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How To Break Out of Prison (pdf)

I Was Once A Deceived Eternal Security Teacher In Prison

Blessings and greetings in Jesus' name. Thank you sir for continuing to contend for the faith and speaking the truth (however unsettling) in love to those around you. I thank the Lord Jesus for your ministry and generosity as I've received your books for no cost from you! I have written you before and have been meaning to write again since you so graciously sent me a copy of The Believer's Conditional Security that arrived here at _______ Jail on Dec 24, 2015. I am currently still residing here incarcerated and awaiting trial.

Your books have literally saved me from belief in deceptive and false doctrine (OSAS). As I've stated before, I was never brought up being taught anything about OSAS. I grew up in the Foursquare Gospel Church and never was taught this damnable doctrine. Even so, when I came to jail, I knew I needed to make a change in my life, that I was lost without Jesus Christ.

How I Got Slowly Deceived

I began seeking the Lord every way possible: reading the Bible (primarily), attending Bible studies, listening to radio broadcasts of Dr. David Jeremiah, John MacArthur, Charles Stanley, and any others on the radio, reading daily devotionals (i.e., In Touch), and any other source that was labeled "Christian." I most enjoyed John MacArthur and David Jeremiah because they seemed so knowledgeable and caring in their teachings and sermons.

Also we had (still they come here) "Christian" chaplains come and speak to us (they do not advertise as being Baptists). After 3-4 months of this, I was quite indoctrinated and beginning to speak about what the chaplains were saying to others in my wing. I received a couple of booklets from Grace to You and John MacArthur assuring me of my salvation. I felt when convinced of this OSAS a false (now I know, not right then!) peace and a relaxing of my drive to serve the Lord Jesus.

Evangelical Outreach Gospel Literature Arrived

Essentially I was told no matter what, God will always bring me around and that my salvation is his responsibility to maintain. It was at this moment that God Himself sent me the red/green flier of yours about what not to do and what to do to have everlasting life, to be saved. Honestly, when I first seen this flyer I threw it in the trash! I thought it sounded very legalistic and wrong. My cell mate wrote to you and inquired about info and free literature.

You sent him The Myth of Eternal Security (which he read all of). He reported back to me privately (I was our Bible study "leader" or teacher) that he felt very unsettled about this book. He could not refute what it was saying, yet it conflicted with what I was "parroting" from our chaplains in Bible study. I told him I would read the book carefully and have the Lord give me the truth: which one is the Truth?

A Prisoner Testifies - "I Had No Willingness To Repent"

The Myth of Eternal Security

I picked up your book like a piece of radioactive materials (very cautiously, prayerfully) and wondered what this controversial book could be about.
I began by praying to the Lord for protection from false teaching (ironic huh?) and discernment of this book's origin: Heaven or Hell. Every verse you listed I read whole paragraphs and even chapters to get the complete context of what you were claiming to be true.

Pain, Anger and Confusion

It was a process of pain, anger and confusion that I went through while reading your book. Pain and confusion because of what I was being taught was exactly what you were warning of: i.e., the example of the red plastic wrap that Father God looks through at us and only sees the blood of Jesus; the teaching that all our sins past, present and future were forgiven; and similar catch phrases that we were taught.

I felt anger at the fact that I was duped into teaching OSAS for a time to others in my group; anger and hurt towards the false teachers (all previously listed) that were lying to me. The feeling of betrayal at these false teachings being taught to vulnerable people in jail truly seeking the Lord (like me).

Why You Should Support Evangelical Outreach

Saved From Believing and Teaching a LIE

The Lord God, through your ministry, saved me from believing a LIE! Thank you so very much for what you do and say! Thank you for obediently contending for the faith and speaking the truth bluntly out of love for lost and blind people.

I am happy to report that I've read all of your book - The Believer's Conditional Security. Thank you again for your generosity. As the Lord wills, I would like to bless your ministry in the future. I will contend for the faith and speak the truth in love. Thank you ....

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