is always true, but let's get to the real meaning, which is not what eternal security teachers do. Some people get confused over the term "eternal" as used in eternal life. They think this proves eternal security, but does it really? Actually, the controversy over eternal security versus a conditional security is NOT about eternal life being anything less than eternal, but can we lose the possession of an eternal thing? The answer to that question is yes, according to many Scriptures. (There are at least 18 examples of people named or unnamed in our book The Believer's Conditional Security that show this.) So even though the possession of an eternal thing can cease -- eternal life itself remains eternal. You wrote: "Once you get saved you make bad decisions but God said that he nor anyone else can take your salvation away from you." You didn't cite Scripture from which you take this thought. It might be from John 10:28, though, which says, starting from v. 27: "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand." Many misuse John 10:28. The context proves the promise of never being snatched out of Jesus' hand is given only to Jesus' "sheep" -- the ones that follow him. Also, the word follow is a continuous tense in the Greek. There is no such promise held out in the Bible for any person that turns away from God. It never says they will never be snatched out of Jesus' hand. In fact, the opposite is stated. Please read 2 Peter. 2:20-22 and Heb. 10:26-31. It is better to die physically than to backslide and go to Hell. Please check out these questions at Bible Questions Related To Salvation Security. Remember Heb. 3:14. God bless you.]

I have a question about OSAS, which I think you can answer. As a child, my parents were quite religious, and they insisted that we all attend church regularly. I read the entirety of the Bible, and as a youth and young man I felt that I was a very spiritual person. As a teenager, I converted to the Baptist church (from the Lutheran) and was "saved." More recently, I converted to Atheism, and I rejected Christianity (and any other religion, for that matter) in 1994. It seems that the doctrine of OSAS (against which your web site preaches), would suggest that I (as a once "saved" Christian, but now practicing Atheist) will have a place in Heaven alongside you and yours (people for whom religion and belief are gravely important on a daily basis). My question: Is this actually the case? If so, how can Christians who support that position reconcile a case such as mine (an Atheist on his way to Heaven)? Thanks.

[Response: Greetings in Jesus' name. You are right that certain eternal security teachers, such as Charles Stanley, would say that you, an atheist, are going to heaven when you die!!! They say this based on their beloved false doctrine not on the basis of Scripture. The Bible says that "believers" will be saved and "unbelievers" will be thrown into Hell fire (Jn. 3:18; Rev. 21:8; etc.). Regarding yourself you should reexamine the Bible and its claims for inspiration. If the Bible is inspired by God, then God does exist! If He exists then you need to find out what He wants from you and do it. If you don't, you'll be in serious trouble with Him. If you want some recommended reading that will help you with this please write back. Remember: eternity is a loooooong time. GOD BLESS YOU.]

...I am ordering ... books to be given to those to teach and preach the naked truth ... This book really needs to be circulated. Too many people are going to hell right in the Baptist church and others who embrace their doctrine instead of the doctrine of Christ. May God intercede soon before his return.

Thanks for your Biblical approach. Your ministry is one of the few that I find are actually worth supporting in these days of rampant apostasy. Keep up the good work. Blessings to you.

Bendiciones sobre sus vidas, familias y ministerios. Deseo expresar mi fratitud por tan excelente pagina de apologetica. Dios permita que puedan sacar mas articulos en espanol para el fortalecimiento de la fe de los hispanohablantes. Una pequena sujerencia: anadan links en espanol sobre apologetica. Bendiciones, Pator _____

[Above letter translated from Spanish]
Blessings to your lives, families and ministries. I desire to express my gratitude for such an excellent apologetic web page. God willing we will print out more Spanish articles for the strengthening of the faith of the Spanish speaking people. Blessings, Pastor _____ (Peru)

I just wanted to update you on what the Lord is doing in us, and I wanted to THANK YOU for all you do. Your ministry has helped to change our lives. Just last night we were listening to your ordination sermon, Dan, on soul winning. Both of us have repented for having been ashamed of the gospel and we are praising God for showing us what we must do to be His disciples. We know now that we must be regularly witnessing, talking about the good news in season and out of season. I wondered if you know of a particularly good tract we could hand out? We did get rid of the TV, and I've had opportunities to talk to my mom and dad about why we are making these decisions. They think we're going loony, but I want them so much to realize that everything we're talking about is Biblical. Please pray for their salvation and for the salvation of ... unsaved family as well. I pray they would not love the world too much to give it up for Christ!! ... We are more grateful for it than we can tell you; we know of no other church in our area that teaches the truth found in Scripture.

In doing some research to refute ... book ... I came across your web page. I am glad I did. You sir, are a true God-send; I applaud your courage to stand for the gospel -- the true gospel -- instead of the heretical mockery we find in Calvinist philosophy. I am preparing to do my Ph.D. (theology) dissertation, and want to purchase your book as a reference. Is it available in book stores? Or do I need to order it from you? If it is as good as all the chapter excerpts are, I will be most encouraged by its contents. Also, do you have a written transcript of the debate with Hunt? Neither of my computers are able to download the data stream, and I am most curious to hear (read) how it went. I have passed your site on to two of my friends who are also standing for the gospel, and look forward to discussing with them the contents of your web page. God bless you, sir!

Greetings from Germany! This must be a quick note just to say thanks for the site. I particularly liked your response to Gail Riplinger. This whole 'KJV' debate grieves me in that it is an unnecessary civil war amongst believers. I have even been called an apostate pig in not quite so many words ... And I do think that confidence in the bible has been undermined in recent years by the proliferation of versions ... it is only for serious study that a more literal word for word version should be used as well ... I come from the UK (the home of the AV!) and now read the German bible (Luther). The continental TR differs from that underlying the AV in 237 places. So which one is inspired? 1 Joh 5 v 7 is missing in continental bibles, as no Greek text used ever had it in. Are all Europeans lost as a result of this? Some AV advocates think so. The sheer irrationality of this beggars belief. You cannot even read the NKJV if you prefer the traditional text. There is some idolatry lurking here somewhere, as well as insecurity in the love of God ... we should never give anyone a false assurance of salvation. I am afraid I have done this in a fellowship I helped lead several years ago, and while some are still going on with the Lord, others have fallen about as far away as they can get.

... In regard to OSAS teachers, I would say it would depend how far they take their calvinism. Someone like Charles Stanley, for example, is both zealous in his OSAS position, as well as extreme in his hyper-calvinism. I advise folks to stay away from his teachings, as well as for other reasons. However, with Dave Hunt, although he is in error regarding the OSAS doctrine, in my opinion he is neither zealous for it, nor extreme. He just put out a good article on the free will of men, which went a long way in rebuking much of the hyper-calvinists, although I was exasperated that he didn't take the next logical step and renounce the OSAS doctrine!

[Response: Regarding Dave Hunt (or any other OSASer including John MacArthur, Jr.) their ministry is mixed with truth and poison. If you went into a restaurant and were served food that was part wholesome and part poison could you recommend that restaurant and go there yourself? ANY ministry that teaches OSAS is being used of the devil. Though Hunt doesn't proclaim OSAS as often as Stanley, he still teaches it and will defend this lie from Hell. In his Defense of the Gospel book, Hunt teaches and defends this poisonous lie. Also, just like MacArthur, Hunt thinks the sexually immoral man of 1 Cor. 5 was a Christian! This is spiritual arsenic. It is also a license for immorality, which Christians are to contend against. At one time I thought Hunt and MacArthur were not that bad, but I was wrong. Their mixed bag is polluted because of their OSAS doctrine. It would be for the good of the Christian community for these ministries, and others like them, to close down! As you can tell we HATE OSAS. It has down irreparable harm to the Christian image and gospel. Hunt is teaching a license for immorality then denies he is, as in our short debate, which you have already heard over the internet. Remember Rom. 2:7. God bless you.]

I have been consulting tarot and psychics lately. I just read the scriptures and now I will stop. I didn't know that they were so harmful in God's eyes. I would like to know why do the cards tell inspirational things that seem to help me and why are the psychics so nice and kind? I thought that what they have is a gift from God. They give good advice and recommend doing the right things. Is there something wrong with that? Also some people say that they were born with the ability so how is it that they are evil?

[Response: Many people in our day seem to be oblivious to what the Bible says about the seriousness of consulting those that practice the magic arts -- fortune tellers, readers, mediums, etc. In fact the Bible states: Lev 19:31 "Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God." The good news is you can get forgiven. Your willingness to turn from such is the first step. Sincerely ask God to forgive you and commit your life to Jesus. See Acts 20:21. Begin to read the New Testament. There is MUCH in it for you to know. Please ponder 1 Cor. 6:9-11. Please write back. Let's keep in touch. GOD BLESS YOU.]

You guys are |:) and will suffer loss. You guys act like you do'not [sic] need Jesus Christ for your salvation. I think from reading your twisted bible versions and the creek [sic] translations changing from one to the next to prove your own ways and traditions of men. You are your own final authority :) check it out man look at what you put on here. You talk about being a bible beleiver [sic] but in practice you have your own final athority [sic] and you do not believe God's Word.

... Great web site. We were thrilled to find this information. We have been fighting what seems to be a losing battle with the OSAS/predestination people here. Keep up the good fight.

I will check out your web site and I will test it against my spirit. I hope that it fairs better than the barren words that you have written and then cleverly abandoned. Truely [sic], I have tasted that water before and I only thirsted more. May your day be blessed by God and may your "ministry" be exposed as a mirage reflected off the barren desert of your hollow teaching by the very flames of hell itself. To God (not men) be all the glory.

... When I saw the lie of OSAS I began to show my son the truth about this false doctrine. He immediately saw that what I was saying was more Biblical than what the OSAS teachers were saying. He also rejected the OSAS doctrine. Therefore, he was also voted out of fellowship at the Baptist Church we both belonged to. I am proud to say he is more aggressive in challenging those who believe OSAS than I am. When he meets a Christian the first question he asks them is whether or not they believe OSAS. If they say yes he immediately asks them why they believe such an unbiblical teaching. Most people find his approach a little too intimidating and find a way to get away as fast as possible so they don't have to try and explain themselves. God Bless You.

bravo..............................MAY GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOUR MINISTRY.

Thank you for the Open Letter to David Wilkerson. I too have been grieved over his apparent change of position. His messages used to minister to me much more than they do now.

It must take a lot of guts to speak against God's anointed. You have openly condemned a wonderful tool of God! People are getting saved all over the world through this [rock] music, while you're busy sitting on your tail telling people to run away from God's anointed musicians who are bent on Jesus! Not all "Christian" artists are Christian, but there are a lot of artists out there who uplift and encourage me spiritually! They don't say "Praise the Lord" in every line, but their messages uplift God and His people! HOW DARE YOU! ... I'm really sorry you're trapped in that holiness, traditionalist box of yours, but on my planet God is blessing these warriors of the cross! They carry Jesus' name all over the world, and bring thousands and thousands to Him! People in the world play basketball. Basketball wasn't "inspired of God," so that must mean that Christians can't play it! Right?!? I don't expect to change your mind, but when somebody messes with God's anointed rock artists, it makes me as a Christian red hot! @ustin

[Response: Greetings in Jesus' name. Though you were not specific about whom we have criticized in the rock music field that you like, we ask you to consider their life and musical message. Many of these same people dress just like the demon-possessed, dope-using rock stars in the secular music field. Reflecting back on my own salvation, after the HOLY Spirit came into me at salvation, my ways and dress changed. See Mt. 23:26. If the rock stars that you like are really anointed by God as you think, then why do they dress so similar to the Christ-hating world they are supposed to be no longer part of? Even their long hair is a turn off to many, as it is a disgrace for men to have long hair: "Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him" (1 Cor 11:14). Then the actual words these people sing are often unrecognizable with the blasting musical sounds they sing them to. Remember, truly anointed music is supposed to lead others to worship and praise God and give glory to Jesus. God bless you.]

Dear Sir or Madam, I am responding to your web page. I found your topic on Angels to be fascinating and informative. I am doing research on the subject and it was helpful. There is only one problem I found with your page ... paganism and the implication that fortune tellers are ... how shall I say this ... possessed? I have dreams that tell me the future. I have had them all my life. It is about me and no one else. I can assure you I am not possessed in any way nor are any of my friends. I feel that an injustice is done by your page by saying those of us are miss guided [sic] and that we will go to your hell. Unfortunately, in saying this you must also include Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, and any other number of religions. Buddhists and Sikhs do not believe in Jesus in fact they believe in a pantheon just like pagans. Jews believe that Jesus has not come yet and Muslims believe that Jesus is just another prophet such as Mohammed. You have opened up a world of controversies. May I remind you that Rome chose Christianity over the Goddess only because you could sin and go ask for forgiveness and everything would be OK. The Goddess on the other hand was much more stricter. I really suggest that you not put down other religions unless you know more about them. According to your own religious beliefs "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The only reason you don't get any backlash from true Pagan/Wiccan sites is because our beliefs in some ways are allot [sic] harsher then yours. "...What so ever you do unto another will come back to you THREE TIMES THREE." (good or bad, not a nice thing to contemplate is it) Thank you very much for your attention and consideration on this matter.

[Response: Greetings in Jesus' name. Indisputably, the Holy Scriptures show at Acts 16:16-18 that Paul cast a demon out of a fortune telling woman. To try to imply that this is not accurate is to immediately discredit yourself. That woman clearly told fortunes by a demon! Also, the Bible never states that those that are in the occult, magical arts, etc. including fortune tellers, are anything but headed for Hell because of their sin. Hope for you and others like you does exist. You can find forgiveness, but you must repent from your wickedness and sincerely turn to the Lord Jesus. See Acts 20:21. If you continue in your rebellion towards God, Rev. 21:8 states what your eternal future will be beyond the grave. It is possible, however, that you sincerely want to know the truth. Wiccans do sometimes come into the truth. If you are such a person, please respond and we'll rejoice that you have renounced paganism and come to Jesus and His great salvation. By the way, there are many wiccans that are grossly deceived about curses, according to your email. They try to cast them on others they don't like. Remember Dt. 18:10-12 and Acts 19:19. God bless you.]

Good Morning! We listened to the new testimonies yesterday and we do pray that they will open people's eyes to the truth about the evil OSAS doctrine. We felt bad for that one man who was weeping on the tape when he was describing his son's suicide attempt. And we recoiled violently when we heard Jeff describe how a teenager told him that the baptist "pastor" had just preached that he can sin all he wants to and still go to heaven. Those who preach OSAS as the bible truth are not real pastors but are charlatans! I personally will never address a OSAS preacher as "pastor" because to do so would give them credibility as though they were really preachers of Christ. OSAS preachers should be addressed as: deceivers, false teachers, charlatans, satan's servants, liars, scripture twisters, con artists, swindlers, brainwashers, hustlers, imposters, and soul stealing devils! God bless you.

... I have found that although OSAS at first sight appears to be only one doctrine, the truth is, to reject OSAS is a completely new way of thinking. Rejecting OSAS puts a person outside of mainstream Christianity. The reaction I have received from the majority of people is either anger, rejection as a heretic, to be viewed as a biblical illiterate, as someone who has rejected the gospel, or a fool trying to save himself that should be pitied. As time goes on I become more and more aware of the fact that rejecting OSAS puts me in direct opposition to the majority of mainstream Christianity. I cannot, in good conscience, continue to smile and pretend that there is not a huge chasm between myself and the advocates of OSAS .

I Resigned as a Baptist Deacon Over Eternal Security Heresy

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