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We are glad you found our FREE Christian sermons page! It's loaded with many hours of free Bible teachings, which can bring encouragement, direction, Holy Spirit conviction, etc. to people seeking truth.christian beliefs in christianity free christian audio sermons If you follow along with your Bible, you will be able to verify for yourself the various points being made. These messages have a proven track record of spiritually enlightening people.

free christian audio sermons free christian audio sermons Among other things, that means your view of life should be refreshed or expanded to include the long eternity awaiting us all beyond the grave. This life is short and death is certain, but that is not the end of conscious existence. Death is just the end of physical life and when the spirit leaves the physical body (James 2:26). Since the message of the Bible shows the holy God is angered over sin, find out how to get cleansed spiritually to prepare for death and judgment. Beyond just learning how, you must act to benefit by God's truth. Avoid God's wrath:

I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more. But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after the killing of the body, has power to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him. (Luke 12:4,5)
backslider backsliding Hell is a reality and where most will reside. Jesus is your only spiritual hope. Turn to him humbly asking for mercy. Forsake your sins, but not him. Serve and confess him now. Click plan of salvation to read much more.

Our Christian beliefs are very simple and basic. True Christianity is based on the Bible alone, which is final authority and all a Christian needs, in that regard, to be fully equipped for every good work (2 Tim. 3:16,17).free christian audio sermons holiness teaching and preachingBesides free Christian sermons and holiness preaching, we also have videos, but that is not all! You can also listen to beautiful Christian music here.

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Audio Testimonies By Former
Eternal Security Proponents

Many more cassette messages available.
The Dramatized Gospel
Feed My Sheep Mini Video Teachings
Text Sermons

Matt Slick (CARM) False Gospel Exposed
OSAS and Our Perilous Times
OSAS radio interview with Pastor Greg
Once Saved Always Saved Radio 08/11 Part 2 (mp3)
sermons for Christians free christian audio sermons Once Saved Always Saved Radio 08/11 Part 1 (mp3)
40 minute radio interview on eternal security with favorable host (mp3)
Eternal Security Questions and Answers (mp3)
Church Ripped Apart By Eternal Security Part 2 (mp3)
Church Ripped Apart By Eternal Security Part 1 (mp3)
Eternal Security Is Not True (mp3)
Once Saved Always Saved With Pastor Kevin (mp3)
Refuting Once Saved Always Saved (mp3)
Eternal Security: Damnable Heresy
Eternal security on radio 09/05/07
Christian sermons what happens after death Once saved always saved, 2
Eternal security debate with Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill
Once saved always saved
Once saved always saved, John MacArthur and more
Once saved always saved refuted on radio 081607
30 minute radio interview on once saved always saved (mp3)
Eternal Security Radio Interview with Dan Corner
26 minute radio interview on eternal security (mp3)
11-1/2 Minutes radio interview on eternal security (mp3)
11 Minute video interview on eternal security
Eternal security debate with Jeff Oliver of Truth Talk Live
TV interview with unbelieving eternal security host

christian sermon on heaven sermon on warnings

catholic authority pope infallibility our lady of fatima
Mary, Catholic doctrine and denial of RC doctrine
Mary, salvation, popes (mp3)
Catholicism's Mary, baptism, penance
Peter's primacy (mp3)
Short (5-6 minutes) radio interview on the Mary of Catholicism (mp3)
30 Minute radio interview on Is this the Mary of the Bible? (mp3)
19 minute radio interview on Mary (mp3)

catholic eternal life catholic fantasyland

Examining Ray Comfort's True/False Conversion and Law-Preaching Evangelism (mp3)
Ray Comfort (mp3)

Dave Hunt Vs. Dan Corner Mini Debate On The Believer's Security (mp3)
your enemy the devil who is Jesus of Nazareth

Hear Dave Hunt and Dan Corner debate the
issue of eternal security over the radio. This mini-debate
occurred on March 8, 2000. It is Dan Corner's
sincere desire to debate Dave Hunt again on
this subject (but this time without interference from the
biased radio host), and for a longer time period,
perhaps one or two hours.

The Almost-Debate With
James White on Eternal Security
See the actual debate rules signed by the radio hosts.
Learn the truth about who is backing out of a debate on eternal security.
Was it White or was it Corner?

The Gospel According to Charles Stanley (part one mp3)
The Gospel According to Charles Stanley (part two mp3)
Shocking expose of popular preacher Charles Stanley's erroneous teachings.

christian audio sermons What's Wrong With Today's Gospel? (mp3)

Documentation available.
WARNING: The once saved always saved (OSAS) excerpts
contained in this audio message can be spiritually lethal.
Those teaching a license for immorality, and herein Biblically refuted,
are Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindoll, Steve Brown,
Donald Cole, Erwin Lutzer, Bob George, Minirth-Meier Clinic,
Ron Rhodes, Adrian Rogers, John Weldon,
Robert Thieme, Joe Dallas, David Breese and Ray Comfort.

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Dan Corner

Campus Preaching
Part 1 (mp3)
Part 2 (mp3)
Part 3 (mp3)
Adultery, According To The Bible (mp3)
John the baptist After Death, What Happens (mp3)
Alien Radio Interview, Part 1 (mp
Alien Radio Interview, Part 2 (mp3)
Almost a Backslider (mp3)
Amazing Salvation Conversions (mp3)
Attack on Grace (mp3)
Backslider, Truths about the (mp3)
Believer's Security, The (mp3)
Bible Defined Christian (mp3)
Calvinism Refuted on Radio (mp3)
Campus Preaching (more)
Catholic Authority <== NEW
Catholic Fantasyland <== NEW
Catholic salvation: is it biblical?
        Part 1, Side A | Part 2, Side B
        Part 2, Side A | Part 2, Side B
Cause and remedy for losing heart (mp3)
soul winning
Certainty Of Judgment Day, The (mp3)
Christian Image, Present Day (mp3)
Christian Life In Reality, The (mp3)
Christian Responsibility (mp3)
Christ's Ambassadors In The World (mp3)
Devil, Your Enemy The (mp3)
Early Church History (Acts), Part 1 (mp3) <== NEW
Early Church History (Acts), Part 2 (mp3) <== NEW
Early Church History (Acts), Part 3 (mp3) <== NEW
Early Church History (Acts), Part 4 (mp3) <== NEW
Eternal Life - The Good, Bad and Ugly (mp3) <== NEW
alien gospel
Eternal security audio series
Eternal security is a Lie From Hell
Evidence of Saving Grace (mp3)
False Convert-Never Saved-Tare <== NEW
Fatima Marian Apparitions
Fear Of Man
Fruitful, How To Be
Grace Changers, The (mp3)
Grace and the Grace Changers (mp3)
Greatest danger for a Christian (mp3) Part 1 | Part 2
Halloween Radio Interview From Ireland (mp3)
Heaven?, Are you going to (mp3)
Heaven, KJV, True Christian
Heaven Like and Unlike?, What is <== NEW
Hell radio interview (mp3) Part 1 | Part 2
Hell, This place called (mp3)
Hell Warnings to the Saved (mp3)
Hell, What is (mp3) <== NEW
Humanity-Deity of Christ (mp3)
Jesus Christ, Who Is (mp3)
John the Baptist (mp3)
Jonah (mp3)
Josiah, the Mighty Reformer (mp3)
Judas Iscariot Apostasy Disproves Eternal Security (mp3)
Judas Iscariot, Lessons From (mp3)
sin is the issue
Last Generation, The (mp3)
Lazarus, Come Forth (mp3)
Lord is My Shepherd, The
Lying, the Nature of Satan and the Old Self
Make Every Effort To (mp3)
Mariology - the Catholic Mary (mp3) <== NEW
Mark of the Beast, 2012 and RFID Chip (mp3)
Mercy From God and LIES (mp3) <== NEW
Miracles (mp3)
Mormonism, The Truth About (mp3) Part 1 | Part 2
Mysteries Of This Life (mp3)
Naiboth's Vineyard (mp3)
Negative Promises of God (mp3)
Once Saved Always Saved (mp3)
Once saved always saved? (mp3)
Overcomer, The (mp3)
Padre Pio (mp3)
Paul Had None Like Timothy
Paul's Last Recorded Words
Peculiar Love of Lord Jesus (mp3)
Persecution - Part of the Package (mp3)
Pornography (mp3)
Pre-eminence of Truth (mp3)
Promises of God (mp3)
Real Christian Life Unvarnished, The (mp3)
Righteous Trio, The (mp3)
Salvation Passages, Selected (mp3) <== NEW
Saved So As By Fire Argument Examined (mp3)
Secret of being content, The (mp3)
Sincere But Deceived
Sin, Different Degrees Of (mp3)
Sin is Still the Issue
Sin Unto Death, The (mp3)
Solomon's Apostasy (mp3)
Soul Winning (mp3)
Sower, The Parable of the (mp3) <== NEW
Spiritual Death, The Truth about (mp3) <== NEW
Spiritual Life and Eternal Life (mp3)
Struggle against sin, In your (mp3)
Suffering for the Name (mp3)
They Know Not What They Do (mp3)
Things To Be Remembered/Forgotten (mp3)
Treason, Spiritual (mp3)
Tribute To The Lord Jesus (mp3)
Troubles, Our light and momentary (mp3)
True Servants Of God (mp3)
Truths About God, Little-Known (mp3) <== NEW
War Against Your Soul, The (mp3)
Warnings - The True and The False (mp3)
Water Into Wine Miracle (mp3) <== NEW
Why/How of Memorizing Scripture (mp3)
Wine Miracle, Jesus (mp3)
Winning Attitudes of Heroes of the Faith <== NEW

Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. (2 Tim 4:2-4)

Audio Expository Bible Studies
(Verse By Verse)
By Dan Corner

1 Peter 3
1 Peter 4
1 Peter 5

2 Peter 1

1 Timothy 1
1 Timothy 2
1 Timothy 3
1 Timothy 4
1 Timothy 5
1 Timothy 6

2 Timothy 1
2 Timothy 2
2 Timothy 3
2 Timothy 4

Scriptural Response to Calvinism (mp3)

Beautiful Christian Music

Brother Dale
Eternal Security, The Big Fat Lie
Lyrics copyright Dan Corner 2010 (pdf)

How Beautiful! (mp3)
I'm A Nobody Telling Everybody
I'm Not Givin' Up (mp3)

We live to the Lord

Tom Green
40 Brave Soldiers For Jesus

Rodney and Shon
Lay down your heavy load
From the depths of my heart
Praising Jesus
I call it home
He sails with me
I've got a feeling
He reached down
I've been born again
Gospel ship
Born again
My mansion
Beulah land
Farther along

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