Audio Testimonies Of Former
Eternal Security Advocates

Stirring Personal Testimonies Before and After Eternal Security

Everyone has his own unique story. It is always that way with various subjects, including personal testimonies of people who once believed in eternal security doctrine (or once saved always saved). These audio testimonies are a piece of their lives from the past, which many can relate to. Listen carefully to these stirring audio testimonies of how once saved always saved adversely affected them. Some are extremely touching! God bless you.

Mike (mp3)
(The first false doctrine to fall was once saved
always saved)

John (mp3)
(I was a Calvinist for 25 years, then I found peace)

Lori (mp3)
(I was saved; my church had taught me that)

John (mp3)
(I hated those who denied eternal security)

Brett (mp3)
(Eternal security is apostasy's advocate)

Melissa (mp3)
(Abused, deeply unhappy, had no peace)

Willem (mp3)
(Why I no longer believe in eternal security)

David (mp3)
(Lived immorally because of the eternal security teaching received as a child)

K.H. (mp3)
(No longer a Calvinist)

Wayne (mp3)
(Eternal security is false Reformed theology)

Henry (mp3)
(Backslid because of eternal security)

Larry (mp3)
(Charles Stanley once deceived me)

Jeff (mp3)
(I cannot even listen to a once saved always saved teacher)

Michelle (mp3)
(The truth about eternal security changed my life)

The most exhaustive refutation
to the teaching of eternal
security ever written.
801 pages.


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