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Evangelical Outreach is a Christian apologetic ministry fighting eternal security as commanded in Jude 3,4 PLUS MUCH MORE. Evangelical Outreach, directed by Dan Corner, has helped to spiritually feed and equip untold thousands of people from around the world, many of whom are pastors, evangelists and missionaries. Many others have also been warned of various spiritual dangers on the road to life, especially with our 801 page book, The Believer's Conditional Security.

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Evangelical Outreach shines forth the VITAL TRUTHS of God's word, which many ministries and preachers would NEVER come close to addressing!eternal security rejects once saved always saved This is done for the sake of SOULS. We are willing to be hated, slandered and overlooked to be faithful to God and rescue souls by telling them the hard and disturbing eternal truths of God about Catholicism, lust, drunkenness, false prohets in sheep's clothing (such as Charles Stanley, Joseph Prince, John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon, etc.), divorce, KJV Onlyism, evangelism, unity, etc. Here we PREACH THE WORD as commanded and as FINAL AUTHORITY - not the teachings of another, including the so-called ante-Nicene fathers. Also, HOLINESS (heart purity) is magnified as a SALVATION issue and nothing less. All of the above is done in accord with Scripture and in the fear of God.

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Evangelical Outreach also offers weekly Internet Church teachings of various kinds, especially for saints worldwide who cannot find a solid, bible-based congregation OR can't leave their homes because of physical problems. These have fed the Lord's sheep and lambs, as Jesus commanded. Audio, video and/or text teachings plus Christian music are freely offered on various topics of interest via our websites (EvangelicalOutreach.Org and to bless precious eternal souls for whom Christ Jesus died. Those trapped in false teachings, sin, discouragement, etc. have been helped. Click here to sign up for Internet Church.

Evangelical Outreach has also given away much FREE Christian materials to people who are poor and cannot afford to pay for evangelical outreach Many prisoners and others, in various locations, have therefore benefited by the truth of God. Now people can print gospel tracts from their own computer printer, which we have made available to all at no charge and for the sake of God's kingdom. Our FREE informative apologetic on-line materials have been widely viewed. This has enabled many to quickly and easily access vital information to benefit SOULS in desperate need from various backgounds. (We do not send out Bibles.)

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Evangelical Outreach is also very much involved in promoting evangelism, preaching the gospel, answering questions on spiritual issues and supplying street preachers with sound and POWERFUL salvation literature at a reasonable price. Click to see our most popular and powerful salvation tract (pdf). Get a free sample, upon request, when you send your tax deductible donation to the ministry address.

Click to hear Brother Dan Corner's holiness preaching. Read exciting testimonies of changed lives. If you are a street evangelist, agree with our Christian beliefs and cannot afford to pay for our gospel tracts, contact Evangelical Outreach. Again, you can also print free gospel tracts from your own printer. Hear touching, actual audio testimonies of people set free from the eternal security deception.

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" (Rom 10:14-15)
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Prisoner Had No Willingness To Repent While Believing OSAS

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